View Poll Results: What music Genre do you listen to most?

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  • Pop

    16 5.33%
  • Rock

    49 16.33%
  • Alt Rock

    36 12.00%
  • Metal

    115 38.33%
  • Death Metal

    27 9.00%
  • Emo-Core

    5 1.67%
  • Screamo

    8 2.67%
  • Country

    12 4.00%
  • Jazz

    8 2.67%
  • Rap

    24 8.00%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naeton View Post
    Those are just sub-genres from Death Metal, Black Metal and Electro.
    Yes and Death and Black Metal are subgenres of metal.
    So I could of just said I liked Metal and Electronic Music. But that would be being very vague.

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    Metalhead till the day I die.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mohak View Post
    You are all blind to not see Paragons strat. They used gnome mages as sacrifice to the Earth Godess wich granted them unimaginable powahs and lazor beamz able to cut trough Arthas's tick armor.
    Quote Originally Posted by Castel View Post
    People choose PvP servers because they think they're going to be the most dangerous predator in the jungle. Then they find out that the reality is they're just the littlest guy in the prison shower.

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    Melodic death metal, but the melodic and metal parts of it are mostly what i like about it, the death part just more or less happens to be there :P So I went with metal instead of death metal.

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