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    Indiana Jones 5

    I read a few hints here and there that the central theme of the movie will be around the Bermuda Triangle.
    Wait... Bermuda Triangle according to Spielberg = more aliens!

    What do you guys think about this second rape on archeology?
    For the Emperor.

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    Re: Indiana Jones 5

    Indiana Jones and the quest for the lost hearing-aid.
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    Re: Indiana Jones 5

    Hope they suck as much ^^ Now this will be awesome

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    It seems that I'm the only one that liked the latest Indiana Jones, it was a great movie, great sense of action and adventure is what i expected from an Indiana Jones movie and i got exactly that, if they want to do the Bermuda Triangle, i say go for it, I've rarely seen a movie based on the Bermuda Triangle, and that thing amazes me, I, for one, cant wait to see how it goes.

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    IJ5 will be good, mark my word. For all the IJ4 haters out there, it was never going to be the same as the previous incarnations because of the way that the technology, culture, and society have changed since those movies came out. I have been a IJ fan for 20 years now, and while I realize that IJ4 never really lived up to anyones expectations, I still managed to enjoy the movie due to a refined sense of what cinema really means to me and that is that it provides me with pure enjoyment and satisfaction.

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    Indiana Jones is far too much of a 80's-90's hero. and Harrison Ford is classic but these days he's a little too old :P

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