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    *searches up female troll*


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    Thanks. I find alpha/beta wow to be very interesting.

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    Very nice
    /golf clap
    LFG is like a playground. the idea is great but retarded kids ruin it for everyone.

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    Is it bad that I think that Draenei fan art is really hot?
    fap fap fap

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    Dire Maul was the original MgT/TOC5 and had gear that rivaled early entry level raid gear although it was still blue.

    Blizzard required warlocks and paladins to do a quest to get their Felsteed and Charger (course less you started in WotLK you probably knew this).

    I believe (might be wrong on this one) that undead once had underwater breathing that allowed them to remain below water without a breath meter.

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    the yeti in the wow box is level sheep!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Awesome Mojo View Post
    very very interesting where did u find
    [/COLOR]also, on the classic wow cd box theres a pic of some dwarf and a warlock(?) all 60 i think fighting a mob in dun morogh theres also a big dragon in stv whats that all about?
    I believe, before the birth of ZG, there used to be a world dragon in STV that was moved to Duskwood when ZG was released. I know I remember running into emerald dragonkin exploring STV a few times.

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    didn't deadmines used to be able to go in a 10 man group, sure i saw/read that some where, could be mistaken on that though
    Actually, all dungeons could be entered with 40 people in a raid group. You dropped raid group in order to get quest items and got invited back. People used to run it with 10, 20, 30 and 40 people. Blizzard changed that because they didn't want that content to be that trivialized.

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    In alpha and part of the beta, Warlocks wore leather.

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    Thanks so much, really enjoyed the info and especially the videos. There's some extremely interesting and cool stuff in there. Great post!

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    Very nice thread!

    Made me search some old screenshots of me playing the American closed beta...
    Not all are features, but some stuff might me fun to know about anyway.

    * Max level in the beta was lvl 39 (since lvl 40 introduced mounts i guess)
    After you could reach 39+ all your gear was reset and you got some gold send
    to you for buying new equipment.
    * Infernals were guarding resticted area's (the ones under depelopment) blowing
    you up when you came near them. they were called "Guardian of Blizzard"
    * Each region had his own trade channel were you could link items and they were
    sold to the highest bidder in that channel. (imagine Barrens-chat )

    Some real features:
    * Mechanical Squirrel looked like a normal one
    * you didnt have recently bandaged and bandaging wasn't being pushed back (i think).
    so this was basically a warrior's gift
    * you could have Capital letters all over your name. like: LeeTKidOmG

    Thinking of more...

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    I remember having to stop at each flight master on a flight path to select the next point. And I seem to recall only seeing the flight points directly connected to the one you were at.

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    Great read, hope more is coming

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    I knew like one of those, this is really cool, thanks!

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    I remember there was a legendary neklace, which was removed from the game immediatly but one person got to keep it.
    Forgot the name tho.

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    Great READ!!! MOAR PLZ!

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    * SouthShore VS Tarren mill was the first "real" BG ingame
    * AV was released after a while as the first "really real" BG
    * Honor point system was introduced a bit for AV and had a different way of given honor (ranks back then).
    They changed a lot to this system over the years... so things i can recall:
    - Your rank was determined by your contribution of killing the other fraction or being in a group that killed
    - Later some estimates were given, but it was still guessing if you pvped well enough to advance in rank
    - insert lots of other changes here...

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    I remember getting boosted in Uldaman, because a level 60 had to get to the enchanting trainer
    I remember when you had to stay in the capitols so you could be in the LFG-channel and find grps for instances... and then you had to fly from place to place, and run the last way

    I remember doing my Q for the epic paladin mount... the boss in DM, and the boss-event in Scholo... amazing and epic!

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    Great read, many thanks

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    Awesome thread indeed!! Keep it up !!

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    Wow, what a fantastic read, and it lead to an hour of youtube browsing haxsorz and what not
    sod off

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    interesting stuff, a very nice read

    thx m8, keep it up

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