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    PVP Disc gear help


    i'm soon to be lvl 80 disc priest, i have leveled disc priest solely for the purpose of doing bg's and maybe arena later on.
    the thing is the more i think about the gear i should be in for pvp'ing in bg's the more confused i get.

    what are the wrathfull offset peaces i should be aiming for? is it the haste, crit or mp5 ones?
    are there particular stats caps i should be aiming for and thus mixing and matching the ones i mentioned?

    as for the rest of the gear i will be spending my badges on emblem pve gear, using the 4pc t9 gear which will slowly be replaced by the furious/relentless set items.

    how much resilience should i aim for?
    what sort of trinkets should i use? Medalion of the horde and the battlemaster 150sp one?

    to sum it up, i will be gearing my toon by running dungeons for gear and emblems (spending emblems on t9, pve trinket and other decent gear) and spending the honour points on the wrathfull offset items.

    any tips/tricks would be appreciated on how to gear up my toon correctly, keep in mind for the time being it will only be played in bg's as Disc.

    edit: could you give me some sort of advice on gemming/enchanting the pvp gear?
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    Well its personal. Haste means faster spellcast to kill targets, spirit means faster mana regen. The spells you mostly use is so fast that haste is shit, well at least for me. I shield, prayer and penance myself, even in arena, and it goes well, im at almost 1850 rating atm.

    If you want faster spellcast, aim haste.

    If you want mana regen, aim spirit, this is my pick to last long in arena.

    If you want to crit heal, use crit. I think this is also a good stat, if you like to play spriest and disc.

    Medallion of horde is a must cause of the resi and get away from stun etc.
    And get a 150 SP trinket to cause of 5k extra health which is a life saver.

    The best way to gear up is first doing hcs so you can buy the furious glooves pretty cheap, i think its 30 emblems, costs nearly 50k if you use honor i think.

    Then just try to have fun in bgs and you will later get full pvp set.

    You should aim for 900 resi to start with, and later get 1200 resi by getting 1800 rating and buying weapon and off hand.

    I aim for SP, SP+spirit and SP+stamina, but im not sure if thats right.

    Enchants, just pick the SP/spirit ones and stats on chest.
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