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    An Idea for a Raid boss.

    Howdy folks, I came up with an idea for a new raid boss, complete with trash and Mini-bosses. I'll post it here, and then feel free to leave feedback and/or opinions about it.



    A Few things of note:
    -Most of the abilities damage is based off your maximum health because as of right now we do not know how much health the average player will have in Cataclysm.
    -The Trash mobs are all designed to ensure that you WILL use Crowd Control.

    Area: You enter a Large Titan library, with many rows of bookshelves, all lined to the brim with various books. It would take decades to read what is contained within. At the end of the long library you see a large desk with a single being sitting and writing into a log book, perhaps recording the presence of these strange beings or merely out of habit. She looks at your raid group for mere moments and then continues to write in her book, giving you no further glance. Though most of the books are out of reach on the shelves there are three different tomes on isolated pedestals, One 1/4th of the way up the hall, One Half of the way up the hall, and a Large dark tome just in front of the apparent care-taker of this Library. Your gut tells you that each of these tomes holds valuable information of some sort, but you are uncertain what would happen if you attempt to take these tomes from their resting places. There are scattered damaged books spread across the hall, too damaged to be of any real value.

    *This boss is a Progressive Hard Mode Boss, similar to Sartharion The Onyx Guardian.*
    Taking either the First or second book will Apply "Light Hard-mode",Boosting Boss hp by 10%, Damage by 10%, and adding a new ability.
    Taking Both the First and Second book will apply "Medium Hardmode", Boosting Boss HP by 20%, Damage by 20%, and adding Two new abilities.
    Taking The Black Tome will apply "Hard Mode", Boosting Boss hp by 25%, Damage by 30%, and add three new abilities.
    Taking All Three books, "The Creation of the Aspects" (Book 1), "Current Titan Facilities In Operation" (Book 2), and "The Omega Reply Code and You - How to Commence Re-Origination" (The Black Tome), will activate "Panic Mode", which will Boost boss HP by 40%, Damage by 40%, Add Three New abilities, and A Special Surprise.

    Trash Mobs:
    At First Glance, the hall appears empty, however there are many damaged books strewn across the floor of the Library. Approaching one causes several Phantom images to spring out of the book. These images are treated as creatures of the type that they resemble, thus Beast images are treated as beasts,
    Ghoul images are treated as Undead, and Humanoid Images are Treated as Humanoids (For the Purposes of Crowd Control, which you WILL Need.).

    All trash packs are spawned with at least one of each type of trash mob.

    Trash will come in several varieties, changing on a per-raid basis. The First Trash Book you encounter will determine the Type of trash you will encounter in the rest of this area.

    War of The Dead Chronicles: Mankinds Greatest Champion, turned to the Undead's Greatest Master. He who would claim kingship over the dead, unawares of those witnessing the entirety of events unfolding.

    Ghoul Phantom: An undead minion, clearly observed during the war with the Lich King, this Phantom Ghoul may not seem real but its attacks are very much real!

    Slobber: The ghoul's thrashing motions often cause it to splash drool over its targets, dealing damage, and increasing damage taken by that target by an amount based on their Maximum Health. Stacks up to Two Times. (Minimum of 2000 Bonus Damage, Maximum of 5000 Bonus Damage. Minimum Initial Damage of 6000, Maximum of 10000 Damage)
    Hungry for Flesh: The ghoul smells the flesh of the living nearby! Its ravenous hunger boosts its damage by 5% Per raid member within 10 Yards.
    Distracting Bite: The Ghoul bites the target on the arm! If the target is casting a spell, it is interrupted, otherwise the target's ability to dodge and parry are both reduced by 10% for 10 seconds. (Minimum of 8000 Damage, Maximum of 12000 Damage)

    Phantom Necrolyte: A humanoid servant of the undead, this humanoid servant was clearly observed during the war with the Lich King, and while it seems to be false its spells are most certainly quite potent still!

    Phantom Bolt: Fires an illusory shadowbolt. Though it is not real, the damage it inflicts is quite real! Inflicts damage based on the targets Maximum Health and wraps the target in a thin illusion, reducing its chance to hit by 5%, and the damage it deals by 5%. The Illusion Effect stacks up to Two times and lasts for 30 seconds. (Minimum of 10000 Damage, Maximum of 18000).
    Empower Unliving: The Necrolyte channels some power into a nearby Ghoul, increasing its rate of attack by 25%, and healing it for 60% of its maximum health if the channel is not interrupted. Haste lasts for 15 Seconds and is always applied. Heal is applied upon completion of channel only. 5 Second Channel.
    Dark Rebirth: Attempts to channel extreme shadow energies to revive a nearby ghoul with 50% health. 8 Second Uninterruptible Cast. Used when the Necrolyte Reaches 10% Hp.

    Phantom Abomination: A Large, stitched abomination, obviously observed during the war against the Lich King. Though its not real its.... Phew, it might not be real but the stench clearly is... oh and its attacks must be equally realistic.

    Overpowering Stench: The Abomination targets a random raid member and pukes on it, causing it to gag uncontrollably for 5 seconds as the raid member attempts to overcome the overwhelmingly horrid stench.
    Overhand Strike: Inflicts damage based on the targets maximum health, and strains the target's muscles as it attempts to survive the strike, reducing the targets chance to dodge by 2%. Stacks up to 5 Times and lasts 30 seconds. (Minimum Damage 12000, Maximum Damage 18000).
    Abomination Chains: The abomination grabs a random target with its chains, slowly squeezing the life out of its target, dealing 7% of the target's health in damage every 2 seconds. The chains will break after recieving damage equal to 70% of the captured target's Health. The Abomination will channel for the duration of the chain wrap.

    Feuding Brothers Chronicles: The Warriors of the Titans do battle, but for the wrong reasons, and with the wrong focus, unaware of the evil within controlling them at the whim of the old god Yogg-Saron.

    Phantom Frostpaw Bear: A Frostpaw bear, from the Mountains of the Storm Peaks. Clearly it was observed during the battle between Thorim and The Sons of Hodir. It may not look real, but the battle-lust in its eyes tells you that it's more than ready to show you just how real it can be!

    Vicious Clawing: The Frostpaw bear's armor reinforced claws rend the target, reducing its armor by 10%, and its threat generation by 10%. Stacks 5 Times and deals damage based on the targets Maximum Health. Also applies Battle-Rage to the Phantom Frostpaw Bear. (Minimum of 10000 Damage, Maximum of 17000 Damage).
    Battle-Rage: The Frostpaw Bear's special attacks cause it to become further enraged by battle, boosting its damage by 5% for every successfully applied stack of Vicious Clawing. Stacking up to 11 times.
    Battle Frenzy: Should Battle-Rage reach 11 Stacks, the Phantom Frostpaw Bear will go berserk, removing all stacks of Battle-Rage, but causing the Frostpaw Bear to randomly select a new target every 10 seconds. The Frostpaw bear's movement speed will be reduced by 15% while berserk, but its damage will be increased by 150%.

    Phantom Frostborn Dwarf: A Frostborn dwarf, from the Mountains of the Storm Peaks. Clearly it was observed during the Battle Between Thorim and The Sons of Hodir. While it seems to be nothing but an illusion, its weapons seem quite real!

    Phantom Shot: Fires an illusory bullet at a target. Though the bullet is not real, it hurts nonetheless! Inflicts damage based on the targets Maximum Health, and applies Spectral wounds to the target, dealing 5% of Maximum health in damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. (Minimum of 10000 Damage, Maximum of 18000 Damage).
    Phantom Spear: Throws a Hunting spear at a target, impaling it in place for 5 seconds and dealing 8% of Maximum Health in damage every second. The target also recieves a Lingering Wound when the effect ends, increasing damage taken by 10% for 5 Minutes.
    War Call: The Frostborn Dwarf calls for a unified attack on its primary target. After casting for 3 seconds, any crowd control effects will be broken, and all remaining targets will utilize a lesser version of one of their attacks on a target, hitting for half that abilities normal damage. (Phantom Shot + Vicious Clawing)

    Phantom Frost Giant: An illusion of One of the Sons of Hodir. It appears to have been scaled down slightly, as it is only half the size of a normal Frost Giant. Regardless it still delivers blows with bone-crunching force!

    Frigid Presence: The Frost Giant is covered in a thick layer of frost. Successful ranged and melee attacks on the frost giant can cause ice chips to splinter off and damage the attacker, hitting them for 2% of their maximum health. Successful spellcasts have a chance to be partially deflected, reflecting 5% of the spell's damage back to the caster.
    Overhand Smash: Inflicts damage based on the targets maximum health, and strains the target's muscles as it attempts to survive the strike, reducing the targets chance to dodge by 2%. Stacks up to 5 Times and Lasts 30 seconds. (Minimum Damage 12000, Maximum Damage 18000).
    Ice Tomb: Encases a random target in ice and purges the space within the ice of air causing the target to begin suffocating, dealing 7% of the targets health in damage every 2 seconds. The Ice tomb will shatter and free the target when it recieves damage equal to 100% of the targets Maximum Health. The Frost Giant Must Channel to maintain the Ice Tomb.

    Chronicle of the Sands: Tales of The Shifting Sands and Scarab Wall, these stories stir memories of the Invasions by the Qiraji at the behest of the old god C'thun.

    Phantom Qiraji Soldier: Though it is merely a phantom, it is a striking resemblance to a Qiraji Soldier. It was either observed during the War of the Shifting Sands or, more likely, during the Opening of the Scarab Wall. It clearly is a ferocious replica that intends on showing you how ferocious it truly is. This Phantom is considered a Humanoid.

    Qiraji Strike: Strikes a target with the might of the Qiraji, dealing damage based on its Maximum Health and reducing its armor by 5%, and its chance to dodge by 1%. Stacks 5 times and lasts 30 seconds. (Minimum of 10000 Damage, Maximum of 18000 damage).
    Pincer Strike: Strikes the Qiraji Soldier's primary target with its pincer, applying Painful Wound and dealing damage based on the targets Maximum Health. Painful wound deals 7.5% of the target's Maximum Health in damage every second for 5 seconds and leaves a Recently Healed wound, which reduces the effectiveness of heals on that target by 15% for 3 minutes.
    Expose Vulnerability: The Qiraji Soldier creates an opening in its Primary target's defenses. This Vulnerability causes the target to initially recieve no extra damage, however after 10 seconds, the target will recieve damage equal to 15% of each successfully landed attack on it over the duration of Expose Vulnerability.(Minimum of 20000 Damage, Maximum of 70% of target's Maximum Health)

    Phantom Qiraji Battle-Tank: This Qiraji scampers all over the place, much as you would expect from looking at it, even though it is merely a phantom. It must have been observed during the Opening of the Scarab Wall. Its claws however, seem very real and look to be capable of inflicting quite a bit of damage. This Phantom is Considered a Beast.

