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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by Praiseworthy
    I wasn't trying to be a dick, I was just expressing my opinion on how these morons think, because the way they think is stupid. I'm sorry, I must have passed out from the pain in my head after that Dying Fetus concert, slipped into a coma, and woke up 30 years later when Obama rules the world and we no longer have freedom of speech. Which, really, freedom of speech just means you are allowed to sound like a dumbass these days when you're talking about these stupid "elitests."
    I'm not impeding on your freedom of speech bro.

    I'm just exercising my right to judge you. And you're acting like an asshole.
    Quote Originally Posted by Seahippo View Post
    We are gunna use some dust brown to paint some happy little tornados here, and one more here. Then we are going to use some white to paint happy little wind blasts here. Just dab the brush along the base of al akir, and there you have it. THE GAYEST FIGHT EVER

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinea
    Not emberrassed to use it, but Astral Walker is much harder to get and just sounds better imo so im keeping that.
    hah? I'm pugging that boss every week on my server, and I hear less people pugging LK.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Hand of A'dal for life.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Grunt Bych

    That's my title, and my rogue's name. I'm still goin for "of the horde"

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Aw, so sorry the game wasn't made solely for you, OP. Here's a tissue and a QQ-tip so you can clean yourself up.
    Once you go troll, you never reroll. -heard on Epic.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    The date > Title itself

    I still don't have it Guild disbanded.
    Me sorry. Not do bad again, honest. :<

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    Chemistry block.

    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by skrog
    hah? I'm pugging that boss every week on my server, and I hear less people pugging LK.
    Pugging Algalon 25? Server name please...
    Quote Originally Posted by goblinpaladin View Post
    Also a vegetable is a person.
    Quote Originally Posted by Orlong View Post
    I dont care if they [gays] are allowed to donate [blood], but I think we should have an option to refuse gay blood if we need to receive blood.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    If you're afraid of the dark, why keep raiding in a dark room? (c wut i did their?)

    OT: There's no titles that is embarrassing, since you use the title you like, and if others hate it you shouldn't care at all.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    i use kingslayer on my 6 alts that have it, would probably be embarrassed to use it on my main tho

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    My server is pretty bad. Only the above average guilds are able to down the Lich King, and he hasn't been killed on heroic yet.

    So no, it's not embarrassing here.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I'm an asshole for telling these people that are constantly assholes to increase the size of their epeens to go f themselves? Yeah, ok buddy, that makes sense.

    That's pretty much like saying, well, here, let me give you another example.

    Here is the casual, the guy with a crappy car his parents gave him when he was 16. Here's the elitest, a guy with a kickass car that was released this year.

    The two guy pull up to one another on the street one day, and the elitest laughs at the casual's car, and starts being a total dick to him.

    So the casual, later, finds out where the elitest guy lives, and goes to his house, to shank his tires, break the mirrors and windows, ruin the paint job, and hit the car with a sledge hammer until it looked like a BRAND NEW CAR..... STRAIGHT FROM THE JUNKYARD!!!!!

    Right there, is pretty much what my original comment was. I'm the casual, they're the asshole elitests, I just basically shanked their tires and told them to shut up.
    I'd tell you to get at me, but you smell like shit, so keep your distance, please.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by MerinPally
    Pugging Algalon 25? Server name please...
    Stormscale - Eu
    Char name: Swal, feel free to join today at 16:00, finishing uld25 with normal vezax, yogg+1 and algalon.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    My advice to all of you elitests is, take a 2 week break from the game, and go see a comedian by the name of Antonio Beirkortte, in Chicago, and New York too sometimes. He played WoW as an "elitest" for a long time. And trust me, his jokes alone will make you realize, none of it matters.
    I'd tell you to get at me, but you smell like shit, so keep your distance, please.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Hell no.

    It's a great RP title for my DK. She has a bone to pick, and you can bet your arse she'll be sporting that title like a severed head on a pike in text form.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by Praiseworthy
    we all know Pre-BC was the only time when a raid was truly hard.
    Time consuming does equal hard, don't talk if you weren't there.
    You can tell WoW changed the MMO for good when players started complaining about the amount of time they sink, into a time sink.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    how bout using a title that isnt from the last 4 years? LOL scrub new players. YAY kingslayer, another pointless title that means nothing.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    You're not elitist if your Guild doesn't have Server firsts under its belt :

    If you think your cool because you got Kingslayer at 10 or 15%, you're not.
    Making a thread describing your lack of coolness, doesn't make you cool either.

    This topic fails.

    Bane of the Fallen King or gtfo.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Senior Sergeant here. Don't see many old pvp titles nowadays, so think even if I got some other fancy title I'd still be using it
    Pandaren Warrior - Lv 95, full T17
    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclonus View Post
    Since this was early in the patch, we decided to go with the 4 tank strat. We ask him to go tank Lord Mograine. He then instantly tells us that "he cannot tank the godfather of DK's, it wouldnt be right to raise my axe against him". He instantly gquits and hearths out.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by skrog
    hah? I'm pugging that boss every week on my server, and I hear less people pugging LK.
    grats on pugging a boss that was released a year sure u dont outgear the fight at all.....fcking moron, no1 was talking about the fight being difficult, we are all talking about which title we prefer to wear.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by pallyjin
    If you are not a casual then u should have a harder title to get like "the Insane" or "Lore Master"
    Lore Master is a hard title for elitists? Lololol.

    I'm working on that on my lock at the moment... It is in no way difficult, just time consuming.

    I don't think you could call me an elitist. I have never gone above 400 arena rating (partners just never log on at the right time) except being invited to a team that already had 800 rating. :|

    I only have 10/12 down on ICC10, and 5/12 on 25... And that's regular mode. :|

    (although, I am geared enough to be able to do Heroic mode, just that being one of the biggest trade trolls doesn't get me into good guilds, so I'm stuck with the only guild I could find that attempts ICC25, and does it at a time that works for me) <--- Doesn't make me an elitist, does it? >_>

    But seriously. Lore Master is in no way difficult, it's just extremely time consuming... When I go and get the other half of Outland, Eastern Kingdoms, and Kalimdor, and get the title, does that make me an elitist? :|

    OT: When I get Kingslayer, I would use it.

    I currently use "Of the Nightfall" Because now, that title means, "I went into an OS10 zerg, and did over 6k DPS to be able to get the achievement." This tells the raid leader of a PuG "This guy isn't a baddo, he can at least pull 6k dps."

    When I get "Kingslayer" I would use it because it would mean to the raid leader of a PuG "This guy isn't a baddo, he knows 12/12 fights in ICC, he's worth taking to my raid because he obviously knows what he's doing"

    (I think the best full PuG (with no alts from elitist guilds) on my realm went about 7/12, so yes, the Kingslayer is still a decent title.)

    Edit: The title also sounds pretty damn awesome, which is another reason I would use it :P

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