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    Only(?) 4 gb of ram.

    So i have been looking at a few computers and i have seen the ram is around 4gb-6gb on the most computers. I found a good computer for a good price but it only has 4gb of ram and i was wondering if 4gb is enough for gaming(games like MW2, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and Cataclysm)or if i should buy a computer with more ram?


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    No games today need more than about 1-2 gigs of RAM, and windows takes 1.5 gigs max. WoW tops to 1.2 gigs in busy Wintergrasp and usually stays somewhere around 800MB during 25-man raids. 4GB is perfectly fine right now and if you need more later it's cheap.

    OEM's like to stick silly amounts of RAM into the computers (6GB, 8GB or even more) because it's damn cheap and looks better than the other computer the next store is selling with pretty close to zero benefit. Often it comes at the price of gimped graphics card or older generation CPU even.
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    4GB is enough, I do know one exception were I would be happy with a bit more but, till this point its exactly that, a exception.

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    computers with over 4 gb's of ram usualy try to benefit from the tripple channel function, which obviously increases the ram's preformance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterwings View Post
    computers with over 4 gb's of ram usualy try to benefit from the tripple channel function, which obviously increases the ram's preformance.
    Indeed, but Triple Channel is only on the expensive boards at the moment.

    Personally, i tend to find a balance between Price, Performance, and Compatibility. See, when i was building this DDR2 system years ago, i bought cheap corsair ram to start off. When i could afford it, i moved from 2x1GB, to 4x1GB Corsair Dominator. Since it was utilising all 4 channels, it caused some issues. So, after a while, i went to 2x2Gb OCZ. I'm still using it today. The main point is that it was cheap, compatible, and it's still performing well.

    When i build my next system, i have to choose whether i want to spend loads and get triple channel, or whether i'll settle with double channel and get a cheaper system. After that, i'll decide how much i want. I'd love a 16GB system (especially since i run 3 monitors, and sometimes have 2-3 copies of WoW open multiboxing as well as a lot of other stuff such as After Effects, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, etc. in the background), but it'd be expensive, simply because of the motherboard and CPU sides.

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    I think my mobo is mentally retarded since I have 4g of ram and it only recognizes 3199g on my x64 OS. I don't seem to have a setting in the bios to make it recognize more either. I used to say that nobody needs more than 4g, but with what I have, WoW is taking up like 1.2g of it!

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    I'd say that your graphics card and processor would also contribute to the speed of the computer. If you know it's a fairly decent graphics card and perhaps dualcore then you'll have no problems running it.

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    4gb is enough, i haven't found a game that i have trouble running on highest resolution with my 1½ year old computer. but if you are going above 3gb ram you need to switch to a 64bit OS otherwise more then 3gb ram will be wasted since 32bit systems only can use 3.2gb ram.

    Windows 7 64bit it what i recommend, im running it and it works flawless. I ran the beta for almost 1½ year before switching to retail and i haven't had one bluescreen or lockup, AWESOME!

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