    Overrun: The Qiraji Battle-Tank charges over its target, trampling it and any targets within 5 yards of its target for 10% of their maximum health in damage. This action is clumsy however, and stuns the Battle-Tank for 3 Seconds. This attack also applies one Stack of Confusion to the Battle-Tank, causing it to deal 5% less damage, but attack 10% faster. Confusion Stacks up to 11 times.
    Crazed Tackle: The Qiraji Battle-Tank picks a new target at random, and charges it, dealing damage based on its Maximum Health. This attack also applies one Stack of Confusion to the Battle-Tank, causing it to deal 5% less damage, but attack 10% faster. Confusion Stacks up to 11 times. (Minimum of 10000 Damage, Maximum of 16000 Damage).
    Battle-Crazed: Should the Qiraji Battle-Tank reach 11 stacks of Confusion, it will go berserk, causing it to remove all stacks of Confusion and pick targets at random every 5 seconds, increase its attack speed by 150%, reducing its damage by 25%, and preventing it from being stunned by Overrun and from obtaining more stacks of Confusion.

    Phantom Anubisath Sentinel: An illusion of one of the Anubisath Sentinels used by the Qiraji. It must have been observed during either the War of the Shifting Sands or The Opening of the Scarab Wall. It appears to have been scaled down however as it is only half its normal size.

    Grand Strike: Inflicts damage based on the target's Maximum Health, and reduces the targets chance to dodge by 4%. Stacks 3 Times and lasts 30 seconds. (Minimum of 12000 Damage, Maximum of 18000 Damage).
    Qiraji Plague: Inflicts a deadly disease upon a Random target, causing damage based on Maximum Health, and causing the target to take 5% of Maximum Health in damage every second for 10 seconds. If the target dies from this damage, the disease will jump to a random raid member, and deal the exact same amount of damage it dealt to the killed target over 10 seconds. Undispellable. (Initial Damage Minimum of 10000, Maximum of 15000. No Damage Minimum or Maximum on the Damage over time effect.) Limited to one Jump.
    War Stomp: Stomps the ground with tremendous force, stunning any targets within 5 yards for 3 seconds and dealing damage based on Maximum Health. (Minimum of 12000 damage, Maximum of 16000)

    Mini-bosses: Based on the Chronicle that the raid has recieved, a different miniboss will be spawned, based on a key figure of each event.

    War of the Dead Chronicle Miniboss: Arthas, Paladin of the Silver Hand

    Seal Of the Righteous Prince: Arthas' Successful melee strikes deal additional damage equal to 5% of his primary target's Maximum Health as Holy Damage.
    Great Exorcism: Strikes a random target with holy might, dealing damage based on its Maximum Health, and forcing it to wander in a daze for 5 seconds. (Minimum of 18000 damage, Maximum of 25000)
    Royal Retribution: Any target that strikes Arthas recieves a backlash of damage, due to the power of the Light that Arthas possesses. Successful Melee and Ranged attacks reflect 1% of their damage back on the attacker, and successful spell damage strikes will also have 1% of their damage reflected back at their casters.
    Grand Ressurection: Revives two nearby footmen who defend the prince with sword and shield! They attack with regular melee strikes and Grand Strike (This version of Grand strike has a Minimum damage of 6000 and a maximum of 10000 Damage). Used when Arthas Reaches 50% health. Arthas will recast this spell at 25% if either of the footmen are killed and it will fully heal any surviving footmen. 5 Second Cast time. Not Interruptible.

    Aggro: I must defeat you! For Lordaeron! / The Light is my Strength! Come Villains! / Time to put all of Uther's training to the test!
    Slay: For great justice! / Another Redeemed Soul! / May the Light grant you Mercy!
    Exorcism: Burn with the fury of the light! / Let the Light Sear the evil from you!
    Ressurection: To my Aid soldiers of Lordaeron! Our cause is Right, and our blades true! / Soldiers of Lordaeron, rise, and reclaim your honor!
    Death: No... Impossible... Jaina, I...

    Feuding Brother's Chronicle Miniboss: Thorim, Watcher Guardian of Ulduar

    Stormhammer: Slams the ground with thunderous force, dealing damage to all targets within 5 yards based on their Maximum Health. (Minimum of 15000 Damage, Maximum of 20000 Damage).
    Generates one Lightning Charge.
    Arc Lightning: Fires lightning in a cone between Thorim and a random target, hitting all targets in the area of effect for damage based on their Maximum Health. (Minimum of 12000 Damage, Maximum of 18000).
    Generates One Lightning Charge for every target hit.
    Encroaching Storm: Creates a localized lightning storm over a random target, protecting anyone who stands under it from lightning bolts that are fired out every Half second for 10 seconds. These bolts hit for 26% of a targets maximum health. Five Seconds after the storm cloud begins to dissapate, and anyone standing under it is struck by focused lightning, which deals 90% of their Maximum Health in damage.
    Generates Five Lightning Charges.
    Unleashed Chain Lightning Bolt: When Thorim reaches 25 Lightning Charges he will fire off an Unleashed Chain Lightning Bolt, which will strike all targets hit for 20% of their Maximum Health of damage. Maximum of 5 Targets hit.

    Aggro: You serve the Frost Giants don't you! Perish Mortals! / The Frost Giants shall fall! I shall have vengeance!
    Slay: For my Beloved! / Looks like you've been... Thunderstruck. / Fear the Wrath of Thorim!
    Stormhammer: Feel my power! / A Mere taste of my power!
    Arc Lightning: You shall be a conduit of your own undoing! / Let the power flow through you... to your grave!
    Encroaching Storm: Feel the might of Thunder! / The Heaven's weep at your coming demise!
    Chain Bolt: Thunder and Lightning, This is your doom! / Heaven's grant me strength to finish the deed!
    Death: Sif... I did this for you...

    Chronicle of the Sands Miniboss: Rajaxx, General of the Qiraji Army

    Thunderkick: Kicks his primary target away, reducing its threat by 100%, and dealing 75% of the target's Maximum Health in damage. Taunt immunity fades for 5 seconds after this ability is used.
    Greater Qiraji Plague: Inflicts a deadly disease upon a Random target, causing damage based on Maximum Health, and causing the target to take 15% of Maximum Health in damage every second for 10 seconds. If the target dies from this damage, the disease will jump to a random raid member, and deal the exact same amount of damage it dealt to the killed target over 10 seconds.
    Undispellable. (Initial Damage Minimum of 15000, Maximum of 25000. No Damage Minimum or Maximum on the Damage over time effect.) Jumps 3 times at most.
    Call of the Swarm: Spawns One dozen Lesser Qiraji-swarmlings to attack the enemies of the Qiraji. These swarmlings attack with regular melee strikes and Qiraji Strike (Minimum Damage of 5000, Maximum of 7000).
    Thick Skin: Rajaxx thick Qiraji Battle Armor reduces the damage bonus of any critical strikes against him by 30%, and causes actions that generate bonus threat to generate less threat instead as his armor makes him feel safe and unthreatened by your presence.

    Aggro: Die Scum! / For the Glory of the Qiraji! / You are Outmatched, Vermin!
    Slay: More food for the young! / Was the Outcome ever in question?
    Thunderkick: You are beneath my Notice. / Begone from my sight Wretch, you bore me.
    Plague: The might of the Qiraji lies not only in our blades! / You look tired, perhaps you should take a nap in the sands!
    Call of the Swarm: Come servants! Fight, and Die for the glory of our masters! / Face the might of the swarm!
    Death: For.... the Qiraji...You Vermin.... auuuughhh!

    Once The mini-boss has been slain, the librarian finally decides you merit discussion.

    Librarian Sirectica:
    *Upon Clearing room*
    Oh, why hello there, Welcome to The Titan Library Complex Echo LE-37. Please Procure the reading material you desire and
    then present your clearance pass to me to confirm your clearance level is high enough for the materials you seek to obtain.
    Failure to comply, or attempting to leave without verification, will result in Disciplinary action.
    Clearance Scan: Scanning For Valid Clearance level....
    Clearance Scan Finish: Scan Complete, Clearance Level insufficient. Disciplinary Action Required.
    Aggro: Your presence here is in violation of facility rules, I must forcibly remove you from the area.
    +1 Clearance Material(On Aggro): You must leave that book where you found it! You are not cleared to peruse its contents!
    +2 Clearance Material(On Aggro): You must leave those books where you found them! You are not cleared to peruse their contents!
    TOP SECRET Clearance Material(On Aggro): That Book is Off Limits! It contains Top Secret Titan Information. I see you have left me no choice but to kill you all.
    Slay: Another dreamer, trapped in the world of books! / Another story, another Happy ending!
    Bookkeeping: So much to do, perhaps you would like to help? / How would you like a little Heavy Reading?
    Novel of Illusion: Theres an entire world inside a book... You could just get lost inside one! / Books are doors to whole other universes, perhaps you should explore one?
    Book Burning: So much knowledge, more than enough to destroy you! / Ashes to Ashes, Dust.... to Dust!
    Book Vortex: Let the words on these pages be seared into your souls! / Those are my books! Keep away from them!
    Flame Wake: If you can dodge a book you can dodge a Fire wall! / Lets heat things up shall we?
    Sort and File: So you see we need to put this over there and that over here! / Don't forget to put the books back in their proper places!
    Burning Barrage: Burn! Let the Cinders of death rain down upon you! / Remember the Five D's! Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge!
    Panic Mode Add Spawn: Lets make this a little more lively shall we? / I have a friend, can he come out and play? / We need more chaos! I know this should do the trick!
    Death: Ahhhh, but who will read the books now...

    Upon Aggroing the boss hundreds of books fly down from the shelves and form a large outer cordon, whereby they start spinning rapidly. Any attempt to exit through the wall of books will cause that person to suffer the Bonk debuff, which attracts more books from nearby shelves every quarter of a second, each book hitting the player for 1000 damage and applying another stack of the Bonk debuff, increasing damage taken by subsequent books by 500, resulting in Death By Paperback if the bonk debuff hits 20 stacks, killing the player instantly. Bonk is only removed by death or when the Boss is killed.

    There will also be a secondary line of books halfway between the outer cordon and the boss, this wall of books is far thinner, and players only take 1000 damage every second that they stand in the wall and recieve the "Book Barrier" debuff for as long as they stand between the secondary line and the outer cordon. Standing within the secondary line incurs no damage but leaves the player vulnerable to Book Burning and several other attacks.

