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    Bio - Gilon Sunfire

    Name: Gilon Sunfire

    Age: 117

    Race: Blood Elf

    Gender: Male

    Class: Paladin

    Personality: Gilon is calm and level headed by nature, because of this he usually spends a great deal of time pondering on what course of action to take. When he has his plan set and his goal in mind there is no stopping the fierce and determined warrior. In contrast to his usual course of action, when the time calls for it, Gilon will act with a second of thought with the same determination as always. Gilon is one to follow orders to the letter and most commanders love having him at their command, not to say that this is as far as his expertise goes. When needed Gilon has proven himself as and apt leader, sparking the loyalty of his troops. Gilon has a need or even an addiction to war, fighting and conflict he allays need to be involved with some sort of struggle and as soon as he has had a day of rest he will be off looking for another one. Because of this Gilon is often posing as a High Elf in order to be able to assist the Alliance.

    Likes/Dislikes: Gilon is very welcoming to all races, and will gladly help a stranger in need, regardless of faction or affiliation. Gilon's main dislikes are boastful people who talk more than they can perform and those who are overly cruel to other races.

    Appearance: Gilon has a slightly larger build that most Blood Elves and likes to keep himself in peak physical condition. The most distinguishing feature of Gilon's visage is a scar on his right eyebrow from early in his childhood after an eyebrow piercing was ripped out during a play fight between him and a friend.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Gilon is a gifted wielder of the light and has a remarkable aptitude towards hand to hand combat. One of Gilon's most major weaknesses is on that seems to always show itself in interesting ways, although educated and literate Gilon has the worst handwriting many come across and very poor spelling abilities which often leads to miss read letters and commands.

    History: Gilon's story starts in Farstrider Retreat, a short ways south of Silvermoon City. His mother, just on the verge of labour and his father were off on a day trip out in the countryside of the Eversong Woods, as they were on their way back to their home in Fairbreeze village little unborn Gilon decided it was time for him to be born. They quickly made their way to the only building in sight, Farstrider Retreat. The building was for the most part empty except for a single merchant and a Paladin by the name of Jesthenis Sunstriker. It was Jesthenis who helped bring Gilon into the world of Azeroth and thankfully so. When Gilon came out he wasn't breathing and there was no visible cause, in a panic Jesthenis called upon the light to aid him and an unusual thing happened. As Jesthemis was summoning the light too him light enveloped his hands and forearms but before the spell was finished casting Gilon also began to glow with holy light and more remarkably he had started breath. For the next week Gilon's parents and their newborn son stayed with Jesthenis in Farstrider Retreat waiting for Gilon to mature slightly more before returning home to Fairbreeze Village.

    Over the next decades Gilon was raised as a hunter like his father and became know and quite the marksman but never truly found joy in that life. When Gilon reached his thirty third year he decided to leave his life in Fairbreeze Village to seek a different path, what that might be he did not know, the plan was to head to his races capital of Silvermoon. Rather than taking the roads he decided a rout through the forests would be more interesting... An adventure never hurt anyone right? On Gilon's second night on the way to Silvermoon he made camp and prepared for bed when out of the darkness two trolls emerged seeing Gilon as their soon to be meal. The two trolls attacked with confidence, how could and unarmed elf stand a chance against them. Straight away instinct took over, Gilon ripped the spear out of the first ones hands using it to impale it's former wielder. The second troll taking advantage slashed Gilon across the midsection and jumped at him. The two locked arms and began rolling down a hill, by the time they reached the bottom Gilon has managed to slit the throat of the troll with its own knife. Mortally wounded Gilon lay at the edge of a river as his life blood slowly drained from his body. In his last moments of consciousness Gilon called upon something to save him, he didn't know what, he just asked.

