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    Right, they start removing things...
    Path of the Titans was one of the most interesting things about Cataclysm and they remove it...and replace it with medium glyphs, oh the fun!
    Guild talents too, would have been interesting to be able to personalize the guild but no, now what we've got? Just another faction to mindlessly grind...oh the fun!
    Also now Archaeology will be for cosmetic stuff...again oh the fun!
    At least we still have heroic Deadmines and SFK...oh wait...
    This is evolving into another "more of the same" expansion, won't be surprised by other cuts along the way till release...

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    thanks blizz, you dangle cool shit in front of us and take it away...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiberi View Post
    Oh wow, they just scrapped everything interesting they've presented us with so far off the the table.
    I agree. Maybe they just realized that, with trying to fit all of this new stuff in, it would take them far too long to implement it all.
    I'm still pretty disappointed by it, Path of the Titans sounded interesting (if not a bit confusing at first), and the Guild Leveling system, I hope, is still mostly intact, just reworked.

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    Aww c'mon, I was so interested in the progression of path of the titans

    Well, at least the NDA is gone, woot for info!

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    Meh, so far the updates have disappointed me
    Also this is my first time checking MMO-Champ looks since transfer and tbh I'd prefer the old look, however this isnt bad either :3

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    I was really intrigued by the idea of spec'ing your guild and the Path of the Titans was cool too, I'm kind of disappointed by them being removed.

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    Wonder if this is the general NDA or just the NDA on the press tour

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    all but 3 of these announcements are full of disappointment.

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    I guess removing the tree aspect of guild leveling isnt so bad if the talents you would spec into are just given to you each level. Which it sort of sounds like they are going to be now.

    Instead of pointing points into "Reduced repair bills" at level 2, we just get "Reduced repair bills" at level 2. makes it less complicated I guess.

    Reputation with guild. sounds fun.

    Path of the titans while cool, kinda did seem like it was just an extra page of glyphs. combining the two and having minor medium and major glyphs seems the easier thing to do as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero44556 View Post
    Wonder if this is the general NDA or just the NDA on the press tour
    It's just the NDA for the press tour, the Alpha NDA is still in full effect.

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    Did somebody said... C'thun?

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    nice, NDA Lifted, feed me with screenshots :O
    Too bad all those things like path of the titans and guild talents will disappear -.-

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    give path of titans and guild talents back

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    Cool. Path of the Titans sounded lame in the first place. Not surprised it got cut.

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    Disappointed to see Path of the titans gone and not happy about archeology either. Everything else sounds good tho

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    Looks bad ass to me! <3

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    >Grim Batol Raid
    >The Grim Batol raid instance will be called the Bastion of Twilight, and you get to fight Cho'gall as the end boss! If you manage to defeat him in Heroic Mode, an "horrific secret will be revealed when he dies".

    Typo, should be...

    Grim Batol Raid
    The Grim Batol raid instance will be called the Bastion of Twilight, and you get to fight Cho'gall as the end boss! If you manage to defeat him in Heroic Mode, a "horrific secret will be revealed when he dies".

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    good adding useless features was pointless and they realized that

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    Looks like updated horde guards around 2:10 on the video

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    Just read it at curse - WHAT THE HELL?

    Path of the Titans, a really cool idea - gone.
    Guild Talents - gone. Now every guild will be the same, no way to "specialize".
    Guild currency - gone.
    But now we can grind reputation with our own guild.... uhm.... wtf? Do we really need yet another faction grind? I really hope you get reputation for basically doing anything while in the guild, levelling, raiding, dungeons etc.

    Uhm.... Deathwing enters through the Maelstrom now? what the ... Ok, if they do it well I might buy it, still... doing a retcon, sort of, already?! Seriously, make up your minds before announcing one thing to the world and then doing another thing.
    Now that DW enters through the Maelstrom we better be able to go there to seal it or something. Being able to go to, to see the Maelstrom would be a major, major bonus for me and would make me overlook the Path of the Titans thing etc.

    What I like:

    The emphasis on "acting" warchief. ^^ The story leak at Spooncraft already convinced me that there's a good chance that Garrosh won't stay Warchief, or if he really changes might stay Warchief (a better person then though) or after Cataclysm go back to being Thrall's number one, having earned the right to be his heir (which doesn't seem to be true right now, what we've seen of what he does in Cataclysm).

    Really like the "joining other IDs" thing. We're doing a 10man in our guild and couple other guys from the 25man also a 10man. Often, on the second day of raiding where everyone already has an ID, either they or we have not enough players to continue while the other raid often has a surplus of players. This way we could simply switch players to fill up both. Very nice.

    New music - major bonus imo. I really, really liked the Wotlk music, much, much more than the Vanilla or BC stuff. If they add Wotlk-quality music to the new Vanilla content - hell yeah!
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