    Clearance Scan: Cast at the start of the fight, 5 second cast. Checks which hardmode to activate by scanning the environment for missing tomes.
    Excess Bookkeeping: Summons a small pack of books to strike the Librarian's Foes. All raid members recieve damage equal to 4% of their Maximum Health every second for 5 seconds as a mass of books pummels them mercilessly.
    Novel of Illusion: Traps a random Raid member in a Novel World, incapacitating them for 15 seconds and making them immune to all damage except for damage over time applied to them by this effect, which deals 5% of their Maximum Health as damage every 3 seconds. If the target dies from this damage then their spirit appears as a hostile target, and attacks with Two randomly chosen abilities from the three different minibosses.
    Book Burning: Summons a mass of books from the surrounding shelves, creating a path all the way to the secondary Line of books, which takes 2 seconds, after which the boss will start casting Book Burning, a Five second cast. Upon completion all books between the boss and the secondary line will be set on fire, incinerating everything within the secondary line for 1000000 Fire damage. Players with the Book Barrier debuff are immune to Book Burning.
    Book Vortex: Begins Casting immediately after finishing Book Burning. Book Vortex causes the books In between the secondary line and Outer Cordon to spin much faster, dealing 5000 damage every second for 10 seconds to any players still in between the Secondary Line and Outer Cordon. 3 second cast.

    Light Hardmode Skill

    Flame Wake: Calls down a ring of books covering half the combat area. These books ignite in a wall and proceed around one half of the combat area, this attack hits any targets within either the center area or secondary line. Deals 35% of a player's Maximum Health in damage every hit.

    Medium Hardmode Skill

    Sort and File: The Librarian bogs the raid down with technical procedures and rules, disorienting the entire raid for 5 seconds. The Librarian begins to cast Book Burning 2 seconds before the Disorient effect wears off.

    Hardmode Skill

    Burning Barrage: Calls a large number of books from the shelves, and sets them on fire while in the air, they then fall to the ground and deal 15% of any hit player's Maximum Health in damage to them. Ten books fall every 3 seconds, entire effect lasts 15 Seconds. Can be avoided by entering the Secondary Line, however the books are superheated by this ability, so players take 2500 damage every second while they remain in the secondary line.

    Panic Mode: If you take all three books and trigger Panic mode, the boss will, in addition to using all hardmode skills, also from time to time throw down a book from one of the chronicle's, spawning one of the nine possible Phantom's that your raid must deal with. She will do this every minute, and the Phantom will also gain Librarian's Vigilance, increasing its Health by 10%, Damage by 10%, and reducing all damage it takes by 10%.

    Defeating the Boss on Regular mode awards Two pieces of Loot. Standard Valor points Awarded.
    Defeating the Boss on Light Hardmode Awards Two pieces of Loot, one with a Higher quality of stat itemization. 10% More Valor Points Awarded.
    Defeating the Boss on Medium Hardmode Awards Three Pieces of Loot, 1-2 will have a Higher quality of stat itemization. 25% More Valor Points Awarded.
    Defeating the Boss on Hardmode Awards Three Pieces of Loot, All will have a Higher quality of stat itemization. 35% More Valor Points Awarded.
    Defeating the Boss on Panic Mode will Award Three Pieces of loot, All will have a Higher quality of stat itemization, and One Tier Token. 50% More Valor Points Awarded.

    There you have it folks, let me know what you think!
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    Re: An Idea for a Raid boss.

    Interesting ideas!

    This is close-ish to my initial plan for my Librarian but mine turned out different in the end Your trash sounds kind of like my chronicle echoes but not, you're more focused and your packs run together into a coherent story. The idea of book burning is one I'm not sure about but hey, it's your boss. I just don't see burning books a typical library behaviour.

    The humour in some of your quotes raised a smile and I like the idea of a segregated arena like you have, separated by a cordon which requires effort to pass. Your hard mode mechanic is interesting too, all my hard modes so far are binary including my Librarian, you have created a fight with five possible settings, matched only by Flame Leviathan. All in all I think that I will come back and read this again when I am less tired and see if I've missed anything before leaving a final comment

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    Re: An Idea for a Raid boss.

    Well, the Basic premise behind Book Burning is that the books are fire-proofed, so the boss does not actually destroy the books. The boss would use the magic knowledge stored in each book to create fire and release it in one burst. The same Idea holds true for Flame Wake, as well as Burning Barrage.

    Each one taps into the magic stored in each book. Flame Wake and Book Burning both cause a sudden burst of fire magic above the books location, and Burning Barrage envelops the books in a small bubble of fire energy, which explodes outward away from the book when it contacts the ground. The Boss is taking advantage of the magic stored in the books, which is why the raid uses the books in the secondary ring to avoid many of the bosses other abilities. After all, No true Librarian of the titans would ever dare destroy the vast wealth of knowledge they have accumulated.
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    Re: An Idea for a Raid boss.

    Pretty cool idea -- thumbs up
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    Re: An Idea for a Raid boss.

    TL;DR, Just kidding.

    I love reading up on people's ideas. These forums (very rarely) and the Heroes of Newerth forums are great for it!

    Anyways, Great ideas. I loved OS and failing at OS 1d because my guild was kinda bad. :P
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    Re: An Idea for a Raid boss.

    Here's another one for you folks, this one is a special bonus boss that can only be accessed if you successfully complete the boss prior to it in either Hard or Panic modes.

    Area: Immediately following Librarian Sirectica's Demise a loud alarm sounds throughout the Library Facility. Your Raid is confused, uncertain what may happen next, when suddenly, the Entrance doors are slammed open and a strange collection of phantom soldiers, similar yet different from those who were from the tattered tomes littering the Library floor, files in and takes up defensive positions. The last being through the door however is not a Phantom, but the Watcher Tasked with the protection of The Black Tome. The Phantom soldier's serving under this "Lorewatcher" fan out in groups, clearly intent on preventing you from leaving with The Black Tome.

    *This boss is a special bonus boss that will only spawn if you take the book "The Omega Reply Code and You - How to Commence Re-Origination" before you defeated Librarian Sirectica. Additionally this boss has a Normal and Hard mode, which is determined by the level of difficulty you chose to Defeat Librarian Sirectica. Normal mode will be applied if you only Took: The Black Tome, The Black Tome + One Book. Hard Mode will be applied if you successfully defeated Librarian Sirectica on Panic Mode (Took all Three Books).*

    Trash Mobs:
    The phantom warriors under the command of the Lorewatcher are just as dangerous as their counterparts from the Chronicle books. However, these phantom's were created with the purpose of ensuring you do not leave with The Black Tome, and as a result these phantoms are much more powerful and have special skills. Just like previous Phantom's, these Phantoms are treated as creatures of the type they resemble, thus Beast images are treated as Beasts, Ghoul Images as Undead, and Humanoid Images as Humanoids. (For the purposes of Crowd Control, which you WILL need).

    All Trash packs will always spawn with at least one of each type of phantom.

    The Watchguardsmen: Ancient defenders tasked with protecting the Titan's most dangerous secrets, they follow their orders swiftly, decisively, and without question.

    Phantom Soldier: A phantom of a skilled swordsman, equipped with a one handed sword and shield. He may not look real but That doesnt mean he can't hurt you!

    Phantom Strike: The Soldier strikes its target swiftly, throwing his opponent off balance, reducing Dodge and Parry chance by 2%, and dealing damage based on the target's Maximum Health. (Minimum of 18000 Damage, Maximum of 25000). Stacks 5 times, and lasts 30 Seconds.
    Advanced Defending: The Soldier is so adept at defense, that more often than not he can deflect or even reflect some of the damage he would recieve. Using his shield the Soldier reflects 5% of any damage dealt to him back to its caster, and 10% if the damage is a critical hit.
    Triad Wave: Dangerous skill only usable if there are at least Two Soldiers alive at one time, in addition to one of any other Phantom. Both soldiers, plus the nearest phantom will launch three attacks on three random targets at once, and then immediately launch a second attack on their previous targets, dealing damage based on the targets Maximum Health. (Minimum Damage of 22000, Maximum Damage of 90% of target's Maximum Health). No target will be struck more than once.

    Phantom Spellbreaker: A warrior who specializes in controlling the flow of magical combat. Though a mere phantom, its powers are still quite real, and can be dangerous.

    Magical Flows: The Spellbreaker has innate control over magic, and any non-damaging magic debuffs will be treated with Player Versus Player diminishing returns. Additionally, Direct damage spells do 10% reduced damage to the Spellbreaker.
    Magic Domination: The Spellbreaker has the ability to transfer debuffs off of its allies and onto its enemies. If a transfered debuff deals damage over time, then it shall instead deal damage equal to 5% of the target's maximum health for every damage tick remaining and be consumed instantly. (Minimum Damage of 5000, Maximum Damage of 25000).
    Power Fount: The Spellbreaker, sensing his life fading away, drops all his weapons, and begins channeling. Should he succeed at completing this 8 Second channel, all allies within 30 yards are healed to full, recieve a 25% bonus to damage, immunity to Crowd Control Effects, and the Spellbreaker instantly dies. Used when The Spellbreaker reaches 10% Health. Uninterruptible. The Spellbreaker is immune to Crowd Control effects while casting this ability.

    Phantom Battle-Hound: A phantom hound, bred to kill, and to obey its master's every whim. Despite being a mere illusion, its fangs are razor sharp, ready to rend and tear flesh.

    Snarling Bite: The Battle-Hound bites at its targets hands, causing damage based on the target's Maximum Health and reducing the target's chance to hit by 3% for 30 seconds, stacking 4 times. (Minimum Damage of 16000, Maximum Damage of 23000). Causes the Battle-hound to gain 1 Stack of Snarling Rage.
    Snarling Rage: Boosts the Damage and Attack Speed of the Battle-Hound by 10%. Stacks up to 11 times. Should Snarling Rage reach 11 stacks it will trigger Frothing Chaos.
    Frothing Chaos: Causes the Battle-Hound to deal 150% more damage, attack 120% faster, and apply Festering Bite to its melee target, dealing 4000 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds, stacking three times. Prevents Snarling Rage from being gained for the full duration of Frothing Chaos, and provides immunity to Crowd Control Effects and Taunt.

    Phantom Infector: A Phantom who curses its foes with powerful magic. It also suffers from poor defenses, but generally its victims do not survive long enough to take advantage of this fact. This Phantom Is considered an Undead Creature.

    Malady of Woebegotten Adventurers: Inflicts a powerful curse upon all raid members, causing all heal over time effects to harm instead of heal, and all harmful effects to heal instead of harm. Also deals 5% of maximum health as damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.
    Maddening Moans: Forces a single random Raid member to listen to the sounds of the anguished dead, causing them to randomly attack enemies and allies alike for 10 seconds as they try to rid themselves of the voices in their head.
    Rend Soul: The time is now! The Infector begins channeling a powerful, uninterruptible spell that takes 10 Seconds to cast. Should it succeed, it will instantly kill whoever is second highest on its threat table, and then detonate itself, dealing 30% of any targets Maximum health as damage within 10 yards. Casting starts at 15% Health, and provides immunity to Crowd Control Effects for the duration of the channel.