    Four days later Gilon woke to the smell of cooking bread and the sound of clanging metal, he didn't know how but some how he had been saved. Shortly after regaining his consciousness Gilon saw a man enter the room and kneel beside him. "What happened?" asked Gilon. The stranger began with "My name is Jesthenis Sunstriker, I found you just on the other side of that river four nights ago". Jesthenis went on to explain that he was talking a walk along the waters edge when he noticed a beam of light come down from the sky, straight away he waded across the river to find Gilon's unconscious body drenched in blood, faintly glowing with light. "I had thought that you were injured young one but when I surveyed your body there wasn’t a scratch on it. You must have been injured badly based on the amount of blood, but the light saved you and even with you lying here now I can feel its power about you. What is your name lad?” When Gilon responded Jesthenis was in disbelief, he told Gilon of his role in his birth and began to tell Gilon about the light. In the days to follow Gilon began training under Jesthenis to become a Paladin and over the next few decades he learned to master the light and at the early age of fifty eight we has inducted into the Church of Holy Light.

    Gilon first saw combat three days after his entry to the Church of Holy Light in response to various Troll raids that happened to a number of villages in the Ghostlands. For the next year Gilon learned how battle worked and honed his skills as a warrior. Gilon's newly earned battlefield renown led him and a number of other Paladins to the human city of Stormwind to aid the High elves allies against the mysterious new enemy know as Orcs. Through his aid against the growing Orc threat Gilon rose to the rank of Knight-Champion bestowed upon him by King Llane Wyrnn. Over the next twenty year Gilon served among the Alliance aiding them wherever his superiors back in Quel'thalas saw fit. But Gilon's Life as Knight-Champion of the alliance drastically changed during the Third War when his homeland of Quel'thalas was ravaged by Prince Arthas and his Scourge. Summoned by his former master Jesthenis Sunstriker to defend his race Gilon took up arms against the Scourge and eventually back into Sunstrider Isle as a last defence. Fortunatly those who sought refuge on Sunstrider Isle survived and renamed themselves Blood Elves in honor of their fallen kin and swore revenge. The events that followed led Gilon's new race to forge and alliance the Orcs and became part of the new Horde.

    In the After math of the Third War, Gilon joined the newly formed Argent Dawn, still remaining a member or the Horde but seeing the Alliance as old comrades united against the Scourge. Serving with the Argent Dawn for the next five years Gilon took part in assaults on Strathome and Scholomace eventually leading up to a frontal on the floating domain of Naxxaramas. After Gilon's successful cleansing of Naxxaramas he was given the title of the Argent Champion by Commander Thomas Helleran and a specially made suit of Argent Dawn armor. Gilon would have continued to serve with the Ardent dawn had he not been summoned by Reagent Lor'themar Theron to cross through the Dark Portal after its reopening and bring glory to his race. In this time Gilon defeated the former Blood Eleven leader Keal'thas Sunstrider and Illidan Stormrage, earning his high standing in the Blood Knight's Order. Eventually Gilon was again called on by Reagent Lor'themar Theron to return to Azeroth and aid in the cleansing of the Sunwell. Even though Gilon did not directly have a hand in defeating Kil'jaeden he was a valuable asset in his demise. Since then Gilon has joined the Sunreavers in Northrend and thought them has been able to defeat the Lich King and avenge his fallen kin.

    Currently: Since there is no major threat to Azeroth at the moment Gilon is spending his days where Gilon feels he is needed, or wherever the Light takes him. He is acting as an agent of the Argent Dawn because it is affiliated with both Horde and Alliance and its members are welcomed everywhere.
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    "By blood and honor we serve" Gilon Sunfire

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    I like it. I also love how he is willing to help any race, no matter the affiliation. Would really stir things up if he slipped, and helped the wrong person.
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    ditto, I like him a lot. Did you mean for him to be so young, though? It looks like he's done a lot, even prior to becoming of age.

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    Oh, quick, Garots is posting, to the Keyboard *flies away to swingset superman*
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    ditto, I like him a lot. Did you mean for him to be so young, though? It looks like he's done a lot, even prior to becoming of age.
    On the race life span page on wowwiki it said Belfs reached adulthood at 110 but then it had (or 80) in brackets so i didn't know which to go with.
    "By blood and honor we serve" Gilon Sunfire

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    On the race life span page on wowwiki it said Belfs reached adulthood at 110 but then it had (or 80) in brackets so i didn't know which to go with.
    That's true, but you don't master something when you hit adulthood. It takes MANY years of hard work to achieve a mastery of something.
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    Welcome to the sea of paladins and elves :]!
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