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    Computer freezing while playing WoW.

    Hey there!: )

    The last couple of days, after two years of WoW gaming, my computer has started to freeze up randomly while playing wow. It doesn't matter if I turn my graphics from low-ultra, as it just occurs while playing WoW.

    I cannot post my system specs now. Also, I have not installed any particular software lately. I've virus scanned and I've also cleaned my registery.

    Any clue on why this may happen?

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    just freeze, or freeze and fail? (turns off or whatever etc.)

    if this were to happen to me, first thing it'd do is check my hardware stats (temprature most of all) try a program called speedfan for that
    then if all my drivers were up to date
    if it persisted, just reinstall the entire rig
    if the problem is still there after a reinstall its hardware related

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    Lethanlnl is right. speedfan is a good way to monitor temps within your computer.
    however if this seemed fine after this you could run a prime95 stress test and see the results. prime is a program that puts your computer under massive load, if its going to crash at all, prime will crash it. After this try replacing your ram 1 stick at a time, just take some out, run wow, take a different one out, run wow ( or a memtest, either one)
    after this try a POST check as well
    if all still seems lost, post your system specs and i will try to solve it

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