    Miniboss: Phantom Master, The Great Controller

    Meteor Shower: Calls down dozens of illusory rocks to pummel the raid, dealing 15% of maximum health as damage every second for Five seconds.
    Phantom Marionette: Fires Marionette strings at a random raid member, causing them to lose control and attack allies and enemies at random for 15 seconds. If the victim of Phantom Marionette kills a target, hostile or friendly, it will trigger Bloodthirsty Marionette.
    Bloodthirsty Marionette: Causes the Victim of Phantom Marionette to only attack allies for 20 seconds. Twice the Health damage dealt by the victim is given to the Phantom Master as health, and the Phantom Master gains 15% damage when Bloodthirsty Marionette wears off for 30 Seconds.
    Phantom Army: Summons Two dozen Phantom Minions who only attack with melee attacks, but only deal 200-300 damage. Untankable.
    Grand Theft Soul: Upon Reaching 50% Health, and again at 25% Health, the Phantom Master will steal the Soul of a Random Raid member, Increasing their health by 50%, damage by 200% and healing by 150%. The Raid must reduce the Stolen Raid member's health down to 25% to free them, however if they take more than 30 seconds, The stolen soul will expire, and kill the party member instantly.

    Aggro: Things are not always what they seem. / The truth is out there... somewhere.
    Slay: Perhaps there are answers in death, for you! / The mind is such a fragile thing, so easy to shatter! / Did that blow your mind?
    Shower: The forecast calls for heavy boulders, with a mild chance of blunt force trauma! / These shooting star's aren't for wishing upon!
    Marionette: Dance with me my puppet! / This contract does have some strings attached!
    Phantom Army: We have reached an unacceptable amount of chaos! / Lets liven things up shall we? / Come forth minions, your victims await!
    Soul Theft: Your will is mine, it is pointless to resist my power! / I'll just borrow this, you weren't using it right?
    Death: The Illusion is that you have defeated the Illusion... The true Master of deception still waits...

    Lorewatcher Kaliton, The Viewer of Destiny:
    *upon killing all of his trash and the Miniboss*
    You dare to break the Titan's Rules. You dare to destroy the Titan's Knowledge, and You Dare to slay The Librarian, all for a reason you do not understand! The Black Tome shall not leave this room, I shall trap you here forever, mired in the consequences of your past!
    Aggro: You know not the power which you seek to remove from this place!
    Hardmode: Nor the Knowledge you seek to lose forever!
    Slay: One with your Nightmares forever! / As it was Wrote! / One step closer to the end!
    Grand Illusion: Let the corridor's of your mind be your eternal Tomb! / Being trapped within one's own mind is the ultimate form of torture!
    Ether Lance: This wont hurt a bit, although it May hurt alot! Bahaha! / Can you tell which pain is real, and which is a figment of your imagination?
    Mire: Wander aimlessly forever! / Hours, to Minutes, to Seconds, to infinity in damnation!
    Ether Needle: Just a little rat-a-tat-tat, It couldnt possibly hurt! Haha! / There. Doesn't that feel better? Or Worse? Who knows! Bahaha!
    Relic of the Past: Back, we go, to one of your past conquests, yes, but can you succeed again? Let us find out... / Oh, what have I found here? A fine memory to trap you all in for eternity! You'll just have to Bear with me on this one! / Oh my, such a lovely weapon of destruction! Its a shame you destroyed it! Perhaps we can rectify that situation? / Ah, what a lovely beast, slayer of many dragonkin! He shall be perfect to crush your spirits and destroy you!
    Death: The Illusion recedes... I hope you mortals realize what you have done... before it dooms your world...

    Upon Aggro of the Boss, the entire room phases to a enclosed platform, much like that of Librarian Sirectica, with her Book Cordon. The boss will remain in the middle of the room, and will not move. When the raid is phased to a Past-encounter, the boss stays behind, and will not reappear until you kill the Past-Encounter Boss. Attacking friendly targets when your willpower is low will restore willpower, but you must be careful, as you can kill your allies very quickly if you are not careful.

    Grand Illusion: Loosens your control of your mind, forcing you to rely on sheer willpower to continue fighting. Attack Speed, Damage, and Healing all reduced by 15%. Applies 100 Stacks of Willpower to all Raid members. Cast at the start of the fight. Applies Weakened Will if Willpower drops below 20.
    Ether Lance: Strikes a target for 60% of its health... or does it? Drains 10 Willpower from a random raid member, and delivers damage based on how much willpower that member currently has. (Minimum Damage of 5000, Maximum Damage of 25000)
    Mire: Confuses all raid members, causing them to wander aimlessly for 3 seconds, and lose 2 willpower per second.
    Weakened Will: Your grip on reality is slipping, and your having difficulty telling friend from foe. If you fail to get your will over 20 within 10 seconds you will lose control of your character and become mind controlled for 15 minutes. Successful Melee, ranged, or spellcast attacks on friendly targets will restore 5 Willpower to you per second for 5 seconds. Damage dealt to allies is increased by 50%.
    Ether Needle: Gently prods a target, dealing minimal damage... Or does it? Drains 5 Willpower, and another 10 over 20 seconds. Also deals damage based on how much willpower the target has remaining. (Minimum Damage of 5000, Maximum damage of 15000)
    Relic of the Past: Forces all raid members into a special Phased instance of one of Four different encounters: Prince Malchezaar, Gruul's Lair, Void Reaver, or Nalorakk. While in this phase, all characters will be replaced with "Vehicle" versions of themselves that are level 70, and have Skills related to their current talent specialization, as well as Full level 70 Tier 5 Equivalent Gear. The Boss of the Phased encounter will be at 15% and the raid must Defeat The Phased Boss in order to shatter the illusion and return to the real world. If they fail to defeat the Phased Boss within One Minute Thirty Seconds, they all go insane and get trapped in the illusion world, where they offer themselves as sacrifices to the Phased boss, dying instantly. Successfully defeating the Phased boss will restore all raid members Willpower to 100. This ability is Used once in normal mode, and twice in hard mode. At 50%, and again at 25% if in Hard mode. All damage dealt to the Phased boss is doubled then applied to The Lorewatcher.

    There you go folks. Lay the Critiques/Insights/Comments on me.
    (Cookies if you can guess which Relic of the Past lines go with which Bosses!)
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    Re: An Idea for a Raid boss.

    More nice ideas the idea of a segregated area still volunteers itself to me and I'll be keeping it in mind going forward, maybe I fit it in somewhere in TGO.
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    Re: An Idea for a Raid boss.

    Good idea mater gets my vote for a patch
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    Re: An Idea for a Raid boss.

    Here's Another one for you folks.

    Area: You enter a small chamber, filled with piles of litter, that continues onward, until it reaches a small turn.These piles of litter glow with a strange force, but what causes it is unseen, perhaps something powerful lies in wait under the piles, or perhaps its merely an illusion, designed to lead you astray. The only way to find out however is to check each pile. The tunnel itself is largely undecorated, as if it were never intended for use, not even the floor features the special Tiling common to most titan installations. For all intents and purposes is seems to be an ordinary cave, but since its part of a titan installation, you know it must be important in some way.

    *This Boss, and the Trash leading up to it, utilizes a special new loot system which will be explained in further detail later on. The Boss itself will also have Three Different Difficulty modes.
    Taking No Litter Pile Loots will trigger Normal Mode. All boss Statistics will be Normal.
    Taking One Litter Pile Loot will Trigger Medium Hardmode. Boss Health will be increased by 10%, damage by 10%, and Add one New ability.
    Taking All Three Litter Pile Loots will Trigger Hardmode. Boss Health will be Increased by 25%, Damage by 20%, and add two new abilities.

    [u]Litter Piles And The Rewards They Hide: There are Three Litter piles spaced One third of the way up the hallway, at the Turn of the hallway, and just before the entryway to the boss chamber. Reaching one of these piles will spawn a special Miniboss who, when defeated, will drop a special Instance-Locked version of one of the epics on the Bosses Loot Table. Attempting to leave the instance with this version will cause it to dissapear after 15 Minutes, and the Litter pile to re-appear (without the miniboss). The Boss will drop Two Items, excluding those spawned in the Litter Piles, and once the Boss is defeated the Instance locks on the Items looted from the Litter Piles will be lifted, turning them into permanently obtained Items. For Every Item Looted from the Litter Piles, the Miniboss in the subsequent Piles will gain 25% Health, 15% damage, and One Special Ability.

    Trash Mobs: The hallway appears clear, but your senses tell you that all is not what is seems to be. Upon approaching the first Pile of Litter, several foes materialize seemingly out of nowhere. For the purposes of Crowd control these foes are treated as Humanoids.
    Tunnel Warrior: A strange creature, resembling an earthen, however, it seems to have been mashed together by some strange force, rather than created by the titans. Its weapons, though made of rock and stone, appear to have the ability to change their attributes into much harder weapons.
    Composition Shift: Causes the Tunnel Warrior, and his weapons, to shift into a stronger naturally occuring material in Azeroth, boosting both Damage dealt, and reducing damage recieved by an amount based on the element of choice. By Default all Tunnel Warriors Start out at Composition: Copper, which boosts damage and reduces damage by 5%. Cast every 30 Seconds the Tunnel Warrior is Alive. *Compositions: Copper (5%), Iron (15%), Gold (25%), Cobalt (35%), Titanium (50%).*
    Elemental Prison: The Tunnel Warrior causes a cage, made of the same material the Tunnel warrior's composition currently consists of, to rise out of the floor trapping a random party member, and dealing 8% of its Maximum Health in damage every 2 seconds. The Prison Gains health based on the Material it is made out of. *Health Based on Composition: 75% of Target Health (Copper), 85% (Iron), 100% (Gold), 110% (Cobalt), 125% (Titanium).*
    Rockfall: Causes a localized cave in around a random target, immobilizing everyone within 10 yards of that target with falling rocks and dealing damage based on their maximum health every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. (Minimum damage of 5000 every tick, Maximum of 12000 every tick).
    Tunnel Shifter: A strange creature, resembling an earthen, however it seems to have been mashed together by some strange force, rather than created by the Titans. It seems suffused with elemental magics, and seems to have the ability to shift its elemental alignment at will.
    Alignment Shift: The Tunnel Shifter alters its alignment, and that of all enemies, to be more vulnerable to a certain type of magic, while also enabling it to cast spells of that school of magic. Damage Taken by The Chosen school of magic is increased by 50%, Causes the Shifter to Gain more damage dealt for every successful shift. Shift occurs every 30 seconds. Shifter gains 10% damage for every Shift.
    Shiftbolt: Fires a Magical bolt made of the terrain, and then infused by the element the Shifter is currently Aligned to. Deals Damage based on the targets maximum health, plus 2000 Per Element Shift. (Minimum damage of 7000, Maximum Damage of 25000, Before Bonus damage from multiple shifts is applied, before 50% shift bonus)
    Imbue Elements: Cast upon Death. Imbues the weapons of all remaining allies with the element the Shifter has upon its death, causing their attacks to deal 3000 bonus damage of the applied element, and causing all enemies to take 25% more damage from all attacks, plus 10% from the element applied.
    Tunnel Horror: This oversized, mishmash of materials appears quite dangerous and, unlike its allies, does not resemble any foe you've faced thus far, bar undead abominations. It appears to be incredibly strong.
    Horiffic Strike: Strikes the target with tremendous force, dealing 25% of its health in damage immediately, and causing Half of that damage to all raid members within 15 yards. Also applies Broken Bone to its target, randomly reducing Dodge, Parry, or Hit chance by 5%. Broken Bone Stacks Three times for each random effect. If an effect is at maximum it will be refreshed, and then a new stack will be applied to one of the other types of Broken Bone. (Minimum Damage of 15000, Maximum Damage of 28000)
    Center of Attention: For every party or raid member not within 15 Yards of the Tunnel horror, it will gain 15% damage, and 5% attack speed. If more than Six Party or raid members are within 15 yards, Center of Attention will boost their damage by 10% as long as they are attacking the Tunnel Horror, but they will recieve 15% more damage from all sources.
    Quake: Automatically casted every 20 Seconds once the Tunnel Horror reaches 30% Health. Deals 10% health damage to all enemies, and causes the Tunnel Horror to recover 2% Health from falling rocks being absorbed into its body to repair holes. (The Tunnel Horror will also recover 1% health for every tick of Rockfall if it is standing inside a rockfall effect generated by a Tunnel Warrior).

