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    I can see why some people like telling us to stop whining about the new ToL. YES we do get a "increased healing done by 15%". The thing is just: Didn't we already have that buff in the form of the talent "Gift of nature" (which increased healing by 10%) which is now removed, together with the old Improved ToL? (not to forget that the old ToL talent reduced mana costs of all HoTs by 20%..)

    And what's up with all the "increased DPS" in the resto spec?? I'm a tree because I like HEALING. If I wanted to cast Wrath, I would go balance. You dont see the holy palas and the other healers going "Omg, i was 15th on the DPS-meter!" because that's not our job!

    Another thing: Apparently our HoTs will benefit by crit and haste in cata... Sooo I guess that's why our Gift of the Earthmother AND Nature's Bounty is nerfed? Why, thx alot!

    Last thing: Why have nobody mentioned that Wild Growth now have a 10 sec CD instead of 6?? I swear I died a little inside when I saw that...

    I'm definitely going to miss raiding, now when shamans seem to be taking the druid-spot... And I'm personally going to miss being a tree!!

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    As a boomkin, I'm most worried about massive armor loss on moonkin form, the loss in crit mana and Also the spellpower loss from spirit conversion... Even in PVP gear, it added up to over 100 spellpower towards the higher end.

    Not to mention im most mad that Eclipse even exists in cata; essentially as does now. Eclipse is boring and a terrible talent. It alone accounts for 15% of our dps (when it works and RNG are merciful). To see that as our mastery and so many talents focused around that is depressing..

    Why do i want to spam starfire a thousand times then switch to wrath when it should be me who casts spells to force talents to proc in my favor and change my rotation. I hate being a moonkin slave to blue circle, orange circle- repeat.

    Give us a good mechanic. Couldnt even make it interesting.... Oh but silence and knockdown are godly additions, so at least its coming with more utility.

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    I can't wait to try out these Eclipse changes in cata.

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