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    Slight jolt

    So just bought a brand new lap top yesterday, installed WoW yadda yadda. When I fly sometimes, and when im mounted and im looking [I]straight[I] with the camera angle, there is like a hiccup with the game, i kinda like stall in place and then go on. Is that happening because of a certain graphics effect is enabled and my card cant handle it?

    Edit: When im flying or riding it slows down kinda for a split second the continues on.

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    Do you experience anything else, like interface gone missing for a short sec? Which zones is it in? Or is it just random?

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    I think this is because WoW loads in blocks.
    It will load the current square of terrain for what you are in.
    when you experience the "jolt" this is because you are entering a new block and your processor cant process fast enough. Thats just a thought mind.

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