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    So what IS in the expansion at this point ? =/

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    The alpha NDA is still in effect.
    The NDA that was lifted was the one for the press tour.

    Also, for the ones looking for immediate info, wowhead seems to have a good bit more detail currently.

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    The song Disco Inferno came up on my music player just as I started watching that video of the zone changes. Took me about a minute and a half to realize the irony of it ... *Burn, baby, burn!*

    Kinda too bad about Archeology and Path of the Titans. I was looking forward to that, but this is why you shouldn't get your hopes too high before you actually buy and install the final product

    Overall, liking the news, and can't wait for more! (Paladin talents plz? )

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    What.... no guild talents , no path of the titans, no HC DM or SK for the release of Cataclysm.
    Son, i am disappoint.

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    I was kinda looking forward to the Path of the Titans system. But if they scrapped it, I know it was for good reason... so oh wells. The new zones look great

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    I think this sums up the Path of the titian's/Guild talent's removal.
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    wow blizzard has made cataclysm not awesome. WotLK 2.0

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    Pretty sad that they removed the stuff I was looking forward to

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    "Oh we're sorry, we put so much time and effort into it, in the end we decided it would be best to make all of that time spent worthless."

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    was looking forward to the path of the titans along with guild talents as well but video was nice atleast

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    It sounds like they bit off a lot more than they can chew. I hope this won't apply to the hunter changes. It'll suck if they do a half-ass job and just plan to fix it in patches.

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    wow i no longer have any ambition to play cata anymore thanks blizz for making the expansion about as exciting as going to work.

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    I'm pretty sure there going to introduce something atleast to replace what they have removed don't get so bummed out just yet guys/girls.

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    "An horrific secret will be revealed after he dies."?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!




    So anyway. I'm a little bummed that Path is gone, but I can see where it could've gotten a bit to complicated to manage, particularly with PvE AND PvP.

    I think that the guild talents change is good. It would be kinda lame if the talent system didn't let you pick up all of the talents, and if it did let you pick them all up, then what's the point of letting the players choose the order.

    I'm a little concerned about the "reputation", though. What if you join a guild that's already level 25? Will the standard methods of contribution still advance your reputation? I would imagine so, but I'm still concerned.

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    Well, if there would be no Kotick, then they'd probably have the time and resources to develop PotT/archaeology.

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    I'm quite sad - these scrapped featured truely looked like something worth "fighting" for as a player once you hit 85.
    Yay another secondairy profession (Archeology) that does fuck all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the1seth View Post
    wow i no longer have any ambition to play cata anymore thanks blizz for making the expansion about as exciting as going to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gray View Post
    If i recall Therazane looks exactly like her daughter Princess Theradas, from Mauradon...

    ...She was a sight for sore eyes, i hope they better looking on the eyes!
    Jeez, you are so superficial

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    I am gutted about PotT going, seemed a really unique and interesting feature which would add some much needed customisation to a game where at times seems to be very "cookie cutter" (lots of people going round in the same looking gear, with the same spec, same glyphs, same pets etc) although if it was going to delay the game immensely to balance this feature I can see why they did it, and everybody scouring the world for relics for the first 2 months to try and be ready for raiding would not be great...

    I am happy about Guild Talents though, especially when levelling (well with all my characters right now) they are in random guilds and I wouldn't particularly trust the leader to spec the guild properly so the levelling thing sounds better.

    Dissapointed in the delay of SFK and DM delays, I wanted to see how something played out which I won't discuss or even mention until it's confirmed the FULL NDA is lifted. Surely they wouldn't take too much work?

    Cho'gall thing has me really interested and i can see a major twist in the lore hopefully, although I hope it's not just (I FUSED WITH C'THUN LOLZ/C'THUN IS STILL ALIVE GETTING STRONGER YOU KILLED AN IMAGINATION OF HIM HE MADE U CRAZYYY IN NEXT CONTENT PATCH YOU FIGHT HIM).

    All in all I see it as quite interesting, it seems like they are trying to push the game forward as much as possible, maybe with PotT etc they would be struggling for a release before Blizzcon (or even Christmas) which they hinted at last year ("You will be complaining about Goblin Rogues by the time blizzcon comes round again).

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    All that cool stuff gone.

    But Orgrimmar looks hawt. <3

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