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    Splice movie

    is it just me, or does the new movie splice seem really intriguing? what do u guys think? good movie to go see?

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    Saw it last night... It's not scary like the previews make it out to be. It's got a slow first half, then the second half I spent with my jaw hanging open thinking "This is a disaster...". If you're looking for something that gonna make you jump, this isn't it. If you're looking for a twisted story about parenting and maturing... well it may be for you.

    This is what happens when Canadians make movies...

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    IDK, I'm going to see it when it hits the ghetto buck fity show.
    Looks Ok from what I;ve seen.

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    that sucks no wonder the canadian newspaper gave it good reviews if its a canadian film lol what have we really done good tbh :P. the twisted story might draw me to it. ill probs "preview" it online :P

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