    Miniboss: Litter Golem
    The Litter Golem will Despawn At the first two litter piles when its health reaches 1 Health. It will only Die at the Third and final pile of loot. Regardless, you will recieve a small amount of Valor Points for Every Litter Pile IF you take the Instance Bound Item from the Pile.
    *The Litter golem will appear every time you reach one of the Three Litter Piles containing an Instance Bound Piece of Loot. The Litter pile will only become lootable once you defeat the Litter Golem.*
    Storm of Litter: The Litter Golem causes dirt and Litter from the nearby litter pile to swirl about the area, locking all party or raid members within a set area around the Littler Golem, and causing 2% of Maximum health as Damage every 3 Seconds to all raid members. Cast Upon Aggro, and only Once, unless You have taken at least One Instance Bound Item from a Litter pile.
    Sticky Gunk: The Litter Golem is made of various pieces of refuse, and sometimes a player who strikes the Litter golem with a melee attack will have difficulty getting its weapon out of the Litter Golem's "Flesh", Disarming them for 4 Seconds as they struggle to remove their weapon. Sticky Gunk will never happen more than once every Thirty Seconds. Spellcasters will occaisionally have their spells partially deflected, reducing the damage by 10%, and reflecting 5% of the spells damage back at the Caster.
    Pile On: The Litter Golem grabs a handful of Litter from the nearby Litter Pile, absorbing it into itself. Heals the Litter Golem for 5%, Increases its size by 10%, Damage by 5%, and gives its melee strikes a chance to apply "Strange Refuse" to its melee target. Cast Three times. At 75%, 50%, and 25% Health. Each Cast increases the chance for Strange Refuse to be applied to a target.
    Strange Refuse: Parts of the Litter golem break off as it strikes you, making it difficult for you to move and dealing damage over time Based on your Maximum Health. Deals 1% Of Maximum Health per application, and stacks up to 5 Times. Should Strange Refuse stack to 5, you will become buried in Litter for 10 seconds, recieve 10% of your health in damage every second, and instantly lose all Threat.
    Greater Litter Storm: The Litter Golem causes dirt and Litter from the nearby litter pile to swirl about the area, locking all party or raid members within a set area around the Littler Golem, and causing 5% of Maximum health as Damage every 3 Seconds to all raid members. Cast at 75%, and only if you have taken One Piece of Instance Bound Loot from a Litter Pile. Effect increases by 3% If you have looted Two Piles of Litter. Effect Stacks with existing Litter Storm.
    Litter Quake: The Litter Golem Causes a storm of litter to rain down upon all party members, dealing no damage, but slowing them by 20%. Ten Seconds after Litter Quake is cast, the volatile chemicals in the litter combust, dealing 20% of All party members Health as Damage, and dealing 10% More to any party members within 5 Yards. Only Cast if you Have looted Two Piles of Litter.
    Aggro: Shiny... Me Like Shiny... YOU NO TAKE SHINY!
    Slay: More Shiny for me! / Me no like you Anyway! / What happen?
    Litter Storm: Spin spin spin! / Come play!
    Pile On: Ow! That It, Me show you! / More is Betterer! / Need more Shinies!
    Greater Litter Storm: You Took Shiny! Me Make You Pay! / That My Shiny! Put it Back!
    Litter Quake: Eeew, there stuff on my shinies! You can have it! / What this stuff on my shiny? Eeeew!
    Despawn: Fine You take that shiny! I no like it anyways! / Me Never used that shiny, you can have!
    Death: But... My shiny.... Need Shiny...

    Boss: Shifter Magnus, He Who Shapes the Darkness
    Upon entering the bosses Chamber, which is a Large Round Cavern, much like the tunnel you have just exited, you see a single Being sitting in the middle of the room. He resembles a Mechagnome, however he is made entirely of various elements found in azeroth. Unlike most Titan Servants, this Being is roughly the same size as a Human. This makes you wonder what makes him so powerful that he has his own section of the facility for his purposes. If you opened 1-2 Loot piles he gains one new ability, and a second if you opened all three.
    *Upon Entering the room*
    This Area is off limits, please leave now before I... Oh, I see, your not one of the titan's servants, mere mortals from the surface. I offer you one chance to leave so I may return to my work, there is so much to do, especially after recent events...
    Aggro: Very Well then. You shall be Re-originated.
    Slay: Re-Origination Complete. / Fresh Materials are always great to work with! / I wonder what makes you up? Looks Like i'll get to find out!
    Measure Material: Your material composition is interesting... Would you Like to see what makes you up? / Theres a bit of Azeroth in everyone, would you like to see which material you are?
    Material Reduction: Now that you know, its time to fix that... / Now to make your stature more befitting...
    Gravity Crush: Can you hear the thunderous song of the earth crumbling around you? / Size is not everything! Even A Mighty Blizzard is no match for the destructive power of the earth!
    Reconstitution: You may have these back, I have no need of them anymore! / The very earth itself is at my command!
    Tectonic Strike: Feel the Fury of the Planet! / Let the Earth Take you!
    Appropriate Force: Pain comes in all forms! / Not all attacks must kill, let me show you!
    Death: The cycle goes on...

    Measure Material: Measures the material composition of the raid, determining the material that the majority of the raid's blood contains the most of and altering the raids bodies to become made of that material. Casts Material Reduction immediately upon completion. 2 Second Cast. Cast every 30 Seconds.
    Material Reduction: Reduces the presence of a specific material from all party or raid members, dealing 10% Health damage and reducing all raid member's size and one additional stat by an amount determined by the Material reduced. There will never be more than Two Material Reduction effects active at a given time. *Reduction effects: Copper (5% Attack Speed and 10% Size), Iron (10% Damage and 20% Size), Gold (15% Health, 25% Size), Cobalt ( 15% Attack Speed and 30% Size), Titanium (20% Damage and 40% Size).* The Player's camera angle also slightly changes based on maximum size, causing the boss to appear larger than he actually is.
    Gravity Crush: Conjures a large Weight above a random raid member covering a ten yard area and conjuring a localized earthquake, causing large boulders to fall all around the area for 10 seconds. Anyone outside the weight's coverage takes 30% of Maximum health as damage every second. Five Seconds after the earthquake stops, the weight falls, crushing and instantly killing any party or raid members still remaining under it.
    Imposing Presence: For every 5% Size the boss is larger than the raid, he gains 5% damage.
    Reconstitution: Draws on the current Material's that have been reduced from the raid to blast all party or raid members with them, dealing damage based on the materials reduced, and removing all applications of Material Reduction from the raid. Also Restores 5% Health to Shifter Magnus. Copper: 5000 Damage. Iron: 8000 Damage. Gold: 10000 Damage. Cobalt: 12000 Damage. Titanium: 15000 Damage. Used Every 1 Minute 25 Seconds.
    Tectonic Strike: Strikes the target with the force of the earth, dealing 20% of Its Maximum Health as damage, and reducing its chance to Dodge and parry by 7.5% for 30 Seconds. Stacks up to Three Times. Only used if you have looted One Litter Pile.
    Appropriate Force: Strikes a target with an amount of force appropriate to deal minimal damage, but leaving an Elemental Wound upon the target. The Elemental Wound causes the target to either Deal 10% less Threat, or Recieve 10% Less Healing. Both Effects may exist at the same time on a target, and both effects stack up to a maximum of Five Times and last 30 seconds. Both effects are refreshed every time a New wound is applied, regardless of the type. Only Used if You have Looted Two or Three Litter Piles. (Minimum Damage of 5000, Maximum Damage of 8000).

    That's all for now folks. Again, comments/opinions/criticism are welcomed.
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    Re: An Idea for a Raid boss.

    I'm sure your idea is great and you put a lot of effort into it, BUT I AM NOT READING ALL THAT.
    You can tell WoW changed the MMO for good when players started complaining about the amount of time they sink, into a time sink.

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    Re: An Idea for a Raid boss.

    If you think this is long you should take a scope of mine! Anyway, I've read it and I think the ideas are pretty good. You like your minibosses though
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    Howdy folks! I've got another "custom" raid boss, and his corresponding trash, for you guys and gals to peruse. This one uses a new way of calculating attack damage I decided would be a good way to cover handling damage for both tanks and normal raid members. Damage can be either Based on maximum health, or A flat amount, whichever is greater. As usual, comments/critique is appreciated. (Please at least Read SOME of the information about the boss before you post a comment)

    Area: After the defeat of Shifter Magnus, the surrounding terrain begins to break apart and splinter, causing the floor to cave in beneath your feet. After falling for a few harrowing moments you hit a curved slope caused by the cave in, and this slope propels you into a pool of deep water. You hear a deep wheezing, its source unseen, and warily extract yourselves from the water to a nearby "shoreline". A damp glow permeates the area, caused by molds and other fungi. Shadows move just outside of sight, making you wonder just what could call a place such as this its home.

    *This Boss has Three variants of Difficulty. Easy Difficulty, which provides no benefits to the boss, and Increases the number of players Affected by Mark of Unmistakable Horror by One in Ten, and Three in Twenty Five Player Difficulty. Medium Difficulty, which provides the boss with 10% More Health, and Damage, and Employs the default number of Marks of Unmistakable Horror (2 for 10 Player and 5 For 25 Player Difficulty). Hard Difficulty, which provides the Boss with 20% Health, 15% Damage, Two New Abilities, and employs the default number of Mark of Unmistakable Horror.

