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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    Feeling a bit let down by the feral tree. As a tank, I really can't get everything I feel is needed to do my job, let-alone have room for more so called "fun" talents. Despite what Blizz have been saying, I really don't see any removal of "must have" stuff to be survivable and generate threat, I pretty much "must have" every bear type talent in the tree, and probably still need to use my duel spec as now - to have 2 tanking specs for differing situations, sacrificing some stuff on a boss by boss basis. Conjecture I know, as we have yet to see or get any info about encounters, but we'll see.

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    Nom Nom Nom seems fine (especially the name).

    Your auto attacks give a chance for an extra attack(...) seems also fine, not for burst but for sustained dps.

    But shred's energy cost is being reduced via talents by only 10. I hope shred's base enegy cost is going to be reduced, otherwise I'm afraid to be forced into mangle spam bots.

    Not impressed as a cat dps, sorry.

    p.s pulverize seems fine, hail to bears.

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    Balance of Power(2 points) - Increases your chance to hit with spells by 2/4% and increases your spell hit rating by an additional amount equal to 50/100% of your Spirit.

    Am i reading this right ?

    A random leather item with whatever stam, int, spell, crit // 128 spi // 81 hit rating will give about 200 hit rating for moonkins ? that's pretty lame

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    As a tree, I have the following initial reactions:

    * Tree of life as a temporary healing boost on a 5min cd seems kind of annoying. Presumably it would have to be off the gcd (like lock's Metamorphosis is, isn't it?), so I guess I could macro it into a couple of different heals and not bother trying to time it. Blizz is doing this because we never get to see our armor, right? Hmm.

    * By lvl 79 I have all the talents I want for PvE. The remaining 6 points can get me to 2/3 Dreamstate or max out Imp Barkskin and Tranquil Spirit. Happy days.

    * I hate being a raid-healing rejuve bot. Blizz seems to be trying to make my direct heals more attractive, but I'm not seeing us getting back tank healing duties (I may have underestimated the changes, however). What about some talents to allow us to specialise in one role or other, so we don't all have the same spec and the same jack-of-all-trades healing abilities?

    * No Living Spirit, I see. Will this become the unique bonus for the tree tree? [Edit: no, our mastery is "deep healing", apparently. So, no bonus Spirit?]

    * PvP looks like it might be fun, as heals OR boomie...

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    Grrr, with so many changes coming for Cataclysm it feels like starting WoW from 0. :P So many things to learn it's not funneh.
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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    Eat em up, eat em up, nom nom nom!

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    OMG Ferals and Resto will be so cool next expac... which one should I play? Cant make up my mind ><
    I feel like I wanna heal, dps and tank :/.

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    50% movement reduction for ToL? Seriously.....?

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    "nom nom nom"

    i loled irl
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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    Quote Originally Posted by whisperingsage
    Remember that in Cataclysm, Demoralizing Roar and its equivalents will reduce damage taken (by 10%, I think?) rather than reducing enemy attack power. With this in mind, I think Feral Aggression will be taken by all tanks. How many points they put in it is another matter.
    Which source is more up to date? The talent preview page has Feral Aggression reducing the cd on Faerie Fire (Bear) by 1s for each point, which seems rather lack-lustre (unless FFF has changed a lot too).

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    Quote from Blizzard staff

    * Earthquake (1 rank available) - 20149 Mana - 35 yd range - 1.5 sec cast - 15 sec cooldown - You cause the earth at the target location to tremble and break, dealing 267 Physical damage every 1 second to enemies within a 10-yard radius, with a 40% chance of knocking down affected targets. Lasts 10 seconds.

    I know is about druid but look how much is spell cost ---> 20149 mana lol i think we be have around 100k mana or even more .... ^^

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    the balance tree looks fun! can't wait

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    This is fucking bullshit!!

    Not only a CD on our Tree form but a major movement speed reduction WTH!

    Fuck you blizzard!
    sod off

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    Balance is looking nice, lots of push back reduction. Thanks for the talent calculators boubou, they're awesome

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    Quote Originally Posted by strifenine
    throwing out Primal Gore? ((
    All DoT abilities will be able to crit innately, so you won't need Primal Gore or your T10-4P
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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    In the end, the only significant change to balance is Eclipse, that ended up like a see-saw. Spam arcane until 100%, spam nature until 100%, spam arcane until 100%, spam nature until... I guess I should be happy the RNG is gone, but I'm not.

    Also, lol @ solar beam. 1min cooldown, THAT's very useful. Step aside, we're now the caster killers! </sarcasm>

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    Re: Druid Cataclysm Talent Preview

    This is what I'm thinking in terms of resto PvE (the one point in nature's reach is a filler and could go anywhere in the balance tree) and this is what I'm thinking for balance:


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    i already kill casters, solarbeam is just an extra tool for me to kill shadow priest easier

    definitely a fan of the moonkin side of things.....

    i dont like how they make dreamstate mandatory though......

    oh, and the wrath of cenarius change ticked me off a bit

    bright side, i have nature swiftness......

    theres my tree

    Quote Originally Posted by Lyanis View Post

    This is what I'm thinking in terms of resto PvE (the one point in nature's reach is a filler and could go anywhere in the balance tree) and this is what I'm thinking for balance:

    not sure you need celestial focus outside of pvp.....

    bramble is another one of those pvp talents, thorn damage dont really make a difference in the long run....

    same with wrath of cenarius, the new change to it only increase moonfire damage, and very few times you are spamming moonfire on the boss

    and 90% of the time, your moonfire's damage barely make a difference (a glyphed IS actually beat this in damage)

    Nature's Majesty is a plus in crit chances in all your bread and butter spell, which is wrath, starsurge, starfire, and starfall

    Omen of Clarity procs more often than most believe, the 15% felt more like 20% considering how fast you can cast with 800-1000 haste.

    Lunar Justice is a leveling talent, it's not a pve or pvp talent.....

    Gale Wind is one of those debatable for me, it's good for aoe-ing trash, not so great on bosses.
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    Hmmm not as many Balance Changes as I expected, still annoyed I have to put that one point into Moonglow >_<

    But so far looking good, not sure how the removal of mana on crits will work but the Euphoria talent will make up for it I suppose... At least i hope, don't wanna be running as an Oomkin again ):

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    I'm excited!

    Balance looks interesting.

    I want to know more about this Solar and Lunar Energy tho.

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