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    Gamer ware!! need something like a zboard

    well i want something like a zboard althoguh not a zboard too expensive anything that plugs in with like 5-9 extra buttons any body no anything thats pretty cheap?

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    Re: Gamer ware!! need something like a zboard

    I used a Zboard for since mid vanilla wow. I HIGHLY reccomend it. still use it for certain games. Tried a g15 and hated it compared to my Zboard. Recently switched to a lycosa and am very happy with it.

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    Re: Gamer ware!! need something like a zboard

    Logitech G13

    Better buy than full-sized gaming keyboards if you need extra buttons.
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    Re: Gamer ware!! need something like a zboard

    You can get the non-illuminated Merc Stealth keyboard from New Egg for a good price. I have one and love it. I am thinking at the time I bought mine I got it for around 30 bucks maybe a bit less.

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    Re: Gamer ware!! need something like a zboard

    Can't wait to get my Merc Stealth. Did a bunch of research on boards this last weekend and settled on that one.

    I liked it better than the zboard cuz if you actually want to type something, you don't have to re-learn how to type with the zboard's strange keyboard layout (in the typing area), or change the board to type something, then put in the WoW board quick before the tank pulls.

    Anyway, The Merc seemed to have a pretty similar layout to the zboard on the left hand side, so I went to Best Buy and tried one out for a min and will be pickin one up as soon as I can afford.

    Plus it will allow me to get my current keyboard off my desk and put the merc on my kb drawer where it's supposed to be (current board won't fit currently cuz I'm sportin a Wolfking board on my drawer that takes up too much room)

    Merc 4tw. I want illuminated though cuz I play a lot in the dark and will need to see, plus I like blue

    Just a thought or two.

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