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    So - they make ALL these new zone changes, but they STILL cant make the trees more fluffy on the top ... Square trees ftl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adys View Post
    Just like WotLK dances!

    I liked the conept of path of titans and the guild talent thing =(

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    The whole idea of Path of the Titans seemed clumsy and somewhat rushed just so that it made it into Blizzcon09. I'm glad they got rid with it. Now removing Guild Talents... Meh...

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    I wish we still had Path of the Titans and Guild Talents, but oh well I guess. Maybe another time.

    I'm guessing/hoping you got invited to Blizz, Bou? C:

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    What I am hearing from Blizzard is "If we took enough time to make all the new features work properly everyone would have stopped playing WoW by then, so we are just going to say *screw it* to adding more depth to the game and simply add more LOL fun visuals. Mohawk Grenades are where it's at, right?"

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    Guild improvements are still here, what I make of it is that you'll still have all the same things like mass ress and so on, you just won't have to choose which one to take. Imagine a guild trying to decide what talents to take and so on, arguing and so on. And then there would end up being one best guild tree anyway, with some things just never being used.

    The same for PotT, they wanted it to be a real choice so each character would develop differently, but again this would lead to a best option, and probably people being excluded from guilds/pugs and pvp if they hadn't progressed it far enough.
    Imagine the gs tards... "LFM grim batol, link ach, over 7k gs, no noobs, must be max rank PotT"
    Getting max level, entry level geared and then having to grind some more until you can raid? Doesn't sound fun. Although, it would have been cool if it really did have a small enough impact to matter, but then it would also be useless.

    Plus, Hc DM and SFK will still be released, and they are just the same instances as before with higher levels, so it doesn't matter as much, as we'll have the new stuff to try anyway.

    Theres still loads of awesome things about Cataclysm, people just pick up on the negatives. All the hardcore elitists should be happy that theres going to be more really hard content only they can see, but not many have noticed among the qq... anyway, cata still looks great imo.
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    Path of the Titans gone... and replaced with basically the same thing only non gated... cool.
    Guild Talents gone... but you still get perks for leveling your guild, however no arguments within the guild about what the guild needs.... cool.
    Heroic Classic delays.... understandable, and we're still getting them so, ok.

    I fail to see why this is considered "Removing the cool stuff." but, the internet is full of idiots, so Idc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FaxEmUp View Post
    Raid IDs should be much more flexible. You will be able to join any raid as long as it doesn't have any bosses up that you have already killed.
    Yes! Yesss!! YESSSSS
    At last no stupid ID loss because of stupid noobs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixpac View Post
    Maybe the true answer is: Sorry, but we're running out of time.
    I agree.

    Very disappointing and makes me even less excited about Cata.

    It will go like this: The people will be hyped by Cata for about 4-6 months, than it will turn to the same boredom we all got used to.
    Or in other words: Cata will be as generic as both BC and WotLK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokee View Post
    I agree.

    Very disappointing and makes me even less excited about Cata.

    It will go like this: The people will be hyped by Cata for about 4-6 months, than it will turn to the same boredom we all got used to.
    Or in other words: Cata will be as generic as both BC and WotLK.
    yet people still play. they must be doing something right

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    I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with this news.

    I had already been considering leaving the game because it was getting VERY old... Cataclysm gave me some promise of revitalization and renewed interest. Now it seems they have scrapped anything "new" about it and are just sending us back to Azeroth with a few landscape changes. OH yeah.. 2 new races/starting zones to get you back to level 1 again.

    Even a lot of the content is rehashed... Heroic Deadmines and such.. no wait.. even THEY won't be in the release.

    NOW it seems like a "large patch" more than an expansion.

    I will hold out a little longer til beta is out and more info is available... but it's looking like WoW has finally ran out of reasons for me to stay playing it. Well.. maybe the new MMO project will be something to look forward to. It's pretty clear to me that this decision is a corporate "end of life" choice for the game... and hopefully effort is underway to push development on the new MMO.

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    Path of Titans nd Guild Leveling Gone is very disappointing...

    Still waiting for the RSSFeed coming back to old form - now its just plain ugly

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    The Orgrimmar Preview:

    Is that a black dragon and a naga?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Professor View Post
    See, people like this guy are the reason why they are dumming the game down. If he can't read patch notes, you can't expect him to play complex game. Read 10 pages of these replies and you will see why they have to do these changes. Because 90% of people who play this game have apple-sized brains.

