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    Quote Originally Posted by Storno View Post
    As far as I remember Dwarf-Priests were much better than the tremor totem - at least horde QQ'd so hard about them.
    Thats what I thought, tremor is rather unreliable to have on tanks, also It could massively fuck up onyxia fights if dps/heal missed the fear but the tank didn't. It would go straight for the raid en cause mayhem

    Also, in early vanilla it was possible to stay out of combat on most raid boss fights. And OOC-rezzer (staying out of combat to be able to use your res on people that died) was a an actual raid task mostly filled by shamans and paladins. Good ol' times
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    I remember
    -There was a period in TBC when orcs had bugged shoulder size(2x smaller), and worst of all, it took Blizzard 2-3 months to fix it.


    -And the best one! instance servers being full, and 40 people jumping through the window of MC to zone in, inevitably falling into the lava, getting "Instance servers are full, try again later" message

    was pretty awesome XD
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    You forgot to mention there was a difference back then between "Class runs" and "Quest Runs". 8-man Scholo/Stratholme, one of each class, so that the T0 item pieces were obtained. It was only in a later patch where they restricted the number of players in Scholo and Strat to 5, and removed/nerfed/both trash mobs and bosses to make them into 5man content.

    Also, UBRS was a "Double class run", ie, 2 of each class + 1 class which was alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palidan View Post
    There is an option "Click to move". If you enable this, you can click on the ground, and your character will move to that location. That feature is so useless that nobody uses it
    surprisingly enough i use it all the time, and i know plenty of people who also do, especially when flying on a mount somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loki504 View Post
    and the shaman totem quests.(they had to be in your bag)
    as ppl that have shamans know they made it now so that the shaman relic (totem) counts for all 4 totems, fire earth air water, thank god... so you dont have to store the 4 totems in your bag

    but did you know you still cant sell, trade or throw away the 4 totems? so now they just take up 4 bank slots

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetattack View Post
    As opposed to what people think, not epic nor legendary items are the highest ranked items in WoW, all though the highest ones still have never dropped there is a level above legendary and its called artifact. It ties in well in the lore and some GMs have had the luck to wield items like the martin thunder weapon for example. Martin Thunder has stats that are nowadays kinda obsolete but at the bottom of the tooltip is this : Use: Kills all enemies in a 30 yard radius... would be somewhat nice to have this item was removed in 3.3 but there are some others out there like alex's ring of audacity for example with Equip: Defense +1000. Consider yourself born again hardcore!
    I remember reading somewhere that Martin Thunder now kills you instead of killing all enemies in a 30yard radius... Makes it kinda useless :b

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    There was a bug that warlock enters BWL , summons Void , sends him to Razorgore the Untamed gets a debuff and runs out . When he summon Void it has a debuff and dmges all around killing low lvl in citys (goldspammers) ^^
    "This world has suffered a lot . It is time that Blue Dragonflight takes part into stopping Neltharion, the Earth-Warder or now known as Deathwing the Destroyer in his plan ."

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    two in one here really
    Aimed shot used to have a cast time (not too old I guess)
    There was a time where night elf hunters could cast Aimed shot while shadowmelded. It was pretty OP in BGs.
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    By the way, afaik, the guy mentioned in the OP who got banned for ulduar exploiting with a GM item; the item was Martin Fury, a plate chest item that increases strength and mana (i think) and had the same effect as Martin Thunder.[/QUOTE]

    It wasnt plate :b Every class could/can/where able to use it :P

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    Nice list, very intresting read =). To add, I remember that beards used to be shown outside of helmets, which looked kinda weird sometimes. (T5 pala head on a dwarf any1?)

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    Gnomish death ray could 1 shot almost anything if u where lucky, i think 1 m8 from my guild did 75k damage in nefarian with the gnomish death ray at lvl 60.

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    I like it this post thanks for the info :-)

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    "-Warlocks could kill people in duels. (and I really mean "kill")"

    I killed a player in duel as a mage in TBC, shot arcane missiles and probably had one in the air when the one before hit... back then my mage was lvl 20 or smth...

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    Oh, also as a hunter, i kitted with a druid the blasted lands world boss dragon, it killed all in its path, goldshire, lots of sw guards. we wanted to take him to the king and see if bolver could beat him.
    we didnt make it cos the dragon killed the druid near dwarf district.

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    BOOKMARKED this thread is nice

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    "-Balance druids were utterly useless at vanilla release. Than they added Moonkin form halfway through vanilla, but they still sucked."
    -Says otherwise, muhahaha!
    *Jiggle jiggle jiggle*

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    You used to gain weapong skills faster the more int you had. So for example warriors or rogues would gather full cloth intelect gear just to get weapon skill up faster.

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    Hehe, now I started using *click to move*. Curse you !
    No, it's just a lazy extra way to move and I love lazy <3

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    Very interesting. Thank you
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
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    Not thát old, but still worth mentioning.
    Fun kid, was sick (too sick), got world first Ashes of Alar + His own bow, check the link for more info.

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