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    So I have some Keyloggers. Any suggestions on how to find them and remove them? I Have AVG Anti-Virus but it can't find anything. This same guy has put 3 authenticators on my account over the course of 2 weeks and it's goddamned annoying. Please halp

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    Second stickied thread at the top of the Computer Forum.
    How to clearn your system from keyloggers

    Personally I could not find the source when it happened to me so had to do a reinstall of windows.

    There is no way you should have continued to use wow on the same computer until you had either reformatted, or at least were sure you had removed it/them.

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    I recommend Avast, then run it in Scanning mode on start up. By doing this it wont load the keyloggers into memory and lock them so they will be removed. This only works on 32bit system no 64bit version yet to my knowledge.

    This is how i have it set up if i think im being comprised.
    1.Start my VMWARE'ed linux os which is clean install.
    2.Logon to the site through linux, change password.
    3.Reboot computer with Reboot scan option. And locate the virus
    4.Clean it.
    5.Boot Linux again and change the password to intended new Password.

    Bit paranoid but well to be frank i haven't had a virus on my computer since 2000.
    But im gonna get an authenticator just to avoid the Authenticator lockout.

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