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    TES: Oblivion! So much replay and the amount of quality mods are amazing. Would love to see a sequel.
    This loved Oblivion and morrowind is allright.


    Bioshock 3, loved the gameplay of the first 2 and enjoyd the "horror" bits they added here and there.
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    Lost Kingdoms series sequel.
    I don't know about anyone else, but this game completely won in all senses of the word. To make one with online capabilities: oh lawdy... I'd be pretty excited.
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    Planescape: Torment

    So many things in that that have never been done again, even though they were mostly handled by well written and thought out dialogue and should be easy to redo. Excellent story, an amazing art direction. /sigh /nostalgia

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    iv never heard of half of these games, rofl

    in any case:

    Viewtiful Joe has my vote, truly an epic game
    Though they did make a sequel, it wasnt as good as the original
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    Star Wars: Republic Commando. Was the only star wars game I ever played that was enjoyable to even non-star wars fans. It was just born of awesomeness and I can't understand why there is no sequel.

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    Hrm. I'd probably have to go with Vagrant Story. It was complicated, yet immersive at the same time.

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    Perfect Dark and Goldeneye for N64. I guess Goldeneye doesn't really count since there were more 007 games after it. But I would love a Perfect Dark game for Wii or PS3. Hell they could just make Perfect Dark as a WiiWare thing or w/e and I would be happy.

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    The lost vikings.

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    the 2 weeks old game red dead redemption, best buy since wow for me

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    Golden Sun and Total Annihilation. TA was supposed to have another 2-3 expansions, GS3 has been coming "soon" for the past forever.

    Oh, and the "at least as good as the original" clause applies to pairings in GS3.

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    1. Shenmue
    2. Legend of Dragoon
    3. Legacy of Kain
    4. Dissidia: Final Fantasy
    5. SMT: Persona

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    All games of the series had great atmosphere and story. The gameplay was truly unique combined with pretty nice visuals for the time.
    But like many innovative games Homeworld did not do too well on the sales. Even though Relic said they would like to make HW3 I do not see it happening anytime soon. I guess Warhammer40k games simply make more money.

    Quote Originally Posted by porkface View Post
    The lost vikings.
    There already is one called "The Lost Vikings 2: Norse by Norsewest". It even has two new characters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Armond View Post
    Golden Sun and Total Annihilation.
    Yeah, TA was amazing. Supreme Commander did a pretty good job as a successor (part 1 that is, SupCom2 totally ruined the TA-like gameplay of the series).
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    Dark Cloud has a sequel called Dark Chronicle. Perfect Dark is on XBLA and Golden Eye is getting something done to it by Nintendo for the Wii.

    I'd like to see a 3D remake of FFIV, V and VI and also a sequel to TES:Oblivion. I'd also like to see the old GTA world (3, VC, SA) get another sequel.

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    xenogears: (not xeno saga those games blew)
    beyond the beyond
    All those old school PS1/SNES jRPGS really hard to find a bad one among them.

    remake of final fantasy 6

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    The two games I would want to see a sequel of:

    Spore ( not some random expansion pack)
    Rayman 3 ( not some spin off, but a Rayman 4)

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    Mortal Kombat (but I guess I'll see that soon )
    Rise of Nations
    Grand Theft Auto
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    StarControl 2. There was a StarControl 3 but it was thoroughly mediocre. It'd be really nice if StarControl 2 ever got a proper follow up.

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    There were a few like Kid Icarus and Pilotwings that actually got mentioned recently so my list is shorter than it normally is.

    Breath of Fire (especially after the surprisingly awesome Dragon Quarter)
    Terranigma (It is so freaking wrong that this never came to the U.S. on VC or something. It's SO good, and where's the sequel?!?)
    Ogre Battle
    Gargoyle's Quest
    Baten Kraitos (1 was meh, 2 was amazing and needs love)
    Bloody Roar
    Diddy Kong Racing
    Lost Kingdoms

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