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    Unhappy Healing Issues.

    Hey everyone!

    Got some strange bit of problem that not many seen before.
    And was hoping anyone of you have a solution.

    Just re-installed WoW after a harddrive change. And now when ever i use a
    healing spell with a casttime the computer freezes for like 0.1-0.2 seconds.

    If i use a damaging spell with casttime theres no freezing what so ever.

    Have tried healing with all the classes and it´s the same on them all.
    Just when im "releasing" the spell the computer freezes. It´s like the healing animation
    got some problem.

    Happy for all tips.

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    I had something similar. Whenever I would turn into a 'Spirit of Redemption', my screen would freeze. It just started randomly and then stopped after a month or two.

    Can I ask what caused you to re-install WoW?
    How full is your hard-drive?
    I heal in the Arena
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    Also try running the wow repair utility.

    Also: try it without addons.

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    That sounds like an addon. Enable LUA error reporting and see if you get spammed with errors when you heal.

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    Disable add-ons and check again, if you still get it using 100% default blizzard UI, run the WoW repair tool as something may have corrupted on either updates or the install files.

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    If it only happens on heals.....

    Are you using raidframes that show incoming heals or something similar? I might just be some addon like that screwing up when it tries to sync that information with your raidmembers. (Do all of them have the same version as you? Do you have the newest version?)

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