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    It just used to be the way you could spot people
    that had similar interests, but now you never know.
    Not that people really talk to one another "offline" anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hendrixstorm View Post
    Real men go to concerts shirtless.

    This lmfao

    But in all seriousness i hate that, being in a band this happens 2 me alot, for example ill get off stage to talk to a group of fans or friends, and ill say like oh you listen to (instert Band here), oh i love them, then you continue talking and walk away thinking wtf was tht kid doing.

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    it's kinda strange when people wear shirts they know nothing about. When I was in Barcelona, we saw this dude with a Detroit Panthers tee. The Detroit Panthers were in a weird football league that only lasted like 2 years. So my dad, being a footballaholic, went up to the guy and he had no idea what it is. Do some research on your tees people!!!

    But I dont want shirtless men at my concerts. When I was in the moshpit at a Lacuna Coil/Drowning Pool/Seether concert, all the men were fat and drunk. No way do i want their alchohol drenched skin rubbing against me :P

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    OT: but that is what pits usually are made of these days..angry fat men and little scene kids

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    I like running around naked and telling people im wearing my Ron Jeremy suite.

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