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    Great Thread ill add one though.
    BEfore WotLK Shammys could tank till bout level 40

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    oh and
    Hunters used to have a "Blind" spot where you could melee them but they could neither shoot you or melee you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palidan View Post
    There is an option "Click to move". If you enable this, you can click on the ground, and your character will move to that location. That feature is so useless that nobody uses it
    Where do i toggle this? =S Never saw or even ehard about.
    haha i just found it, it is indeed pretty awesome.

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    32/10 fuckin nice post man

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    Best thread evar. Keep adding things plox!
    Quote Originally Posted by SilkforCalde View Post
    Wow. You don't even know the basics. Challenging Shout is not and has never been a taunt. It doesn't even remotely function like a taunt.

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    I LOVEEE This thread. Should be stickied.

    I don't know if it has been said here already but the BIG door you see in DM where the boat comes in and out of can be seen in STV In it's appropriate exterior spot between the Isles where you get the ZG quests, and the mainland. Will post pic of Map and door if I can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobzor View Post
    Where do i toggle this? =S Never saw or even ehard about.
    haha i just found it, it is indeed pretty awesome.
    Ye, I don't even know why they added that

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    This is cool and interesting! Cool story bro, without sarcasm
    Pandaren Warrior - Lv 95, full T17
    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclonus View Post
    Since this was early in the patch, we decided to go with the 4 tank strat. We ask him to go tank Lord Mograine. He then instantly tells us that "he cannot tank the godfather of DK's, it wouldnt be right to raise my axe against him". He instantly gquits and hearths out.

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    some interesting stuff here; a good read. nice one

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    One of the very few good reads on here, thank you.

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    Anyone have screenshots of the second floor of Undercity that's mentioned in the OP?
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    Best thread ever.

    Things i remember or have seen:

    In BC you could sneak underneath org's map and summon people there. You could only hearth out to leave, but was neat to mess with people.

    Kiting Kazzak to SW

    There is a plane on top of Ironforge mountain.

    A crafty mage can still make it into the Mt Hyjal map, but will die from fatigue eventually.

    You can still get to the "outdoor" zg map in STV.

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    also, i think just before patch 2.4 holy nova used to be a talent in the priests holy tree

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    at the beginning, you didn't need skill, now you do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashtoncutter View Post
    Awesome! Bookmarked it, looking forward for additions.
    what he said :P
    Quote Originally Posted by tremors
    Divine Shield.. Never really stood the hole point of the "oh look at me im in a shiny bubble" I mean come on what does that shit even do?! Pointless waist of mana imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandytoes View Post
    Great Thread ill add one though.
    BEfore WotLK Shammys could tank till bout level 40
    I actually did quite some tanking with my Shaman in early Vanilla. IIRC i succesfully tanked both Stratholme and Scholomance without to much trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viperdream View Post
    Could I add something?

    The sublimal messages from the spirit healer.

    She says:
    "Play World of Warcraft"
    "Give us your money"
    "That's right! Your customer."

    You can hear it on the video below here from 3:00

    Also, no this is not the effect from: "Great example of what people want to hear."

    PS: It's made by me
    she doesnt say exactly the words, more like "giev ma your moneh" phonetically with lots of s sounds but yes, you can hear those

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    I don't know if anyone already mentioned but here it goes:
    In alfa and Vanilla you were able to climb up to ironforge airport. You just had to walk (not run) to the outer wall of entrance to throne room of king Magni (I realy hope this made some sense to you).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astalnar View Post
    I don't know if anyone already mentioned but here it goes:
    In alfa and Vanilla you were able to climb up to ironforge airport. You just had to walk (not run) to the outer wall of entrance to throne room of king Magni (I realy hope this made some sense to you).
    It's still possible to reach the Ironforge Airport, just nowhere near as easy (but it's not hard, either). It just requires going to Loch Modan and climbing up steep hills.

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    Some random stuff from vanilla/BC:
    - Hunter Pets didn't have normalized stats in the very beginning and it took several patches to normalize their stats like resistances, damage, armor, health, etc. . Even in late vanilla there were still pets with different attack speeds (Broken Tooth/ZG Bats were the fastest) and "glitched pets" (e.g. some wolf from Duskwood doing shadow damage with all attacks).
    - Rogue poisons had a fixed damage, fixed proc chance, a maximum amount of charges (~100) and half the duration. They also didn't stack with windfury totem or sharpening stones and there were many bosses until mid BC immune to poisons.
    - Until WotLK windfury totem enhanced the main-hand weapons of everybody in the shaman's group to have a 20% chance to hit twice, not stacking with poisons, sharpening stones or the shaman's own weapon imbues. In BC this was nerfed to only proc from white hits and in WotLK it was scrapped for the 20% haste buff it grants now. Back before WotLK it was also on the same totem school as grace of air and, by swapping those totems once every ~8 seconds, you could grant your party both buffs.
    - Back in vanilla (and halfway into BC) all extra attacks could proc themselves and each other. This includes sword specialization, windfury, windfury totem, hand of justice (a popular level 60 trinket granting a 2% chance for an extra hit) and several weapon procs.
    - Back in vanilla there were also many more under- or overpowered procs which were changed in almost every patch. E.g. mace specialization was buffed from 5% to ~40% (for a 3.8 speed weapon) and then nerfed back to ~12% over the course of many patches. Many Warriors used it in combination with the knockback proc on the AV exalted weapon called The Unstoppable Force.
    - In the very beginning of vanilla weapon damage for instant strikes wasn't normalized so the crafted Arcanite Reaper was among the strongest Warrior weapons while the Barman Shanker (a 2.0 speed dagger from BRD) was among the strongest Rogue weapons even including MC epics.
    - Expertise was called weapon skill and increased the damage of your glancing hits against enemies higher than you until you reached a certain value. Because of that even rare level weapon skill items could be as strong or stronger than even T2 quality epics.
    - Insignia of the Alliance/Horde had a 5 minutes cooldown and the effects it removed depended on the class. A Warlock e.g. couldn't remove stuns with his insignia.
    - Shortly before release not only Paladins but also Warriors were hit by the nerf stick, here's a Warrior move from beta before Slam, Bloodthirst, etc. were changed/nerfed (Bloodthirst doubled your damage for one attack after killing an enemy and Slam had a lower base cast time and didn't reset the swing timer like it did in vanilla and BC):
    Remember: That's a Warrior in only green and rare items below 60 and every class was doing way less damage and healing than now.
    - Talent trees in general had much less of a common theme. Classes capable of healing almost always healed in raids and only went into other trees to pick up raid buffs (BoK was a 31 points Ret talent). "Hybrid damage" was, besides that of Warriors, almost non-existant and Warriors were the only class used as main tank. Druids could reach insane amounts of armor and HP but I cannot remember why they weren't used as tanks. Maybe it was threat because the feral tree really sucked and even in Feral gear you usually went into the Restoration tree.
    - In vanilla there were many tricks to level insanely fast as certain classes. They were mostly fixed in mid vanilla. E.g. I leveled my Mage ~5 times as fast as usual by AoEing mobs in the beginning of Dire Maul (which by the way was also patched in later, in 1.3.0) and resetting the instance over and over again.

    Cannot really remember most beta stuff but I remembered pretty much everything in the OP.
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    Wow, I remember a lot of that.
    I remember the flight paths and only showing what connected to where you were. that was horrible and pissed me off so much to get somewhere that is much closer and realize I couldn't fly to where I needed to go from there.

    I also remember Silithus having very few quests. It was one of my favorite spots on the last grind to 60 for that reason, no quests=no people. That plus a nice amount of gray drops was great.

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