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    Slow internet at night.

    So recently (well, been going on for 2-3 weeks) my internet started to slow down at night. During the day it runs perfectly, I'm able to go on my usual sites like youtube, this one etc without a problem, but comes 8-10pm I can barely load google, which is one of the fastest loading sites out there.

    I'm always restarting my modem 4-5 times to try to fix the trouble but to no avail. I had this internet for about 2-3 years and didn't had any problems until suddently now. It seems like it just start running at the lowest amount of internet possible for some weird reason. I didn't notice any "schedules" ...like sometimes it start to slow down at 8-9pm but on the next day it can run smootly until 11pm-12am until daytime.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sick and tired of this crap. =(

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    It could be your modem is out of date and slowing down. This was the issue for me. I now call my provider on a yearly basis to have them come over & bring me a new modem. They are constantly upgrading the models & their is no reason for you not to get yourself one for free. Part of their service here in good ol' Canadia.

    *edited to include the obvious*

    Are you using a router? Is it password protected? Does anyone else share your connection.. at night?

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    What ISP? Do you have a router or is your computer directly connected to the modem? Modem model? Router model?

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    It's doubtful the issue is the cable modem itself.

    Cable is notoriously bad at this as it is a shared medium. Coax runs from your house to a node, which in turn gets converted to Fiber and sent back to the head end. Nodes handle specific area's and can be up to 60 or more houses.

    There could be just an influx of people using the internet at that time, or influx of new users on your node.

    Couple things you can try.

    1. If you have a router, disconnect it and plug your pc directly into the cable modem (power cycling the modem in the process). See if that makes it any better. (Ruling out the router and any possibility of wi-fi leechers, if wi-fi is enabled and not WPA/WPA2 encrypted)

    2. Call the cable company and have them monitor your modem. It is possible that you may be having a Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) issue. The cable company should be able to look at all of your signal levels and tell you if there is an issue with them. (Too High or Too Low) Make sure to call them when it is not functioning correctly.
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