    You can still do normal battlegrounds.
    You can still do normal arena.
    You can still do 10-man raids.
    Your guild will still progress, you just won't have to choose how. (In fact this will help clearing up guild dramas over I WANT EXP / BUT I WANT MORE MONEY)
    Archeology is still in game.
    3000 new quests are still in game.
    All the zones are still being redone.
    There are still flying mounts in Azeroth.
    There are still new raids in Azeroth.
    There are still new dungeons in Azeroth.

    Can do normal bg but i wont get arena point(conquest point) so harder to get pvp gear, and i dont do arena, never liked, i wanted this expansion because i can finaly play only bg and get gear as good as in arena.

    I will do raids but thats not something im talking about.
    I dont care guild progression i wanted the talents to have more fun in the community, im pretty casual, and only play with friends, so thats a fail sir

    Archeology just as much plain now without path of titans as fishin, never liked, blizz said they make so that neither those who got time nor those who not will have advantage in path of titans, guess they gived up early.

    All the zones being redone, and i never complained about that.
    And i like the dungeons and raids but not being able to implent a 5 man heroic which already in the game just lame.

    I dont know you and neither you know me so i would like if you dont state things that arent true.

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    There were like 3 changes to what they said they were thinking about doing and so many people are crying bloody murder, about to cancel their subscriptions(as if). Really, nothing too amazing was announced. The path of the titans system, as they described it, was glorified leveling after 85. Making you continue to level to gain basic, passive, talent-like things like extra crit % or damage done. And they're scrapping Guild talent tree and instead giving you guild Skills that you still earn as you level your guild up, you still gain guild exp still gain guild bonuses, and still get guild achievements.

    If you are crying so much about these changes that you're ready to not play Cata, and are completely ignoring the whole 2,000 more quests than WOTLK thing, then you were ready to leave the game when you read the post today, and if not, you're just not that bright to begin with.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Will people relax:P

    2 things, yes only 2 frikkin' things have been altered. they haven't been removed, just changed. 2 things, whihc were doomed to be trouble if not changed anyway.

    the expansion will still be good, and alot of things haven't been finished yet, so just relax and wait will ya?

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    Post Reforging

    Rerforging Changes

    "gamona: Ist das sogenannte „Reforging“ eigentlich noch im Spiel – es hieß ja zunächst, das wäre in irgendeiner Form mit Path of the Titans und Archäologie verbunden?"

    Is reforging still in the games as it was rumored to be connected with Path of the Titans.

    "Tom Chilton: Ja, Reforging ist noch im Spiel, allerdings nicht mehr als Teil eines bestimmten Berufszweiges. Stattdessen wird es einen separaten NPC geben, bei dem ihr gegen Gold eure Items bearbeiten könnt. Ihr legt den gewünschten Gegenstand in das Handelsfenster, wählt diejenigen Stats aus, die ihr verringern wollt und welche ihr dafür neu eingravieren wollt. Wenn ihr z.B. Stärke oder Ausdauer auf dem Gegenstand habt, aber lieber Haste darauf möchtet, könnt ihr die bestehenden Stats um die Hälfte verringern und Haste hinzufügen."

    Yes its still ingame but its no longer part of a profession. There will be a seperate NPC to change Items for Gold. Its like a trade choose the stat you want to 100 Stamina gets converted to 50 haste and 50 stamina.

    "gamona: Wird es dabei irgendwelche Restriktionen geben oder Cooldowns?"

    Will there be any restrictions or cooldowns ?

    "Tom Chilton: Nein, Cooldowns gibt es keine. Es kostet lediglich etwas Gold, das Reforging durchzuführen. Allerdings dürft ihr jedes Item nur ein einziges Mal verändern."

    No cooldowns just some gold to reforge the item. But you can only reforge an item ONCE.,page-2.html
    Don't even try. Sound reasoning and common sense are lost to a great many on these forums...

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    thats kinda ... ehm ... lame.

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    Raid id change is good.
    Everything else is disapointing. Hopfully the medium glyphs will be 'fun' and make a difference to the game play, unlike the majority of the current minors.

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    awesome, but where the heck is the worgen district in stormwind? or are they going to put it in darnasus (which makes more sense).

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