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    Has anyone else played the Beta of this game? I did for around 4 hours, and I have to say, it's pretty, and customization is great, but the game play is boring as hell. It's GTA with other people. the "quests' are the same 4 quests. Just in different areas. Blow up this car, or building. Get to "XX" spot and guard is for so much time. Too repeatable for me, even for a MMO. There is no PVE aspect to it. At least not in Beta. If this is anywhere close to the final product, I will for sure not be wasting my 50 bucks for it. For me was a total waste of 2 days of download time to play it. Load times are crazy long, I didn't experience any lag in game, but talking to others and seeing the forums on it. A lot of people have. I like FPS games but too much stuff is missing from this to make me want to keep playing it.
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    Im in it since halfway trough closed beta, and to be honest now im just terribly bored with it, extremely repeatable, my main problem with it is that I find it very half-assed, has a shooter I dont like it even nearly cod levels, has a mmo its boring without content, two wrongs dont do one good, pitty I had high hopes for it, has a personal "wow solution".
    Havent played it in around 2 weeks, so no not buying it.

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    I guess it is just for people that play GTA and aren't easily bored. Most MMO players need variety and constant challenge. But this is a game that can be easily mastered and nothing will ever be much different no matter what they do in patches. It's a shame but it will still do pretty well since not many MMOs cater to this demographic.

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    I got my betakey from last week but I still haven't got the actual software to work.

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