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    New Desktop

    Hi there. I'm not so great with computers but I do need a new one. I'm looking to spend under $800 ish dollars but I'd be willing to go a little bit over. Problem with that is, I also want a reliable, well known company.

    I want something that can play WoW with high video settings, I've been told to look at something with at least 4 GB of RAM which I'm sure would be nice because currently I am playing on only 2 and a horrible computer. I'm just talking about the tower here (or whatever its called) I'll purchase a different keyboard, mouse and monitor.

    Thanks in advance and I'm sorry for my retardation.

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    * Choice of Coolermaster Elite 330 OR Gigabyte GZ-X6 Case
    * Intel Core i3 530 Overclocked 3.80GHz Dual Core CPU
    * Quiet Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro With 92mm Fan
    * Asus P7H55-M Motherboard
    * Overclocked ATI HD5770 1GB Graphics Card
    * 4GB Crucial PC10600 1333MHz DDR3 Ram
    * 500GB 7200rpm SATA II Hard Drive
    * LG 22x Dual Layer DVD +/- Rewriter
    * Integrated 5.1 Channel Audio
    * Choice of Windows: 7 Home Premium OR Vista Home Premium OR XP Home With Original CD
    * Quiet Xilence 600W 2 x PCI-E PSU
    * 2 Years Return To Base Warranty
    * Also known as Intel PC / i3 Core / Gaming Base Unit

    £699.00 inc. VAT , that would be 800ish in USD i think
    its a good deal. also a gaming pc. handbuld by arbico. trusted also

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    And what if i said I don't know how to build a computer oh and thank you

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    It's allready built for you.

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    All those things i listed for you, its in the pc..i just didnt put the name of it, its the system of the pc
    ( if you allready did not know ) it will run wow for you perfectly
    but i woudnt spent $800 USD just yet, wait couple of months see what comes out. Unless you need one right now.

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    I would wait but I do need a new PC now =/ Where would I purchase a pc like this?

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    *BUMP* and
    Anyone think this would be a good computer for what I'm looking for?

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