    Easy Difficulty will reward the default number of Valor Points and Two Pieces of Instance-Level appropriate Equipment.

    Medium Difficulty will reward 15% more Valor Points, and Two Pieces of Instance-level appropriate Equipment. One Tier Token if Completed on 25 Player Difficulty.

    Hard Difficulty will reward 25% more Valor Points, Two Pieces of Instance-level appropriate Equipment, and One Instance-level appropriate Tier Token. Two Tier Token's and Three pieces of Equipment if Completed on 25 Player Difficulty.

    Trash Mobs: Its hard to see in the darkness, but you can tell something is out there Shortly after your party exits the water, some of the "Locals" decide to welcome you. They appear to be made of some kind of ooze or sludge but they resemble different creatures from the surface.

    Primordial Sludgeslinger: This strange muck-coated creature vaguely resembles a human but the way it moves makes it feel as though its motions are controlled through some unseen strings. Either way, it moves rather quickly and strikes ferociously, clearly intent on getting "Better acquainted" with you. This Creature is considered a Humanoid for the purposes of Crowd Control.

    Mutative Ooze: With each strike dealt, or recieved a small portion of the muck covering the creature globs onto the Target of the Sludgeslinger, or onto whoever strikes the Sludgeslinger, slowing attack/casting speed by 1% per stack, stacking up to 50 times and lasting for 30 seconds. Should Mutative Ooze stack to 50 the target will be afflicted by Maddening Ooze for 30 seconds.

    Maddening Ooze: The Ooze covering the target coalesces and seizes control of the person it is covering! Causes the player to deal 50% more damage, recieve 25% less damage, and attack targets at random, both Friendly and Hostile with Sludge Missle. Sludge Missle is also used by Primordial Sludgeslingers. Lasts 30 seconds or until a target is killed by a Sludge Missle.

    Sludge Missle: Strikes a random target with a rocky projectile covered in strange ooze. This applies Two stacks of Mutative Ooze to the target and deals 7% of a target's Maximum health in Damage. (Minimum of 10000 Damage, Maximum of 25000 Damage.)

    Sludge Morph: Sensing it's life nearing its end the Sludgeslinger seeks another nearby Sludge creature, and attempts to join with it to create a fierce new creature. Reduces the Sludgeslinger's Movement speed by 60%, and causes it to no longer apply Mutative Ooze when damaged and it will stop attacking. Should it succeed at reaching another Sludge creature it will spawn a Visage of Horror. Activated when the Sludgeslinger reaches 20% Health.

    Primordial Flesh-seeker: This strange muck-coated creature vaguely resembles a bear, although it is covered from head to toe in ooze, and the way it moves makes it appear as though it is controlled by some unseen strings. Still, it looks quite dangerous and capable of causing great harm. This Creature is considered a Beast for the purposes of Crowd Control.

    Desire of Flesh: The Flesh-seeker loves the taste of flesh, a rare delicacy in its normal home, and the presence of so much causes it to attack faster and deal more damage, based on the amount of "flesh" within 10 yards. Increases Attack speed and Damage by 5% for every player within 10 yards of the Flesh-seeker.

    Devour Flesh: Slashes at the target, causing the greater between 15% of a target's Maximum health and 20000 Damage, and leaving an Ooze-Filled Wound on the target, reducing its Maximum Health by 5% for 30 seconds, stacking up to Three times.

    Crazed Hunger: For every 2% health missing, the Flesh-seeker gains 1% Damage, attack, and 0.5% Damage Reduction. Upon reaching 50% health, Crazed Hunger will change into Devouring Hunger, which doubles the attack and damage bonuses, and causing the Flesh-seeker's Devour Flesh to deal the greater between 25% of a targets health and 30000 Damage instead.

    Ooze-Covered: This target is covered in ooze, and can merge with a Sludgeslinger to spawn a Visage of Horror.

    Primordial Sludge Fighter: This strange muck-coated creature vaguely resembles a human but the way it moves makes it feel as though its motions are controlled through some unseen strings. Either way, it moves quickly and strikes ferociously, clearly intent on getting "Better acquainted" with you. This Creature is considered a Humanoid for the purposes of Crowd Control.

    Muck-Ridden Strike: Strikes the target with an ooze covered sword, Dealing the greater between 10% of the target's health and 20000 Damage, and reducing the target's chance to Parry, Block, and Dodge by 2%. Stacks 3 Times and Lasts for 20 seconds.

    Blinding Glob: Tosses a Glob of ooze into the face of a random target within 30 yards, blinding it, and causing it to wander aimlessly as it tries furiously to remove the ooze from its face. The target will gain a new ability, Remove Ooze, and must use it to remove the ooze. However, removing the ooze will deal damage based on how short its time on the target was. The ooze will deal 30000 Damage if removed within 3 seconds of being applied, and will lose 1500 damage for every second it remains on the target. If it stays on a target for more than 10 seconds, it will detonate, stunning the target for 5 seconds, and dealing the greater between 51% of their maximum health or 25000 damage.

    Ooze Shield: Creates a barrier of Ooze around the Sludge Fighter, preventing damage and restoring 1% Health for every 3 seconds the shield remains in place. Lasts One minute, and The Sludge Fighter cannot attack while the shield holds. Shield will absorb A maximum of 100000 Damage.

    Ooze-Covered: This target is covered in ooze, and can merge with a Sludgeslinger to spawn a Visage of Horror.

    ---------- Post added 2010-07-13 at 08:47 PM ----------

    Miniboss: Visage of Horror

    The Visage of Horror is spawned if a Primordial Sludgeslinger should successfully reach either a Primordial Sludge Fighter or a Primordial Flesh-seeker. It has several abilities, and will not become active until 45 seconds after a successful merge. The Visage of Horror is Also Immune to Taunt Effects. The Visage of Horror is 100% Optional, and can be skipped by either allowing it to kill a player (causing its corresponding trash to respawn and it to despawn) or by ensuring that a Primordial Sludgeslinger does not successfully merge with another sludge creature.

    Successfully defeating a Visage of Horror will reward a small amount of Valor points, and has an increased chance to drop a Bind on Equip Piece of Instance-level Equipment(Approx. 15% chance for a drop). Failure to defeat a Visage of Horror will cause it to despawn and the Corresponding sludge trash mobs to respawn.

    Grotesque Image: Projects horrific thoughts into the minds of all nearby raid members, afflicting them with A damage over time effect that lasts until the Visage of Horror is slain. Effect is Cumulative and starts out dealing 1% of Maximum Health every 3 seconds. Stacks up to 15 Times. Cast every 30 Seconds.

    Disinterest: Slaps the target, knocking them back 10 yards and reducing their threat by 30%. Does not remove Taunt immunity.

    Ooze-Quake: Strikes the ground, causing a fissure to appear in the ground, spewing ooze onto all raid members, dealing the greater between 5% of maximum health and 7500 damage every second for 5 seconds.

    Ooze Surge: Cast at 30% Health. Removes all stacks of Grotesque Image, but causes the Visage of Horror's Attacks to deal splash damage in a 15 yard radius, dealing the greater between 2% maximum health and 4000 damage every second attack to all targets. Also increases attack speed by 1% for every 1% of health missing below 30%.


    Slay: Shgggl... (Delicous...)/ Yrtlll Fmgah! (A tasty snack!)
    Grotesque Image: Shmglah Fmgrath, Tstin Mkrah! (Behold your inner terror, it feeds me!)
    Disinterest: Qyyrrtl... (Boring...) / Fggrth Shmrrt! (Begone Pest!)
    Ooze-Quake: GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Do you really need a translation for a loud roar?)
    Death: Fmshgl... grbla jykshr pkragl dnfmshin.... (Flesh.... you march headlong to your doom...)

    Boss: Vish'kir The Horrendous, The Great Devourer

    Upon successfully clearing enough trash you see a set of stairs heading upwards at the far end of a large bridge with a massive ring in the center of it. Upon closer inspection the bridge has three levers on the end your party is currently on, and they appear to control Three Sets of Shafts on the bridge, the purpose of which is unknown to you at this time. One of the Lever's is Stuck in the "Open" Position, leaving one of the shafts open, while the other two are currently closed. Upon approaching the center of the bridge, a Large mass appears to block progress on either side of the central ring, as well as behind you, Trapping your group within a roughly U Shaped Cordon. From the Large central hole a large creature made entirely of ooze appears, and its mere visage is enough to strike terror into your heart.

    *Upon Appearing in the Central ring*

    The Creature's voice is slurred, and difficult to understand...
    "Creaaatuuuureessss of Fleeeeshhhhh.... You shhhhaaaall.... become... part of meeeee...."
    As if it is learning your language by ripping it from your very mind its speech becomes clearer, though still slurred.
    "You Shhhall die.... and you shhall... know terror... assss I sssssslowly digessst you...."
    It becomes incredibly difficult to speak, and simultaneously the creature begins speaking your language flawlessly.
    "Now... Heroes, come... and Meet your end... I shall enjoy devouring you for centuries to come!"

    Aggro: It has been so long since I had a meal! / You look... *lip smacking sound* Delicious!

    Slay: Mmm.... Tastier than I expected! / Delicious.... But I want MORE!

    Mark of Unmistakable Horror: Gaze upon me, mortal, and despair! / Terror? You know not True terror!

    Stolen Insight: Part of you is now part of me! / But a taste.... I crave more!

    Grand Swipe: Lets go for a Ride! Muahaha! / Try not to fall! I'd hate to have to only devour your scraps!

    Supercharge Shafts: Faster! Strike faster my minions! Burn them alive! / Let me introduce you to my friends... they like it hot!

    Detonation of Horror: Pain is meant to be shared! / Soon you will be part of me... Forever!

    Death: But... Flessssssh..... Its... Deliciousss....

    Horrendous Visage: Vish'Kir is so horrifying to look at that doing so can cause the user to go Insane. If your character is looking at Vish'Kir for more than 10 seconds you will be afflicted by Psychosis, causing you to be mind controlled for 20 seconds, deal 200% damage, and only attack friendly targets. Does Not apply if your character is either Vish'Kir's primary target, or if you are afflicted by Mark of Unmistakable Horror.

    Mark of Unmistakable Horror: Vish'Kir is boring directly into your mind, seeking information! During this time you are protected from the effects of his Horrendous Visage, and deal 20% more damage, but you also take the greater between 5% of your maximum health and 5000 damage every 3 Seconds. Lasts for 30 seconds and is always recasted 1 Second prior to the previous marks ending. Causes Psychosis if you look away from Vish'Kir for more than 7 Seconds.

