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    ((This is an updated bio, separated from the RP Forum App bio, meant for her sig use and modification as events warrant...such as the current ones.))

    Syrra Coventry, a Half Elf raised as a High Elf in the city of Silvermoon, watches the world around her, and the people in it that she loved so dearly, slowly succumb to the ravages of war, treachery, and all manner of fel creatures. As the weight of these things weighs heavier on her, she finds new purpose and direction...as well a darker calling.

    While Syrra may not know who her birth parents are, she has never let that stop her in the least. The flamboyant and fiery half-elf makes sure that either no one notices when and where she's passed by, or she makes sure everyone notices.

    What she does know is that sometime shortly before the First War, she was found as an infant on the banks of the Thondroril River in the arms of a dead woman who appeared for the most part human, but with a strangely deformed arm. She had been in a caravan of what people called, at the time, "Freaks" that traveled together and ran sideshows and sold their custom-made wares. The whole caravan and all of the members of the group had been completely ravaged, all people killed, and most of the goods and equipment destroyed and burned. The High Elf man and his eldest, a warrior daughter, that found the destroyed caravan took the infant back to Quel'Thalas where he and his wife raised her as their own child. As she grew, it was obvious from her shape, size, features, and temperament that she was indeed half High Elf and half Human.

    Syrra spent the brunt of her formative years mastering her talents at cooking, especially where exotic meats and pastries were concerned. She put these talents to work at the Wayfarer's Rest in Silvermoon City's Merchant District until the fall of that great bastion of elf grandeur. Upon her escape from the rampaging Scourge Army, she took it upon herself to learn another set of useful talents; that of the rogue. She didn't fancy herself to be just any old shadow-creeping and grungy pickpocket. She had much loftier goals in mind.

    Over the next 3 years, she worked almost tirelessly on developing her skills as a Reaver, as her companions began calling her. She didn't just descend on a target, rob or kill it, then leave. She became the scourge of...the Scourge. She would hunt for encampments of the vile creatures and, when the time was right, she'd go into action, not only destroying the creatures, but leveling their camp, taking what valuables she felt worth recovering, and all the while paying close attention to any possible information from papers, documents, or ledgers she might find of other Scourge activity so she could strike again.

    More than once, she ran afoul of a group calling themselves the Scarlet Crusade. While she understood their basic tenets, she found them to be on the verge of insanity, believing that anyone who wasn't a member of the Crusade was a Scourge to be wiped from the face of the world. Where she found it necessary, she put many Crusaders to the blade as well as any Scourge. This suited her fine as the few times she'd tried to reason with one of them, she thought it like trying to reason with a falling rock; you can yell and scream until you're blue in the face, but there's no stopping it until it comes crashing down.

    In the past couple of years, Syrra's moved her personal campaign against the undead blight from the Plaguelands of Lordaeron to the bitter reaches of Northrend. She has found the cold more tolerable than her former proximity to so many undead that she has been forced to leave in peace; the Forsaken of Lordaeron City.

    With news of the passing of the last of her known adopted family, she's now on a quest of personal discovery. No longer does she feel the need to be anything to anyone other than herself...to herself...

    More recently, Syrra has felt a calling...a dark beckoning... Strange visions cloud her waking mind as well as haunt her dreams. Losing time and her temper more often than has ever occurred before, something deep within her is stirring as she desperately searches for the cause. Biting loneliness has enveloped her as she struggles with the visions and sensations that something about her is changing; evolving.

    The urges at first pulled her towards the Greymane Wall and the wilds of Silverpine Forest. Spending some time there, she has begun to discover something buried deep within her that has started filling the void she has long felt. As the one void fills though, another is created. She has spent countless hours researching the strange Worgen creatures which took her from Silverpine to Northrend. Eventually, she back-traced a trail of stories to Duskwood. From there, she has been lead to Ashenvale and the Night Elves.

    Her investigations took her on a trip across the sea once more, this time with far greater consequences. Beset by naga near the Maelstrom, Syrra's inner turmoils came to fruition as she, for the first time, wholly transformed into a massive Worgen, laying to waste the invaders on the ship. As the last of the crewmen lay gasping and at death's door, he urged her to hide amongst the cargo containers and appear to any who find the ship to be as she was before the change.

    Once discovered by the Night Elves, she was brought to Darnassus and over the course of an assault on the city, her true form was once again revealed, this time for all the city to see. After much debate and discussion, as well as her proving that she intends no harm to the Night Elves and actually wishes to join them, she is at last accepted into their society, though cautiously at first.

    She has concluded her studies of the creature she has become, aided by the learned Druid Lyara Broadmoon, as well as in the ways of the Night Elves and the Sentinels. She has taken up residence in Darnassus-proper; living in the Temple district with Lyara's family.

    At present, her relationship with Myriell is at best on shaky ground, considering Myriell's reservations regarding Syrra's state of existence. Her new form scares her, largely due to the tales of the Druids of the Scythe and not on anything Syrra herself has actually done to anyone.
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