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    WTB 2headed ogers :P will be pwning :P

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    At lvl 11 you only got 1 min of rez sickness at 12 2 and so on
    Here's my character,im 12 years old. All kids that play wow aren't bad

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    Great read, heading out to Kara Crypts tonight!

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    The old Winterspring Frostsaber quests used to only give 50 rep per quest. All the way from neutral to exalted took somebody with a lot of spare time and a strong will. Easily the awesomest mount in the game at it's everyone has it.

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    You can hear people clapping just outside the throne room in Undercity. Again with the ambient sounds up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ðelinqient View Post
    At lvl 11 you only got 1 min of rez sickness at 12 2 and so on
    Thats still true now...

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    **I still have my original epic mount and i have the achievment for it "old school ride" on my hunter.

    can't post links but name is Mikizle on Sargers US

    **I also remember when seal of the crusader was buggedand paladins could out dps warriors and most other classes just by auto attacking. The attack speed bonus worked... but instead of decreasign attack power it kept increasing atk. power.

    **UBRS and LBRS were also doable as 40 man raids and i remember wiping a ton with that many people.

    **I was part of Sargera's first Scholo clears with 15 people and mobs dropped aoe poisons that 1 shot players... Hardest instance ever.

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    Great thread, its been a great read.

    I'm sure its not been mentioned yet, but it used to be possible for a rogue @70 in no gear to trap a lot of mobs in The Mechanar on a piece of lining in the wall while the rogue looted the treasure chests there. It was pretty lucrative on heroic, getting about 18-24g, and anything the chests may contain, for a few minutes work. Theres videos of it somewhere, I just cant remember the name.

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    In vanilla, a warlock could enslave the imps in zul gurub, They had a pretty much endless mana pool and no global cooldown, the result was an imp machine gun of unimaginable power.

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    One of the best reads I've ever seen on this site, thanks!

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    In yer thread
    And I thought I knew a lot of alpha/pre-bc.
    How wrong I was...

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    Here was some cool patch notes I found on that site that someone posted a few pages ago

    the class changes are whats interesting / they had some weird things like if you play to long

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    Back in TBC you couldnt just enter heroics like you can now. You were required to get the heroic key first which required some normal runs in combination with the quest in the area. This was a perfect n00b -filter cuz ppl were at least familiar with boss abilities on normal

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    My suggestions haven't been added yet. One was already mentioned next to the mention of a murloc related quest (1 min underwater breathing), though it was not said outright, and the other was alluded to but only partially.

    When shaman had 2H weapon skill, every time they switched specs between dual wield and 2H weapon they had to retrain their skill from scratch.

    Here's another: respeccing didn't use to have a 50g limit. Things could get very expensive for such classes as warriors and paladins who respecced frequently between PvP and PvE. You might as well mention, for the record, that dual speccing is a very recent addition to the game.

    Druids and paladins had to be healers in vanilla WoW. There were very few guilds who allowed druids to tank, and I never heard of a paladin tanking in MC or BWL. People had fixed roles in raids, even though most raiding guilds carried half the raid week by week.

    Fire was not a viable mage raiding spec, and as with many classes who had one talent tree that was very rarely specced into, arcane mages were just a joke (OOM in three casts). Some mages specced fire in MC / BWL / Ony, but a lot of the bosses were completely immune to fire. At least warlocks had shadow bolt to fall back on.

    4k health on a caster was insanely high and if a warrior tank was able to hit 15k with last stand he was considered a god.
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    So much nostalgia in here..

    While reading I noticed some things that I thought to be still ingame. E.g. I played a druid back in vanilla that I put to rest before BC. Just a few weeks back I realized all druids have innervate now and on a much lower cooldown. I was like "wtf?"

    Quote Originally Posted by msdos View Post
    summoning stones were in game, but they didn't do anything.
    As I remember they were not there at the beginning but introduced later, acting like a battle master

    Quote Originally Posted by msdos View Post
    shaman's sentry totem had a bug where if you casted it while falling, it would just stop you in mid air and you could keep reclicking the vision on and off and survive any fall.
    I remember when I was exploring old Silithus and AQ before it was opened. I grouped up with a shaman. He used that totem to avoid multiple deaths. When I tell some shaman about such a totem today all they say is "lies!" and "there was no slow fall totem of any sort" I didn't remember the name of the totem, I'm glad I got the answer now