    Stolen Insight: Vish'Kir has stolen some of your Intellect/Strength/Agility and is using it to become Smarter/Stronger/Faster! Every Minute Vish'Kir will steal 30 Intellect from All players who use mana (excluding hunters), 30 Strength from Warriors and Death Knight Players, and 30 Agility from Rogues and Hunters. Vish'Kir gains 2% Hit Chance, 5% damage, and 5% attack speed every time this skill is cast.

    Grand Swipe: Vish'Kir takes one of his colossal arms and sweeps it across the platform, striking all players for the greater between 15% of their maximum health and 22000 damage. The impact also causes the platform to turn 180 degrees, afflicting all players with Off-Balance, which reduces movement speed and dodge chance by 15% for 10 seconds. Kills any Non-boss monsters currently alive on the platform.

    Shaft: The Shafts on each side of the platform will spawn One Lesser Sludgeslinger (half the health and damage of a regular Sludgeslinger) who cannot merge with other sludge creatures. Spawns occur every 40 seconds. One Sludgeslinger Per Shaft opened.

    *Hard-Mode Only*
    Supercharge Shafts: Supercharges all three shafts, causing them all to spawn Normal Sludgeslingers instead, however they still do not have the ability to merge with other sludge creatures. Spawns occur every 30 seconds instead. The shafts are also superheated during this time, dealing the greater between 10% of maximum health and 15000 damage to all party or raid members.

    Detonation Of Horror: Vish'Kir causes all current Marks of Unmistakable Horror to detonate, causing them to be immediately dispelled from affected players, deal the greater between 20% of maximum health and 22000 Damage and causing all players without marks to be marked for 5 seconds. If the Cast is completed While players still affected by Mark of Unmistakable Horror are facing Vish'Kir, those players will be struck with Temporary Insanity, causing them to attack allies at random for 5 seconds. 5 Second Cast. Cannot be Interrupted.
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    Aggro: It has been so long since I had a meal! / You look... *lip smacking sound* Delicious!

    Slay: Mmm.... Tastier than I expected! / Delicious.... But I want MORE!

    Mark of Unmistakable Horror: Gaze upon me, mortal, and despair! / Terror? You know not True terror!

    Stolen Insight: Part of you is now part of me! / But a taste.... I crave more!

    Grand Swipe: Lets go for a Ride! Muahaha! / Try not to fall! I'd hate to have to only devour your scraps!

    Supercharge Shafts: Faster! Strike faster my minions! Burn them alive! / Let me introduce you to my friends... they like it hot!

    Detonation of Horror: Pain is meant to be shared! / Soon you will be part of me... Forever!

    Death: But... Flessssssh..... Its... Deliciousss....
    Sounds like my Ex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garam View Post
    Sounds like my Ex.
    Oh she was your ex... brb

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    Quote Originally Posted by XepNes View Post
    Oh she was your ex... brb
    If you want her, you can have her.

    She's kinda clingy though.

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    Alright Folks, time for one I've been working on for quite a while. This one's No wall of text, its a Space station of text. But if you can bear with it, you might be interested. As usual, comments/critiques are welcome.

    The Highway To Freedom

    Area: Shortly After the defeat of Vish'kir The Horrendous your group proceeds up a nearby tunnel, coming out in a strange area with what appear to be empty cells. You fan out, and discover that there seems to be only one way forward for now, so you continue on, while watching for an ambush from the surroundings. After a few tense minutes you spot a group of people gathered around a campfire, some are chatting contently with one another, while others are resting, and Two, one an orc and the other a Blood elf, that show clear signs of being the leaders of the group are arguing with each other about which of two tunnels ahead to take. As your group approaches, the various members of the group stand alert and ready themselves, unsure of your intentions.

    *This encounter could be the closest to a "Loot-ship" style boss encounter that you will get from me. Loot earned is determined entirely by how well your raid chooses to perform. There will be Three Bosses total that make-up this encounter, and there will be a baseline time to complete the encounter that will be considered "Hard Mode". Failure to reach each specific Boss within a set timeline automatically triggers a shift to "Normal Mode" for that boss (Resetting all trash mobs, excluding trash prior to any successfully killed bosses.).*

    Each Boss defeated on Normal Difficulty awards 50% of the normal amount of Valor Points from Other Bosses (Resulting in 150% Valor Points upon killing all 3 Bosses). Final Boss Awards Two Pieces of Instance-Level Appropriate Equipment.
    Each Boss defeated on Hard Difficulty Awards 75% of the normal amount of Valor Points from Other Bosses (Resulting in 225% Valor Points upon killing all 3 Bosses). Final Boss Awards Two Pieces of Instance-Level Appropriate Equipment, and One Tier Token (Only if all 3 bosses are successfully killed on Hard Difficulty).

    *Upon Approach*
    Orc Leader: Company! Everyone, get up and line up!
    Blood Elf Leader: I really think you should reconsider Scillon, I don't think they want a fight.
    Scillon (Orc Leader): I don't care Kindis, I'd rather not take any risks, or did you forget that strange ooze creature from two nights past?
    Kindis (Blood Elf Leader): While that's true, i'm going to see what they want, you can cover me, so if they try anything we'll only be down one man, instead of losing more people in a senseless fight.
    Scillon: Hmph. Fine.
    *The Blood Elf Leader approaches and can then be talked to, which causes the rest of his "group-mates" to go back to the camp fire. You can then discuss further with him to choose a tunnel. Upon Choosing a tunnel, the Orc and blood elf leader align their forces along the second tunnel, and state that if it leads out they will send a small group back in and down your tunnel to find you, as long as you do the same. They then propose a challenge, whoever reaches the end of the tunnel first, and plants a flag at their exit will be the "winner".

    On Ten Player Difficulty: There are the Two Leaders (The Tanks) Two Healers, and Three Damage Dealers.
    On Twenty-Five Player Difficulty: There are the Two Leaders (The Tanks), Four Healers, and Six Damage Dealers.
    These Npc's Can NOT wipe on any trash pulls, however the npc's can die, In the event that all npc's die on a pull, that particular trash pack will reset while retaining their remaining health pools, and the npc's will revive where the previous pack was. Each trash wave can only kill the npc group once.
    The Npc's and trash mobs they fight react to one another as though they were real players fighting mobs. The Tanks have Only Threat generating skills (except for a heal used only if there are no healers still active), the healers only have healing skills (except for a single damage spell cast only if friendly targets are above 90% health), and the damage dealers only have damage skills (except for a self heal used only if there are no healers alive).
    The NPC Group will begin pulling their trash As soon as your group pulls its first group of trash. The Hardmode Timer between The Beginning and the First Boss is Eight Minutes. Timer between The First and Second is Ten Minutes. Timer between Second and Final Boss is Twelve Minutes. When you Reach a Boss, the Next Timer will not begin until the boss is killed. If the hardmode timer expires, all remaining trash mobs in the NPC tunnel will despawn and the NPC's will move forward and engage the Hard Mode Version of the boss, while the Players fight the Normal Mode Version. The NPC's will never engage the hard mode boss with time left on the timer.

    Trash Mobs: The Trash mobs are the same regardless of which tunnel you choose to take, the only difference being the side of the Event you proceed down. All the Trash mobs are Humanoid and Beast Targets, and only spawn AFTER you have chosen your tunnel.

    Destabilizing Earthen Warrior: An earthen, however parts of him seem to be more flesh-like than others, indicating that hes entering the final stages of "The Curse of Flesh". It seems to be thrashing about wildy, not wanting to accept its fate.
    Intense Duress: For each additional Destabilizing Earthen attacking the same target as the Earthen Warrior, that target recieves 25% more damage from all sources. Stacks up to 100%.
    Destabilizing Strike: Strikes a target for the Greater of 12% of its Maximum Health, or 15000 Damage. Also destabilizes the target for 15 seconds, reducing the target's chance to dodge attacks by half for fifteen seconds.
    Not-Quite Mortal Strike: Strikes a target for the greater of 15% of its Maximum health or 20000 Damage, and Reduces healing that target recieves by 25% for 10 seconds.

    Destabilizing Earthen Spellcrafter: An Earthen, however parts of him seem to be more flesh-like than others, indicating that he must be entering the final stages of "The Curse of Flesh". It seems that he has been driven to dizzying heights of rage at his fate, empowering his already dangerous spells.
    Pyro-Kinetic Bolt: Fires a Clump of Fire-infused rock at a target, dealing the greater between 18% of its Maximum Health, and 20000 Damage. Also afflicts the target with Rockburn, reducing its armor by 5%, and dealing 1% of its maximum health in damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. Rockburn stacks up to Three times. Uninterruptible.
    Localized Quake: Channels for Four Seconds and then fires spikes around an 8 yard Area, trapping all raid members within that area for 10 seconds. Upon finishing, the spikes detonate, dealing 51% of any trapped raid member's Maximum health in damage. The area is indicated by a "flame-strike" style marker.
    Solidify: Cast in place of Pyro-Kinetic Bolt, but only if the effect is stacked up to 3 times. Removes the Pyro-Kinetic Bolt armor reduction, but doubles the damage of the damage over time effect and increases its duration to 60 Seconds, also slows the target's actions by 20%, due to being covered in solidified rock. Pyro-Kinetic Bolt resumes casting, and can still stack while Solidify is on a target, but Solidify will Not stack, it will merely reset its duration, and remove the stacks of Pyro-Kinetic Bolt. Damage Dealt is equal to Pyro-Kinetic Bolt Damage.

    Destabilizing Warbear: A bear, partially covered in stone in some areas. Its behavior is fairly erratic, indicating it is suffering the same effects as its companions.
    Erratic Rage: The Warbear has a chance on its normal and special attacks to cause its primary target to howl with rage, increasing the damage it deals by 2.5%, but increasing the damage it recieves by 5%. Lasts 15 Seconds, and stacks up to 4 Times.
    Critical Focus: The Warbear focuses intently on its surroundings for 10 seconds storing energy from damage recieved, and unleashing it back on all targets within 10 yards. 25% of any damage dealt to the Warbear during this time is reflected, and there is no damage maximum or minimum on this ability. The Warbear cannot move while casting Critical Focus. Damage over time effects present before this ability was cast will not have their damage reflected.
    Earth-Clad Strike: Strikes a target with a rock solid claw, inflicting the greater between 15% of its maximum health and 22000 Damage, plus 2000 per application of Erratic Rage on the target. Consumes all stacks of Erratic Rage on the target, and renders it immune to Erratic Rage for 10 Seconds if the target has 4 Stacks.

