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Thread: VuvuZela

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    im pretty sure that i'm not the only one who noticed the bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sounds of the vuvuzela.
    but what i was wondering is: do you guys like it or hate it?

    personally i dont know what to say, from the one side its an anoying bzzzz which keeps going for infinity.
    but from the other side it really gives a nice spin to the match, its something diffrent then people whining at referies.

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    Mute the god damn game, let the commentators talk and if you want to hear the vuvuzelas, go to the game...

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    Im from South Africa and live just around the corner from one of the stadiums. The VuVuzelas can become very annoying at times, but they have been part of south african soccer since i can remember, so dont have a problem with them.

    Btw i support Brazil

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    Eh, I find it annoying when I am watching the matches but I understand and respect that is part of their culture so I'm pretty cool with it, besides, if you are watching the game in a public place with alot of people watching the game you wont even notice it sometimes.

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