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    Blizzcon 2010 - Next Gen MMO

    Okay, me myself (as alot of others) are ofcourse very hyped about Blizzcon. But do you guys remember Blizzcon 2009? It was abit boring for WoW players, which is alot of Blizzards fans, as everything was already known about WotLK etc, so there was nothing new to hear for us.

    I hope it won't be the same with this Blizzcon. Seeing Cataclysm is being release around Blizzcon it won't be much info for WoW players. No new expansion, no new info on Catclysm, no patch info. Nothing.

    Therefore, I hope Blizzard maybe announce something about their next generation MMO they have been working on for a while. They might give us a teaser or something to get hyped about, and to let us start the speculation.

    What do you think about this? Would you like it? Do you think it will happen?
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    Re: Blizzcon 2010 - Next Gen MMO

    I personally never put a lot of faith into a new IP from any company, even Blizzard. And said even more with new MMORPG's.

    With that said, I am not too interested in Blizzards new IP MMORPG, I will wait and see the reviews before I even put a trail in.

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