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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by Qtulu
    Senior Sergeant here. Don't see many old pvp titles nowadays, so think even if I got some other fancy title I'd still be using it
    Well, old school PvP titles can be cool, until Cata comes and blizz returns them and if i guess right, more easy to get than ever :P

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jamber
    I proudly wear Champion of the Frozen Wastes because it's not often seen anymore.

    And because

    Armorythis, Champion of the Frozen Wastes
    <Smells Amazing>

    is extremely long and annoying, which is nice.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I like the Kingslayer title, though I have to say, Ambassador Hersheys has a nice ring to it.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by Omgabear
    I just like it because it is a pretty nice title and its from an expansions End-boss.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fysi
    I've found that if you are in a high progression guild, the guild tag is what makes you stand out more than the title.
    Pretty much sums up how I feel about "the Kingslayer" title.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Lame imagination for the achieve title IMO.
    should also be a distinction between 10 and 25 too

    When I first saw it, I thought it was for killing gay alliance faction leaders or something, not for downling LK.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Got kingslayer realm first, wore it for 2 weeks then went back to my old title once all the scrubs got it :<.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Meh, this thread has no point. I'd rather use kingslayer than bloodsail title; and many people still use that. Why? Because theres nothing embarrasing about titles.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Considering that with a 20% buff now, only 11% of the raiding population in terms of guilds, according to, have downed LK25 on normal, 32% on 10man. However, when you think about it, it still means raiding population, which still is probably less than half of the population of the game. Add that, this is in terms of guilds, not every player in the guild has done it either. Sure a lot are alts, but pretty much every raiding guild out there has room in their guilds for casual/friends/family/non-raiders, etc... Thus it can probably be assumed then that only about 10-15% in total have downed LK in some form or another.

    How is this in any way embarassing. Sure you can pew pew it, call people scrubs, etc... but this is still the most successful Blizzard has been in terms of raiding populations and getting people to see content. And while people might scream too easy, meh.

    People come back and say, well no one pugged BT or Hyjal pre-nerf. But really, that doesn't matter. Content was different, was tuned different, and was made for a different player base. If you look at it objectively and even monetarily, Sunwell, Vanilla Naxx, AQ40, Onyxia, BWL, Molten Core, Hyjal, Sunwell, BT, etc... weren't successful for Blizzard. Way too much money was spent to develop it and not enough return on the investment. Why spend millions of dollars on an expansion only to have the primary focus of the expansion available to only about 100 people per server?

    Don't misunderstand me here, I understand content is easier and it has been designed that way so people can see it, but that's the way the game is played now. MMO's aren't catering to a few geeks at a keyboard now, they are catering to millions of everyday people who actually have jobs and don't live in parents basements and play WoW 14hours a day.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I wear titles I like.
    Druid, Guardian of Cenarius.
    Shaman of the Nightfall.
    Merrymaker Mage.
    Draenei Paladin, Champion of the Naaru
    Hunter, Champion of the Frozen Wastes
    Prot Warrior the Noble
    Disc Priest the Noble
    etc...fitting names <3
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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by wooshiewoo
    Going from hardcore to casual doesn't bother me one little bit.

    The problem with WotLK is that if you kill Arthas 10 man normal mode (which is pretty dam easy to do now), you have seen the whole game.

    For that reason, i happily run around on my hunter with Kingslayer to show people that i have seen everything in the game that anyone else has.
    This WOULD have been true if we had linear raidprogression. Just because you have the Kingslayer, it doesn't mean that you've done all raids. It means that you may or may not have skipped all raids but one, and this is a real problem in my eyes. While I understand that it's unfair to only allow 2% of the population to see content (Like in Vanilla) I feel that they've just turned the problem around.

    So instead of 2% of the population seeing all of the content, it's instead the entire population seeing 2% of the content -_-'

    Something needs to be done, bring back linear raidprogression. Itmight have been a bitch to gear up alts/new recruits, but it's not like the normalmodes are hard *That's why we have hardmodes* So really, it's not nearly a bitch as it was in BC/Vanilla

    Also, of the badges system, I'm definetly opposed to buying an entire Tier set with badges. Have the latest tier-badges to only drop from the latest raids *Like frost it is today* but let the previous badge-tier *Triumphs in this case* allow you to buy a few non-tier items. latest-tier badges from daily heroics. That would force people to a more linear approach in raiding. Which really is good for them. because then they get to see all the content! Which is good!
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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    It's cool in certain conditions. My bf has the title, and the only bosses he's 'killed' in ICC are Putri25 and LK25

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by gutnbrg
    grats on pugging a boss that was released a year sure u dont outgear the fight at all.....fcking moron, no1 was talking about the fight being difficult, we are all talking about which title we prefer to wear.
    The original poster IMO had the intention to say Astral walker is much less common than the Kingslayer. I simply counter argued by saying I'm pugging it often on my server.
    I didn't say anything about how hard the fight is. Though the fight itself was faceroll always as no hard mechanics at all.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Most of the guild that are progressing on LK 25 HC have Bane of the fallen king anyway...

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    When I got it I used it for a while because I was proud that we did it (with 5% buff though).
    After a while I went back to Starcaller because of a different reason: I don't like how it's put on your name.

    If it was Kingslayer <Name> I would still be using it. That's why Starcaller and Crusader are my favorite 2 titles.
    I would KILL for Grand Crusader (no one did it on my server but my guild wont do it for just the title >_<)

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Oh yeah totally! I am like OMG! Noobs use MY title!? Omg omg! Thats just sooooooooo embaressing! ............. :

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by Thornpaw
    Oh noez teh casuals have a raid title, that makez me uncool now...

    Just because it may be "easier" to obtain, doesn't make it embarrassing.
    yes it does.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I'm not embarassed to have it, but it's less prestigious than it was when I got it on March 12th and very few had it.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    wore it for a week to rub it in the guild we compete with's face, then never again.

    Theres some much better sounding titles out there

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I personally like..

    Merrymaker Melathys

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I've had my Kingslayer title on for about 30 seconds.

    Put it on for the Guild Website kill shot then went back to Master Sergeant.
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