    Earthborne Horror: A strange creature made of ooze and rock, solidified into a strange form. This creature is clearly not natural, but somehow it seems familiar...
    *This Trash Mob will Appear in the Final Pack before each boss, and will only appear in these packs for a total of Three Appearances. This is the Only Trash mob in these Packs that cannot be Crowd Controlled, and will NOT respawn if it is killed.*
    Encrust: Strikes the ground around a target, covering them in slick mud. This mud reduces change to dodge, block, and parry by 7.5%, 5%, and 2.5% respectively. Also Slows the target's movement by 20%. This effect can stack Three times, and will detonate if stacked to Three, dealing the greater between 26% of the target's maximum health, and 30000 damage.
    Spike Graveyard: Creates a Perimeter of stone Ten Yards wide after Three seconds of channeling. After Three seconds, a wall of spikes plummet from the ceiling outside the area, and then fire back out of the ground towards the ceiling, Dealing a total of 80% of any target's maximum health in damage if they are outside the area. Casts Flurry of The Earth-Raged immediately after completing channel.
    Flurry of the Earth-Raged: Four Second Channel. Upon completion, the Earthborne Horror lifts the rocky perimeter it created during Spike Graveyard, and spins the rocks at extreme speeds for Five seconds. Anyone still within the Ten yard perimeter takes 20% of Maximum health in damage every Half of a Second.
    Rockwave: Strikes the ground directly ahead of it with thunderous force, creating a cone-shaped earthquake dealing 45% to 15% of a target's maximum health in damage. The Damage is lower the further the target is from the Earthborne Horror.

    Boss One: Little Yip / Big Dog
    A excessively large, partially rock-covered worgen, it seems to be going absolutely berserk, thrashing about the nearby open area just ahead of you. You have no choice but to fight it to get through.
    (If you reach this boss with time left on your challenge timer you will fight Little Yip, the hard mode boss, but if you fail to meet the timer you will face Big Dog. This is also the easiest of the three boss fights in this event.)
    Aggro: Rip, REND! TEAR! / I'll RIP YOU TO SHREDS!
    Slay: *Maniacal Laughter* / More Bones to chew on!
    Ferocious Howl: FLEE PESTS! / I can smell your fear!
    Watch Aggro: Grrr... *sniff sniff* YOU!
    Ruthless Clawing: I'LL MAKE MINCEMEAT OUT OF YOU! / Hero, the Other, other, other, OTHER White meat!
    Death: Released at last.... / Back to the doghouse for me...

    Watch Aggro: Cast Every 30 seconds. Instantly Halve's the threat of his primary target, and doubles the threat of the player with the second highest amount of threat. Grants Taunt Immunity After the First cast.
    Ferocious Howl: Lets out a ferocious roar which deals the greater between 10000 Damage or 11% of maximum health in damage every second for 5 Seconds. All affected enemies are also feared for the duration.
    Ruthless Clawing: Viciously Slashes the target, dealing 10000 Damage and increasing the damage of each subsequent clawing by an increasing amount. (5000-10000-20000-40000-80000-Instant Kill that will also Heal the boss for 5% of its maximum health) (Hard Mode Only)

    Boss Two: Kevelo The Lunatic Doctor / Crazed Scientist
    A Strange Man with lab tables dominates the majority of this room, muttering to himself and occaisionally breaking out into fits of hysterical laughter. Something tells you he isn't all there.
    (If you reach this boss with time left on your timer you will face Kevelo The Lunatic Doctor, but if you fail to meet the timer you will face the Crazed Scientist instead. This is Potentially the most difficult Boss from a co-ordination standpoint.)
    Aggro: More subjects, your just in time! / Your not my photography crew! Where's my Sandwich?! / Ever wanted to Glow in the dark?
    Slay: Prognosis. Negative. Fantastic! / Fresh material! Now I just need my Tin Foil Hat!
    R.A.I.D.S: Careful, thats unstable! / Throw more dots? But all I have are Toxic vials!
    Meltdown: I love the sweet smell of fallout in the morning! / Oh my, thats messy! Someone get a mop!
    Recurring Infection: The best gift is the kind that keeps on giving! / It puts the virus on the skin or it gets the Radiation again!
    Watch Aggro: Mix, stir mix... Apply heat, and... POUR IT ON SOMEONE ELSE! / Looks like this sample is tapped out, time for a fresh one!
    Death: I guess.... I get a.... DKP minus...? / All I wanted... was a sandwich with eggs.... and ham.

    RAIDS: You've been infected by RAIDS (Really Annoying Insignificant Damage Syndrome)! Recieving 0.5% Of your Maximum health in damage every second. If Dispelled will mutate into PUG. Applies RAID-iation if duration expires. This damage cannot be reduced or prevented by any source.
    PUG: The RAIDS Virus has mutated into a much deadlier strain, the PUG Virus! (Painful Unidentified Growth) Deals 10% of your Maximum health in damage every Second for Ten seconds. Removes RAID-iation upon completion.
    RAID-iation: You've fought off the RAIDS Virus! Your Damage Dealt has increased by 5%, and your damage taken has been reduced by 5%. Lasts 30 Seconds and stacks up to Ten Times. Does Not reduce damage taken by RAIDS.
    Meltdown: If A player Dies from RAIDS or PUG, their corpse immediately explodes, dealing 25% of their maximum health in damage to the raid.
    Recurring Infection: Every time RAIDS completes it's duration it is immediately re-applied, but its damage over time component Doubles. Will continue to re-apply in this manner as long as the player is affected by RAID-iation, and does not have RAIDS dispelled. Cast immediately upon the start of the fight. Changes into Lingering Infection if the player dies.
    Lingering Infection: All these viruses has left your spirit vulnerable! Any Ressurection/Self Revival skills will take 15 Seconds to take effect while the spell overcomes the viruses present in the body. Active only during combat. (IE: Casting Rebirth on a dead player will trigger a 15 Second Revive cooldown for them before they can accept it.)
    Raid Wipe: Cast when the boss reaches his enrage timer. Two Second Cast. Causes all raid member's to take 1 damage every second, doubling every tick. Removes Frenzy Enrage effect, but will kill the raid in Eighteen seconds, regardless of health or any status immunities. (1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512-1024-2048-4096-8192-16384-32768-65536-131072)
    Watch Aggro: Cast Every 30 seconds. Instantly Halve's the threat of his primary target, and doubles the threat of the player with the second highest amount of threat. Grants Taunt Immunity After the First cast. (Hard Mode Only)

    Boss Three: Techmo The Lost Robot / Short-Circuited Sentinel
    A Strange, but obviously Titan-made, robot. It seems to be in charge of keeping the creature's you've encountered thus far in this facility. It seems confused however, as if it's forgotten its purpose.
    (If you reach this boss with time left on the timer you will face Techmo The Lost Robot, but if your timer expires you will face the Short-Circuited Sentinel. This Boss Requires careful debuff management and raid awareness.)
    Aggro: What? More creatures? I'll kill you before I let you get me!
    Slay: One less thing to worry about! / You. Have. Failed!
    Overconfidence: L-l-leave me alone! / Wait. Where am I? WHAT'S GOING ON?! / Oh god! They're all around me! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!
    False Facade: HA! Now I show my true colours! / Don't get cocky now! Or something Bad could happen!
    Magnet Grasp/Scattergun: Come here! No! Go away!
    Power Fist: And Here's the Pitch! / Swing away robo! Swing away!
    Shatter Soul: Can you feel yourself withering away? / You might break me, but i'll break your spirit first!
    Death: Shutting... down... / I can be... at peace at last....

    Overconfidence: The boss cower's in fear for Five seconds. Upon completion all raid member's Gain One stack of Overconfidence, increasing Damage, Healing, and Mana Regeneration by 10% Per Stack. Stacks up to Five times. Fear effect is channeled and can be interrupted, preventing overconfidence from being gained.
    False Facade: Instantly consumes all Overconfidence stacks on all enemies. Deals the greater between 20000 Damage or 20% of their maximum health as damage, multiplied by the number of stacks consumed on each target. Also Applies Shaken Confidence for 15 seconds, reducing Damage dealt by all targets by 5% per stack of overconfidence they had consumed.
    Magnet Grasp/Scattergun: Pulls all Enemies to the caster, and then immediately blinds them, sending them running away in all different directions. Blind effect lasts Three seconds. Begins casting Power Fist immediately after the blind effect ends.
    Power Fist: Charging up energy for a massive attack! Target's a random target and then, after channeling for 4 seconds, Strikes them, and a five yard area around them, for 250(750 on 25 Player)% of their maximum health as damage, divided by the number of target's hit.
    Shatter Soul: Your Soul has been shattered! Some of your abilities are disabled for 30 seconds! Picks a random spell/skill school. Using Skills from an opposing school will reduce this duration by 2 Seconds per spell/skill cast. (Hard Mode Only)
    Paladin: Retribution --> Holy --> Protection --> Retribution
    Druid: Balance --> Feral --> Restoration --> Balance
    Rogue: Subtlety --> Combat --> Assassination --> Subtlety
    Warrior: Arms --> Fury --> Protection --> Arms
    Mage: Frost --> Fire --> Arcane --> Frost
    Priest: Discipline --> Holy --> Shadow --> Discipline
    Shaman: Enhancement --> Restoration --> Elemental --> Enhancement
    Warlock: Destruction --> Affliction --> Demonology --> Destruction
    Hunter: Survival --> Marksman --> Beast Mastery --> Survival
    Death Knight: Frost --> Blood --> Unholy --> Frost
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garam View Post
    Sounds like my Ex.
    I will admit. I read this, went huh? Re-read the quotes. And I lol'd.

    On topic, I like your ideas OP. They are very creative, and you seem to have put a lot of thought into them. I would be interested in seeing a Titan Library type instance like your first post. Keep working at it, and keep the great ideas going

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    Argh! Why cant you just post things like this in threads meant just for this?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mediansoft
    Hmm, should blizz have any intention of putting this in, nerf plz.

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    and I thought I had a lot of free time.. sheesh!

    Decent ideas though, obviously things need to be fleshed out a bit more.

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    The raw guts of an encounter I'd like to see would be an evolution of the concept brought with VDW, with maybe 3-4 bosses and the raid roles would be:

    Healers: reduce boss health by healing the boss. Healing spells cause damage to anyone to whom they are applied (so aoe heals would be a bad thing), where heals cast on your raid members would damage them as well. You are the tanks of the encounter, where the goal is to have the bosses focusing their primary attacks on killing you. For survivability, healers would have a buff placed on them to mitigate incoming damage (perhaps holy resistance, so no other role could exploit the mechanism by stacking it on gear).

    DPS: Heal the raid by dps'ing the raid. Your damaging moves heal your targets, so you'd have some dps focused on nuking your healers to keep them alive, and some dps focused on raid-nuking.

    Tanks: Redirect threat to the healers. Bosses would occasionally put a debuff on random raid DPS members and begin to shift their attention to them. Tanks would have to switch quickly to those dps, and any traditional 'threat' they would build by their moves would be attributed to the healer(s) focusing on that boss.

    Anyway, probably pretty weak (especially the tank role part) but interesting enough (to me, at least) to throw out there since the topic is up.

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