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    Who watched Eurovision? I personally thought that Lena's accent was horrible..even though she won the contest. I keep listening to the part where she sings "I'll be in your orbit all the way around you..." cuz it just like

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    Re: Eurovision

    Since when did Eurovision value Skill more then Neighbours again?
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    Re: Eurovision

    Maybe your just GAY?

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    Re: Eurovision

    This is one of the things I'm talking about :P

    Fuck the eurovision.

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    Re: Eurovision

    Hell yeah! Germany won! ;D

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    Re: Eurovision

    Germany wasnt bad, but my favorite was greece

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    Re: Eurovision

    They need to stop wasting our tax money on this abomination.
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    Re: Eurovision

    Tom Diece should have one, that dude from Belgium.

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    Re: Eurovision

    I didn't like Germany .
    Spain was fun tho

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    Re: Eurovision

    I did not like Germany either, but I guess she won because she stood out from the rest of the contestants, she sure does have a weird accent. I personally voted for Serbia because I really like Milan Stanković , but Turkey and Georgia were also really good.

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