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    I like my Guardian of Cenarios title. It's not as common, and as a druid, I really like how the name fits the lore of my class. I have Kingslayer on 2 of my characters, and my other KS uses the Undying title. Kingslayer is overused, but I would not be embarassed to wear it.

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    What is it with people and their e-peens nowadays?
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    I'm on ursin 85% of our pugs are terrible, and kingslayer is still a somewhat rare title, we have like 1 or 2 guilds that have defeated 25 heroic LK.

    Blizzard tried to make raiding more open, in doing so realized that now any semi decent realm can pug roll LK super easy. I have my finger crossed (in the way they are doing instances in cata) that cata raiding will be a little harder so that threads like this won't exist. Will the new raids be puggable? Yes probably. Will they be puggable by everyone and their grandma including the last boss. I hope not this time.

    If a pug consists of 10/25 good raiders it might as well be a guild run at that point, unless styles and personalities conflict, but in most cases not. The only difference I see between casual and hardcore is that casuals raid less due to work, school ,etc. Then everyone is "all casual is ruining the game", really? >.> It should be "bad players" are ruining it, though bad isn't a good word to use since some people cant raid, sort of like other cant play strategy games, or reaction based games, etc. Since wow is a big game these kinda of players still enjoy the game so blizz wants to let them have fun. In cata one of the first raids has a heroic only boss, I'm sure next major raids will have them as well. Besides not everyone and their grandma has Bane of the Fallen King, right?
    I don't know. Something.

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    They should add a " <Name>, Beater of Kil'jaeden and M'uruu pre-nerf"

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    I'm not bothered if it is or not, and nor do i care if people use it, a title is a title people can use what they want

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    I only got my KS a couple of weeks before patch 4.0, along with 24 other people from my guild (yeah i killed 25man LK before 10 man :P). So it took us about a year to get there, and our guild is 4th-5th best alliance guild on the server. I don't see how KS could be an embarrasing title; sure its now quite easy to get, but only for people who have been pve'ing all expansion - people that are new to raiding or even the game just coudlnt manage to juggle all the LK's abilities even with full 277 gear, so the title kind of shows a certain level of skill, even if that level isn't quite as high as say Light of the Dawn :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by angael View Post
    I wear my "Guardian of Cenarius" title because most people don't have it or dont wear it. I probably would not wear the kingslayer title if I got it.
    ^this. I've sadly missed a lot of raiding since the 30% buff and since then EVERYONE on my realm has pretty much gotten it. >.>
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    i just dont like the kingslayer title not fussed if casuals have it or not, most often i use twilight vanquisher as i like the title before the name

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    oh and i have argent champion on my pala so it suits so well

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    Starcaller ftw, all I can say :d
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    Kingslayer is like loremaster. Both represent something easily done given enough time.

    If I were going for rarity I'd wear "salty".

    But ultimately, titles have become about flavor, not e-peen. So wear whatever you like to see by your name imo.

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    KS title isn't embarrassing at all, not in the slightest.

    what IS embarrassing is not having it.

    i mean...when you have it on 3 alts, and MT'd the LK wearing 232 / 245 gear. it is a bit pointless, but gogo feral bears.
    i did have 2PT10 though, druid was my primordial saronite farmer, so never bought T10 with him, just VoA runs hands and legs...
    PS is so cheap now might as well finish T10 off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tambo View Post
    Well every man and his dog now has The Kingslayer title. I personally think its a rubbish title.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hezar View Post
    Salty > all
    And this.

    Kingslayer is a horrible title these days... ;<

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    Nah, not embarrassing... It's just very, very common nowadays and not special in any way. It could be nice to wear "the Kingslayer" instead of "the Light of Dawn" or "Bane of the Fallen King" sometimes, though. Just for fun.
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    A tile is a title if you dont like it dont use it. But am i not going to use it just because its becoming more common no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoma View Post
    Wore it the first week or so, then switched back to The Exalted until I get one of the H LK titles.
    Same here, I always seem to go back to The Exalted :P

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    I love the people talking about long titles and hiding them in pvp to be pro. I dont even see titles in pvp as your huge red nameplate gives you away easily.

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    I think it depends when you got the title and if you think you 'earnt' it. Mine was done with the 10% buff which we worked on for weeks. I'm just hoping we can get the hc kill before Cate for the 'bane' title to overwrite it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christan View Post
    KS title isn't embarrassing at all, not in the slightest.

    what IS embarrassing is not having it.
    Assuming you want it ofcourse.

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    not embarassing if you contributed to the group and the kill and didnt die to stupid crap cuz then ur title would be <slayed by the king>
    i use either kingslayer or the Argent Champion cuz i likes the argent champion =D

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    my kingslayer title refer to king varian ;D

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