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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fysi
    One thing I found when I was in high progression guilds, was that the members didn't actually care. They wore titles that they liked.

    I've found that if you are in a high progression guild, the guild tag is what makes you stand out more than the title.
    Sadly, many of the people in the top guilds on my realm are total douchebags.
    "You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."
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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Nope,I'm not embarrassed about my Kingslayer,when we killed him it was one of the best moments in wow for me and that title is always reminding me that,so I'm gladly wearing it!

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Naw, not really...

    I just like having a cool title. That KIng Slayer doesn't mean that much just means I can pick whichever title I want (Coincidently also Champion of the Frozen Wastes. I do love my titles long and awesome)
    Actually, we prefer "Ethically challenged" now.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I actually came back to WoW after about a 2 month hiatus. Got Kingslayer in a pug. Still, I feel more pride in my old school PVP title than anything... that holds some water.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Don't really see casuals/PuGs getting Kingslayer on my server anytime soon (PuGs are Teh Suxx, hell, of the last few I tried half didn't make it beyond the first 4 bosses, if that...). got min couple weeks ago, don't use it though. That's got I got The Insane for.
    The only title I can see myself using besides that would be 10man/25man Arthas Heroic kill, Bane of the Fallen King or whatever it's called. Gonna get that sometime, don't know how soon though, currently we cancel half of the raids because not enough players show up.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I use the title that I like the most at any given time.

    That simple.

    I could care less what anyone else has.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Starcaller is still my preferred title, I mean there are harder ones to get, the celestial defender, death's demise etc, but even if I had ever been in a guild that made realm firsts I think i'd still rather go with Starcaller, it was such a title of prestige during Ulduar days and even now if you see a starcaller, even with the current tier you know they're gonna be good.

    But if I could pick just the one, of any, Scarab Lord please. One per realm.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Sergeant Major Thundertom.

    I don't have Kingslayer yet, but I'm working on it. I really like the fact that a lot of people get to see the demise of the great villain of this Xpac. It's very rewarding.
    The last battle (IMO) is epic, and the fact that you get to free zerg him down from 10% makes it even more satisfying. Great move by Blizzard! I hope they will continue this way in Cata.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Titles are status symbols, their value depends not on how difficult it is to obtain but on how many people have it. It works the same as all other status symbols do. If EVERYONE could get a <insert shiny awesome car> then it wouldn't be as cool, now would it?

    That's why I use "the Immortal" because it's one of the harder titles to get. Not because it's actually hard to get (still attainable actually) but because people stopped going after it when Ulduar came out - so the people who got it before the Black Proto was removed are basically the same people who still have it.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    How the heck can you be embarrassed while playing a game? Its just a game...

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    not embarrassed at all to wear it, but i dont anymore anyway.....astral walker > kingslayer

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I don't derive self-worth from achievements in a video game, so, no. Besides, I like the alliteration of it.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Wow, I have to say the above poster is a bigger dick than most self-styled "hardcore elitists" I've met.
    And that's saying something. I guess someone is trying to out-asshole them by being a "casual elitist"? lol

    On-topic: I prefer alliteration in my titles, so Starcaller Ciah it is. Plus starcaller just SOUNDS COOL and that's what titles are supposed to be for
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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I think it's a nice looking title. just because many others have it, doesn't mean it's not still cool sounding. I usually use 'Of the Nightfall' though, even though I have 'Twilight Vanquisher'... I like the sound of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by steve
    Crikey! I sure wouldn't want to fight this guy if he came back!

    You win troll of the month. Now.. See you in a month.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I think the only thing that is embarrassing is the fact that you think you are special because you have a title which you knew that will eventually be available for everyone.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I'm sorry you don't feel special no more. *hugs*
    Imagine whatever I say as being said with Morgan Freeman's voice. It will make you rage less.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    Being embarrassed over something in this game is stupid.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    If you are not a casual then u should have a harder title to get like "the Insane" or "Lore Master"

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    My two main raiding characters names are both nouns, so I prefer to use "of the" titles anyway.
    I'm not embarrased to rock Kingslayer, I just choose not to.

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    Re: Kingslayer? Embarrassing title?

    I wasn't trying to be a dick, I was just expressing my opinion on how these morons think, because the way they think is stupid. I'm sorry, I must have passed out from the pain in my head after that Dying Fetus concert, slipped into a coma, and woke up 30 years later when Obama rules the world and we no longer have freedom of speech. Which, really, freedom of speech just means you are allowed to sound like a dumbass these days when you're talking about these stupid "elitests."
    I'd tell you to get at me, but you smell like shit, so keep your distance, please.

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