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    The Secret World appreciation thread


    The secret world. What's good? What bad? What faction will you be playing? What's your biggest expectations? Go!

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    I'll be Templar I think although I do want to hear more about their history and see their weapon choices before it launches.

    What's good?
    I think storyline will be really strong, and I love the setting (Hidden mysteries. All the myths are true. etc..)
    They haven't even officially announced anything and there already seems to be a TON of monsters in The Secret World. Looking forward to fighting them
    I like the idea of a 'deck' of skills that we will get to build up and deploy for whatever role we want to fill.

    What's bad?
    That it is still so far away and there is so little information lol. Also, I thought the character graphics looked a little plastic doll-ish (Not the monsters though. The Brute looks awesome). But it's early days yet and there are many graphics iterations to go through yet I suspect.

    What were your opinions Sindren?

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    I love the story and the setting. I became a Templar when I did the test.

    Although, it feels like they'll make it half-assed and release it when it's far from finished.
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    Both me and my brother and a few friends will all be going Illuminati. ;D Oh yeah, most definitely, I would want to pursuit the role of a hunter/ranger and if Illuminati can't bring that "class" I'll have to drop all of my former allies. xD I'd actually play as any of the factions, but the majority of the people I know that'll bye the game will be Illuminati, and the way I understood it the different groups won't be able to interact all too much with each other, somewhat similar to the horde - alliance thing.

    What's good?
    All of the mythology, mysteries and conspiracy theories. It's just one big pool filled with fantasy and imagination inspired from our own world. Oh yeah, I believe the story will be heavy, I've played wow for so long now that I think the quality of the story will shock me, positively. I'm uncertain about the leveling and abilitiy system, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed. ;D

    What's bad?
    This is the easiest question to answer: the immense lack of information and previews. Basically, we don't know shit about the game, except for what Funcom tells us, and they sure like to keep their official information slim for the consumers. Their just one big tease.. : / Living in the modern world, I think it'll bore me to run around in shit that I've already known about for many years, cities like New York or London etc, I'll mostly hang out in the fictional areas of the world. Butchering all of the fictional things that I come over. The limited information that I've read on Pvp and Pve haven't succeeded in capturing me yet.

    Biggest expectation: Instances and raids. This is one of the most important aspects for me to stay with a game, ever since I discovered it on wow I've been hooked. If TSW can't deliver a similar system or an replacement I don't know if the end game will be strong enough for me to stay. The reason why I'm mentioning it is because I haven't read all that mcuh about it thus far. I need to do runs. :P

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    Good- H.P. Lovecraft/Stephen King style dark foreboding ambiance, real world post apocalyptic style.

    Bad- Outrageous system requirements. Under tested, the game will be pushed out the door and on shelves long before it is playable and you will hear "We are fixing _______ next patch" for the first 2 years just to fix problems that they should have taken care of pre-release IF it stays alive that long.

    The bad are all just from Funcom's recent attempt at a new MMO(AoC).
    If they get their crap together and make a game that "your average" gamer can pick up and play that is at least release ready when it ships then I will be there waiting for my copy, but I'm not holding my breath.

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    Nice site, intro and all...

    But the gameplay really looked old and boring

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    I'm deffinatly excited for this game. It looks kind of like The Dark Tower, what with being able to travel to different worlds and all. It gives the developers freedom to come up with all kinds of scenarios. And the modern day setting mixed with magic and sorcery just plain rocks.

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