View Poll Results: What team are you supporting during the World Cup?

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  • Brazil

    1 11.11%
  • England

    1 11.11%
  • France

    0 0%
  • Germany

    3 33.33%
  • Italy

    1 11.11%
  • Netherlands

    1 11.11%
  • Portugal

    1 11.11%
  • Spain

    0 0%
  • United States

    0 0%
  • Another team

    1 11.11%

Thread: World Cup 2010

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    World Cup 2010

    So, what team are you going for?

    The poll limit is only 10, so I couldn't include other teams, but I put in the top rated teams, because face it, if they are doing well, people will want them to win.

    I'm half dutch, so Netherlands is the obvious choice for me to support. ORANGE ARMY ALL THE WAY!
    My back up plan would be Argentina, and I'm upset that Turkey didn't qualify this time.
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    Hummmmmmmm no N.Korea? what kind of poll is that? :P

    N.Korea FTW!

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    Judging from the (rather bad/boring) performances of some of favorite teams in their first games we could have very good chances to win the title this time. I am very curious to see Spain in action tomorrow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spurmwhale View Post
    Hummmmmmmm no N.Korea? what kind of poll is that? :P

    N.Korea FTW!
    They really deserved a draw after that very lame performance of Brazil.

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