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    Hans Zimmer, Frank Zappa, Mark Morton, Ramin Djawadi off the top of my head.

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    Soundtrackwise i'd have to say Clint Mansell, absolutely loved him in Pop will eat itself and he's also turned out to be a great composer. Also have to mention Nobuo Uematsu for the obvious reasons.

    For the classical composers my favourites would be Enrique Granados and Widor.

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    Pink ? xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by marius_0228 View Post
    Pink ? xD
    Mily Balakirev.
    And to be cliche: Beethoven.

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    More Recent: John Williams
    A bit older: Gershwin or Shostakovich

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    Bach hands down.

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    If its possible to write down a music distributor for movies I pick Danny Elfman His way to make music and how to make it fit to a movie is just amazing!
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    Yuki Kajiura is good, but Yoko Kanno is better. Those two in general.
    As for movies I would have to say it was James Horner, but he became too predictable.
    Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard & John Sebastian for The Rock, James Horner for Braveheart.
    I digg Enya... real sentiment for Celtic music.
    Lately - Ludovico Einaudi (thanks to myC`- from mmo-champion IRC channel - thanks a lot)
    And so many more I can't remeber atm

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    Danny Elfman is one of my favorite music-makers ever. Even most of the stuff he did with Oingo Boingo.

    Also... Gustov Holst is exceptional.. check out "The Planets Suite" particularly the "Mars" movement.
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    For video games "Miki Higashino" has to be the best composer. The Suikoden soundtracks are just pure awesomeness!

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    +1 to danny elfman
    Nobuo uematsu is on of my favorites, Bach is always a good standby.

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    my favorite composers are these gods of (late) romantic piano music

    1 Alexander Scriabin
    2 Sergei Rachmaninoff
    3 Frederic Chopin
    4 Franz Liszt

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    Going for soundtrack, then without doubt John Williams, but I am a fan of Chopin's piano stuff, and Wagner's epic feel, but then there are so many genres, I can't chose my favourite band either!

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    Surprised nobody has said this yet, but I'm going Mozart. The man completely redefined the classical genre in his age and his music is not considered the archetype of classical music. Each piece was pure genius.

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    wagner, holst, bach. stravinski, mozart, and even john williams.
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    Arjen Anthony Lucassen.
    his Ayreon project is just amazing

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    I'm gonna have to say Holst, with John Williams in a close second.

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