    Quote Originally Posted by msdos View Post
    in old AV, if you played a warrior, you could just run straight to the back of the Alliance base, target an NPC and charge up the hill straight to the GY outside van's room.
    There was also a bug that allowed you to use that exact tactic to get into (or onto?) a bunker, i.e. let you cap the bunker through the wall

    Quote Originally Posted by msdos View Post
    you could buff stack and totem stack stuff by leaving and joining instances.
    You could also leave a pally or priest or whatever outside an instance to buff your raid after a wipe, even if that char was not in your raid at all. Buffs were not removed upon entering or leaving an instance / group

    Quote Originally Posted by msdos View Post
    you used to be able to get out of combat in PVE in the middle of a boss fight if you just stood there and the fad back then was assigning out-of-combat rezzers.
    I remember that from our MC runs I reckon. Those memories..

    Quote Originally Posted by msdos View Post
    to do attunement runs to MC, you just went in BRD, killed the fire elemental, jumped down into the lava and skipped the entire instance.
    We did that multiple times, also to farm Thaurissan. You could easily avoid all damage from lava by jumping just the second the damage ticks. Is this still possible to do?

    Quote Originally Posted by msdos View Post
    blind was a poison effect and could be cleansed by poison cleansing. this helped me win impossible duels against rogues back in the day.
    When I started my rogue mid BC I wondered why my blind was never cleansed. Until I read the tooltip / debuff

    Druids just had their melee, travel, or caster form (no tree of life, no moonkin)

    Warlocks could not teleport people from any group within the raid. You had to put everyone into the warlocks group in order to port. And you also had to port them all after another, every port consuming a soul shard, there were no shard bags. Then you got to summon health stones for everyone and trade them. You gained soul shards only when a mob died, just one per mob. It was such a pain..

    Are the quests to aquire your pets as a warlock still ingame, or do you just learn them at the trainer, such as your mount spell?

    Warsong Gulch was the first battleground, followed by Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley

    You could communitcate through emotes, but it was then changed to only allow non-letter characters

    There were no flight points in Un'Goro, Bulwark (that's the latest one I think), southern Felwood, refugee camp in Strangle and so on

    To queue for a BG you had to walk into the portal of said BG. There were no cross server BGs

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    Priests spells "Power Word" (Shield and Fortitude) were named "Holy Word" in beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izenhart View Post
    Or you could have simply searched for "Gnomeregan Binary Code" on Google like pretty much everyone did
    but that would have taken all the fun out of it :P
    Quote Originally Posted by tremors
    Divine Shield.. Never really stood the hole point of the "oh look at me im in a shiny bubble" I mean come on what does that shit even do?! Pointless waist of mana imo.

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    do not know if it has been said or if the /command is the right one but you could "/page" other players, just like whispering only that the message was written across the whole screen.
    this was great to wake up players you were waiting for in instances ^^ but it got removed...

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    If both players are logged in at the same time, they are automatically added to the same party. While both heads share the same hit-point bar, each has a separate bar for mana, rage, etc., depending on class. Due to their girth and compact sturdiness, the total HP for a Two-headed Ogre is a combination of the HP values for each character class; when one head levels up, its additional HP are simply added to the Ogre’s total HP. The heads level up independently, so if one half of the Ogre is adventuring online more than the other, it’s likely that that head could move far ahead of the other head in level. When attacked by a monster, the body as a whole takes damage, and when the shared HP are depleted, both heads die. It is possible, however, for each head to receive individual buffs and debuffs. In addition to the standard abilities toolbar, each Two-headed Ogre player will have a secondary toolbar showing the spells/abilities of his or her other half. While one head cannot use the spells/abilities of the other, seeing this secondary toolbar allows the players to observe each other's usage habits and make suggestions. Clicking on any of the icons on this secondary toolbar will automatically spam the [/body] channel with a tip to use that particular spell or ability. The player of the other head can then weigh this suggestion and act appropriately. When one player is offline, that player’s head appears slumped and sleeping. The offline head will automatically do the /snore emote into the [/body] channel periodically. Also, your Two-headed Ogre will walk with a limp, as if the whole side of the body controlled by the offline head is asleep.

    Double Headed Ogres sound fucking fun
    Quote Originally Posted by kasath
    is anyone in this group under 18? my parole officer says I'm not allowed to play wow with anyone under 18

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minira View Post
    I remember having to stop at each flight master on a flight path to select the next point. And I seem to recall only seeing the flight points directly connected to the one you were at.
    Oh man this was dire, i remember that aswell.
    I also remember being kicked from the guild on the first MC raid because they didnt want druids without innervate.
    I was specced balance

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