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    Descle - Forsaken Warrior

    (Yes, yes, I know, another warrior... but I want another! :P)

    Name - Descle Dubraig
    Age - 25
    Race - Forsaken, formerly human
    Gender - Male
    Class - Protection Warrior
    Personality - Cruel, mean, uncharitable. He hates most living, respecting only the Horde. He isn't especially smart, but he has a lot of cunning and common sense.
    Likes - Death, combat, learning new combat techniques, torture (not on himself of course) and killing Scarlets
    Dislikes - Living Scarlets, the living, diplomacy, and torture on himself
    Appearance - Standing at 5'5'', he's just a bit under average height. He wears plate mail most of the time. Bones stick out of his elbows, knees, and several places where the flesh has rotted away. He has a jaw and amber eyes. He uses a sword 'n board.
    Strengths - Fairly strong, he can mitigate large portions of damage (he's a tank). He isn't intelligent, but is cunning with good common sense.
    Weaknesses - Isn't intelligent. Can't figure out complex puzzles and riddles.
    Family -
    Emily Dubraig - Mother, died during the Third War. Is a Scourge ghoul.
    Erik Dubraig - Father, died during the Third War. He is a dreadguard that guards caravans going to Hillsbrad and Silverpine.

    History - Born on a small farm in northern Tirisfal in a time where the orcs were invading southern Azeroth, he was kept hidden from the horrors of the south. He learned how to farm; how to raise animals; how to raise children; pretty much how to live. He often went to Lordaeron City (Capital City) with his father to trade goods and such. There, his father once brought him to the War District, where he saw guards training and sparring. Captivated, he asked the captain in charge if he could have a sword and shield. He was given a wooden practice sword and the real shield, inscribed with the Lordaeron crest, of a fallen footman. His father was surprised, but Descle was just grateful and excited. When they got back to their farm, he was pretending to fight various monsters. Then a courier ran past their house, and shouted "The orcs are defeated! Azeroth is saved! Hurrah!" His father and mother cheered, but Descle was confused. Who were the orcs? He asked his father, and his father reluctantly told him. Descle felt betrayed because it had been kept from him, and in the middle of the night, ran off to the Scarlet Monastery. Thinking he was going to train to be a paladin, he asked for refuge. It was given, and he learned much in the art of combat. Unfortunately, however, the Light did not heed his call. In a fit of rage, he left the monastery and wandered the surrounding wilderness. It had been several years since he had left his home, and he was fully grown. He decided to return to his farm house, with his old shield and his Scarlet armor and sword on. His father and mother were flabbergasted. They thought he had died; they had mourned him and gotten on. However, a few months after he settled in, the Second War began. Rushing to enlist, he was one of the best soldiers they had. He rose through the ranks quickly after several heroics in skirmishes and a small battle in a place called Sunnyglade. Reaching the rank of captain, he led his squad in the recapture of Stormwind. He was in the assault of the Dark Portal, and was one of Khadgar's guards when it was destroyed. He returned home after the titanic war, thinking that the orcs were finished. For a time, he guarded the Hammerfall internment camp, but his term of service ended and he returned home. He lived in harmony... until the plague came. It overtook them quickly, and he became one of Arthas' mindless ghouls. His mind was still there, but it was shattered... the only thing that kept it from completely destroying itself was Ner'zhul's whispers. He eventually got stationed with Sylvanas, and was freed with her. Cheering his new freedom, he wandered off from the Dark Lady. He started slaughtering as many Scourge as he could, killing and killing. He eventually dueled the lichlord Kel'thuzad, though he didn't know it. Barely escaping with his life, he wandered into one of the Dark Lady's camps. There, he was nearly killed by the guards, but spoke up and was spared death by the Queen herself. He dedicated to fighting the Scourge with her, and became one of her most loyal servants. He often times led the charge with her into enemy territory.

    As of late, Descle has started wandering off again. Except for the occasional talk with his father, he is mostly hunting for his mother so he can put her to rest; she was the only one of his family not to forsake the Lich King and join Sylvanas.
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    Not really...

    And the Scarlet Crusade was formed after Arthas murdered his father. So... the scarlet monastery was called such during the 1st and 2nd wars. Also, it was a cathedral to the light, not a barracks to train soldiers. And lastly, paladins weren't created until the 2nd war.

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