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    OP is an attentionwhore and should be banned

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafrok View Post
    The fact that you waited until Cairne was dead, rather than at 1% before thunderstorming the protadin means you lose one internet.
    He's a disgrace to the faction and his life.

    All faction bosses have been solo'd, or at least near. Came upon dude soloing Thrall, was at 12% I think. Destroyed him and kinda stuck around to make sure he wouldn't start up again.

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    Nice UI lol.
    Not a world first, or second for that matter. Been done with 2 on my server plenty of times.
    Former raider of Accession [US-Stormreaver]

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    I 3 manned him with a DK and a shadow priest while on my pally as holy, it's pretty easy and we did it a few weeks ago lol. didn't seem post worthy.

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    Personally, I like that he censored his name and his buddies, but not the people in Trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fysi View Post
    Gratz on posting in an old thread /slowclap
    yw m8, I heard necro'ing from top of 2nd page is srs crime :P:P
    buh bye!

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    Oh ya? Well I got the world first for solo'ing MC while listening to bluegrass music and periodically picking my nose. Gratz me!!!!

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