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    How do I edit out the lerics from a music file?

    Not sure which forum to ask this in.

    But iam trying to edit the words out (or make them less noticeable).

    But how do I go about doing this? I know people have ways of editing music when they make remixes,

    but how should I go about doing this task?

    And suggestions?
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    Do you mean like edit a song so certain words are bleeped out?

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    Do you mean like edit out the vocal track so all you hear is the music? Sounds like you need a Karaoke Machine, or Karaoke related software.

    Even then, it doesn't edit the vocals out entirely, it just uses EQ to put the vocal track in the background and it doesn't work on all songs because not all songs are mixed the same.

    If you have Pro Tools or other music mixing or multi-tracking software its possible to find some of the more popular music in their original pre-mixed versions in a multi-track format. That allows you to mute certain tracks (by tracks I mean just vocals, just guitar, just drums, etc..) adjust their volume, screw with their EQ and basically remix the song exactly how you want. A good example of this is Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor releases the Pro Tools sessions for some of their music and has fan remix contests.

    I've found Pro Tools sessions for Nirvana's In Utero and Nevermind CDs, as well as Led Zeppelin I and II, plus a few 4-track Beatles sessions. Me and a buddy of mine have had a lot of fun screwing with the classics.
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    I have no clue but I'd guess you could use MIDI files+FL or something

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    It's a pretty complicated process.Which is a good thing because who wants someone editing lyrics when they can't spell right?
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