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    Is it too late to buy PS3/XBOX 360?

    It's summer vacation, which means very hot mornings to stay at home with the AC (I live in Egypt, so yeah it's hot). And the last console I had was a Mega Drive 2.
    So I was wondering, is it too late to buy a PS3 or a XBOX 360? I noticed that, sadly, consoles have so many good games that are not available to PC, God of War 3 and Red Dead Redemption for example. And I could spare some cash to buy a console plus 1 or 2 games.

    A friend told me that they're already getting old and that I should wait for the new generation in 2012??? I mean, they are not exactly cheap here in Egypt so I wanted to know from current owners what do they think? Is it worth it, buying a console now? Would you do it if you haven't bought yours?

    Also, I know this is a tricky subject, but I am leaning towards the PS3 cos of God of War and Metal Gear series, what good series does XBOX 360 have, with exception to Halo?

    Thanks in advance to any contribution

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    Re: Is it too late to buy PS3/XBOX 360?

    I wouldn't say it's too late to buy any gaming console with good games. I mean, since the gamecube has a lot of really, really good games, I'd say that anybody who likes for example, Mario or Zelda, definately should buy it.

    PS3/Xbox360? I don't know since I own neither, but there are some good games for them I guess. However, the flagship games for both consoles are almost entirely fps-games, something it is a deadly sin to play on console (Metroid Prime excluded).
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    Re: Is it too late to buy PS3/XBOX 360?

    While it is true that Next Gen is probably coming out in 2012. That is 2 Years. I would say that a 200$ Xbox, or a 300$ PS3 would earn its value by then. Then when the Next Gen comes out then go out and buy them.

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    Re: Is it too late to buy PS3/XBOX 360?

    While I don't have a link available, I recall that at first MS did mention 2011/2012 as a target year for a new xbox, I also recall it being pushed back to 2014. Mostly because either the recession, certain projects being cancelled/postponed (Larrabee?) and the hardware still being able enough till then, with the current system still selling well, or perhaps better then expected.

    I somehow doubt the PS3 is going to see a follow up any time soon, the machine was real expensive to bring to market, the Cell project is as good as dead, and developer are just touching the potential of the hardware. (Doubt Sony is as stupid as Sega, pulling the plug on a console when developers have barely learned how the darn thing works).

    As for Nintendo, maybe a Wii2 that can compete in the media center stuff that the Xbox/PS3 offer but don't think they will go for a next gen just yet. The xbox, IMHO, offers the best media center experience, even tho the PS3 has BD and "soon" BD3D apparently.

    Anyway, waiting for new technology ends up waiting for new technology.. Even if the Xbox is replaced next year, why not wait another year for the PS3 replacement ? Or the Wii replacement the year after ? Or better yet, wait another year to see what... ah well..

    If you want a console now, get one now. Dont wait for things that might come "soon", come later or may never ever come at all..

    As for which one.. Well, both have similar games, or even the same ones. So far tho, most are better on the xbox as they're "bad ports" to the PS3. This may change with the cheaper PS3 models and more people buying a PS3 and with developers getting to know the machine better and better. IMHO, the PS3 does have more time left then the xbox (ie the xbox will be replaced sooner then the PS3) with also more potential left and it's wait and see if the new console is going to be able to play the last gen games. (Then again, project Natal looks like fun)

    The Xbox has similar API's as a Windows machine so porting between an Xbox and Windows is in theory "easy", making the choice to develop for xbox and PC first then port to PS3 a somewhat common decision.
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    Re: Is it too late to buy PS3/XBOX 360?

    Its not too late to buy a Xbox 360 or PS3 now since they're selling great and they're having new stuff to make them last longer like Project Natal and e.t.c.

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    Re: Is it too late to buy PS3/XBOX 360?

    Yeah, It's worth it. Xbox 360 is a great system with great games. Also the Wii is a lot of fun it's almost worth it just for the virtual console games.

    As for the next Gen systems? I haven't heard even the slightest peep about them if there even is one.

    In my opinion Sony failed hard with the PS3. Almost a grand at release.. then they finally drop it to a console price range but by then people aren't really into it anymore.. plus the PSP bombed.. (I have one and it sucks).. PSP's are heavy for handhelds and uncomfortable to hold. It's kinda funny.. You know Sony failed because they still put out PS2 games. So I think when the new Next Gen console war starts Sony will be out of the game.

    Xbox 720 will blow everyone away :P We know microsoft has the resources.. they own..us.

    And like always Nintendo will come up with something so awesomely fun and ridiculous that everyone will have to buy it. Hopefully though.. the next time around they'll make a console that people will want to put on the new system.. Wii's flaw is a lack of good Wii games..

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    Re: Is it too late to buy PS3/XBOX 360?

    Wow, thanks all for the helpful responses.
    I think I am going to buy a console then, I feel that the Xbox 360 is the best option, but it better have very good games to make up for God of War 3.

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    Re: Is it too late to buy PS3/XBOX 360?

    Definitely not too late at all. As someone above said, it will probably be at least 2014 when the new generation of consoles come out. With X360's Project Natal coming out soon, I believe MS has plans for that to be active for at least 3 years. I'd say if anything, with the really low prices on a new system, and Natal coming out soon, it's a perfect time to buy an Xbox 360.

    And if Natal is not your thing, the PS3 also has some very great exclusive titles. MGS4 was one of the best games I've ever played story-wise, especially if you played the other games in the series. Uncharted 2, GoW3, and Little Big Planet are also all really good games.

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    Re: Is it too late to buy PS3/XBOX 360?

    incidentally only MGS4 is PS3 exclusive, MGS:Rising is multi-format.

    you'll earn your money out of both machines tbh, but maybe a bit more out of the PS3 because of blu-ray capability, kills me to say that given that i love my 360 to bits, but both machines have their merits.
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