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    Razer Naga, Keybind Issue


    I have been browsing net and could not find anything usefull for my problem so here is the deal, i'll try to explain it as good as i possibly can.

    I use NumPad settings and following will be example of my problem.

    Let's say i bind Action Bar #1 like this:

    1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 with my mouse.

    Then i bind Action Bar #2 like this:

    S-1 , S-2 , S-3 , S-4 (S = Shift)

    Alright, now i am set and good to go, everything works fine, untill i Alt+Tab or some, let's say Windows Update pops up (if playing in windowed mode)

    After that everything goes to shit..

    If i try to press Action Bar #1 button 1 witch is bind to 1 (lol?!) nothing happens. All keybinds are dead and do not work. QQ

    So, then i reset all keybinds that i binded into my mouse, keyboard binded ones works fine.

    Scenario will be the same as before but now for some reason the mouse changes binds so that even if i click mouse number 1 the mouse some how turns it to S-1,
    how ever it works without pressing Shift (found this out by turning "Bind Text" on in BT4 config).

    So, no big deal, everything works nicely again and life is good, UNTILL i Alt+Tab and yet again everything is ruined..

    Then there is one more problem but as you can already see i am not that good to describe this issue so i'll leave it be..

    Paying 80€ for a mouse that constantly resets my keybinds is quite frustrating.

    This may sound like useless crying over some small issue but try it your self,
    bind everything again once every 15-20mins for 2 weeks straight and then come smiling and say that it is not annoying..

    And for all you people who will say "lol don't alt+tab" some times it doesn't even require that, if i am AFK for 10mins they might be "broken".

    I do have up-to-date drivers and that other thingy (firm-something).


    - My Razer Naga reset / disables my keybinds almost everytime i alt+tab or i am AFK for some time.

    - Keybind text how ever stays and shows that binds _should_ be there and working.

    - I have up-to-date drivers.

    - I use Bartender 4 as Action Bar addon even tho this same problem was happening with Razers own WoW Action Bar addon too.

    - For some reason mouse doesn't recognize S-5,S-6,S-7 etc binds at all.

    - Help meh!!1!

    Computer stuff if some one needs:

    -Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit
    -AMD Phenom 8450 Triple-Core Prosessor
    -4.0GT Ram
    -NVIDIA G-Force 9800GT

    If there is something important i did not mention feel free to ask.

    Thanks in advantage!

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    Re: Razer Naga, Keybind Issue

    You do realize that WoW has shift-numbers keybound to bar switching internally? You need to disable those first if you want to use shift-numbers for anything.

    If you press shift-5 while the game is running, it switches action bar #5 on top which overwrites bar #1 and your keybinds. Shift-1 returns bar #1 on top again and your keybinds start working again. For this and many other reasons I used alt-qwerty etc to keybind my G13, only alt-z is used by WoW's default keymaps.
    Never going to log into this garbage forum again as long as calling obvious troll obvious troll is the easiest way to get banned.
    Trolling should be.

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    Re: Razer Naga, Keybind Issue

    First answer and already helpfull.. I guess i am quite a tard for not looking those things up before hand.. :

    But anyways i don't think this is the deal since i am using NumPad buttons instead of normal 1,2,3,4,5 etc..

    Will look this thingy through tho before denying your tip!


    E: Now i unbinded all but the very basic binds from Key Bind options, left only the ones i use in my mouse and pretty much unbinded everything that had Shift-Something bind to it.
    Did same with all that were bind to NumPad, even with some modifiers. We'll see how this turns out.

    E2: Three and half hours gone and not a single problem.. :P
    This is the reason i rarely post anything on forums cause some where will come this guy and tell me something that is so simple and easy and it fixes my problem that i feel like a total
    idiot afterwards..

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    Re: Razer Naga, Keybind Issue

    Don't worry, this one comes nowhere near the legendary keybind problem thread in official forums... http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/th...Id=12454665647
    Never going to log into this garbage forum again as long as calling obvious troll obvious troll is the easiest way to get banned.
    Trolling should be.

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    Re: Razer Naga, Keybind Issue

    Hahha, that made me feel bit better already.. ;D

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