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    Backup safety against key-loggers...

    Has anyone come across a piece of software called "Keystroke Interference" - obtained here http://download.cnet.com/Keystroke-I...-10964584.html

    Basically it advertises that it scrambles your key-stokes so that key-logging software has little to no chance of picking up what your passwords are or indeed anything that you are typing.

    Of course I am not naive enough to think that this would be the only line of defence you would need and indeed I do run a number of other precautions on my machine, but for anything that may slip through the net it could save your butt.

    Have any of you had experiences with it or have any insight on how effective it could be, not in terms of WoW but in overall internet security for user names and passwords?
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    Re: Backup safety against key-loggers...

    Honestly, I dont think it works. Even if it simulates 1000 keypresses the keylogger can just play back whole sequence as it is.
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    Re: Backup safety against key-loggers...

    1. If I don't want something monitoring my keystrokes, why would I install something that essentially monitors my keystrokes?

    2. Let's find the fail:

    With chameleon-like characteristics, keystroke logging software can hide from even the toughest detection system.
    Actually, keylogging activity is usually one of the easiest things for an anti-virus/anti-malware to find. It's not tough to see something tapping into the input stream.

    The software inserts randomized characters into every keystroke to ensure that any information collected is completely muddled.
    So it's completely muddled to the keylogger but not to the program it's intended to go to? So the keylogger can just monitor further down the line... or, as in the case of most WoW keyloggers, hook directly into the application, since it's obviously getting good data.

    Logging software or someone monitoring a Keystroke Interference protected system will not be able to decipher the user's typing pattern or typed keys.
    Defeated as per above.

    3. Just no.

    Also, your link is some confusing combination of an ftp bbcode with an http link. It doesn't work, and I probably won't fix it, since I wouldn't recommend the software anyway.

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    Re: Backup safety against key-loggers...

    Doesn't work. Modern keyloggers log the data you actually sent to Blizzard. Not your keystrokes.
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