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    Bio- Alatharon Starstrider

    Name: Alatharon Starstrider

    Age: 300yrs(110)

    Race: Night Elf

    Gender: Male

    Class: Rogue/asassin

    Personality: On the job, serious when not funloving/joyful

    Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Daggers, Jokes, Money, Dislikes: Failure, Children,

    Appearance: light Purpe skin, dresses in black most the time, slight scar over left eye

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: Stealth, Close Range Combat, Persuasion Weaknesses: Strength(lifting and Punching) Eyesight(left eye is blinded)

    History: Alatharon Starstrider, was born in the wastes of tanaris, where his family where exploring the ruins of Zul'Farrak, raised to fight by his father, with the element of suprise and not brutality, but swift precise and deadly movements, when his parents where killed in a troll attack. After this occurance he ran, and was found by the Goblins of Gadgetzan, where he learned the arts of Pursuasion, after this he wanted to learn about his native people, The Night Elves, so he ran all the way to Theramore, over many nights.
    He finally encountered the Human Leader of Theramore,Jaina Proudmore, who gladly created a portal to Darnassus, the capitol city of the Night Elves, there he learned all of his heritage. after he discovered this Alatharon worked as a dockhand, and bartender back in theramore, to earn enough money to buy passage to stormwind, where he bought a house in Old Town, and set up his businees of the best thing he knew, assassination, deciet and Trickery.

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    I feel that his personality, appearance, and history needs more detail.

    In the history especially, I'd like to see more details on his childhood life, how he was trained, how the death of his parents affected him, how his time in Gadgetzan was, what his travels to Theramore and subsequently Darnassus were like, and how his time in Darnassus up to the present was like.

    If you wanted to know the general size your history should be, a well done history is usually three to five paragraphs, written like a biography or story, with plenty of details.

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    I agree with my cohort above. Also, don't be afraid to go into detail, we love to see that kind of devotion.
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    One thing I'd like to know is about him moving to Old town and his little "shop".

    Has he requested aid of or given it to SI: 7? Would be interesting to know what's his standing with Stormwind Intelligence. I know that the Night Elf rogues are supposed to be of a different order than those of Stormwind or Ironforge (all of them having their own private organization/guild), but I'd still like to know that.

    Also perhaps some... "important works" he has done in the past. There's a few... crooks in Old Town, so he should have plenty to do, not counting Stormwind as a whole, with all the corrupted nobles and assassination attempts.
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