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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmoopsy View Post
    Not even remotely true. They whisper the same vaguely Latin sounding babble that's in a lot of the songs. It doesn't mean anything, either, it's just random fake words that sound like a neat incantation to bring you back to life.
    Yeah I concur, you're just hearing what you want to hear really, you could as well be hearing "I am the devourer of worlds!" or "Let's play basketball".

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    I can honestly say that I did not know a LOT of that information. Great post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmoopsy View Post
    Not even remotely true. They whisper the same vaguely Latin sounding babble that's in a lot of the songs. It doesn't mean anything, either, it's just random fake words that sound like a neat incantation to bring you back to life.
    Oh god, please don't bring this back up. You most likely didn't read all 50 pages, but there have been a few pages worth of discussion about whether or not they're actually saying something. Just let it die.
    Quote Originally Posted by Madness20 View Post
    I didn't read all posts, but i'll tell something i remember. Back in Vanilla, paladin's design was mainly to be a buffer/supporter, and his buffs had just 5 minutes duration, and some paladins could be picked to raid entirelly to keep buffs on every1 (imagine 40 man raid ><), and we didn't had "Greater Blessings" that give buff to the target's class. Paladin's buffing was never so annoying like those times xD.
    I know you said that you haven't read the thread, but this has been brought up numerous times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PBitt View Post
    This doesn't quite fit the 'once upon a time' classification like most points in the thread. But, you can actually 'legally' change account owners if you do it directly through Blizzard (if they actually do it or not and what the restrictions are is another story). Not feeling the effort looking it up atm, but its in the terms of service somewhere.
    Yep. It's in the terms of service
    Blizzard does not recognize the transfer of WoW Accounts or Blizzard Accounts (each an "Account"). You may not purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, or offer to purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, and any such attempt shall be null and void.
    AKA, no you can't do it. Even through blizzard. The only exceptions may be a minor becoming and adult, and I've heard EQ used to let people do it during divorce (which made no sense, since married people weren't supposed to share accounts either) but i don't know if blizzard did that too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elumina View Post
    1. At the start of WoW the lich you summon in Helcular's Revenge, was so strong that it would kill every NPC and player in Southshore

    AH now I know what killed me there years ago, that guy had an army of skeletons and took out the entire town!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lori View Post
    Bugged? Blizz BLOCKED Bosses because the instances wasn't finished! Same thing with Broodlord and Ragnaros in early vanilla.
    Uhm, some bosses were actually bugged. Take C'thun for example. To be able to kill him you needed reflexes faster than Spiderman fgs, wich made him kinda impossible.
    "I hate those TBC/LK kids" pfft.

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    I really miss old AV. They should bring it back and run it side by side with new AV and just give people the choice.

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    I added some more at the bottom, though I'm quite low on ideas right now, so keep posting things that aren't in the main post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorlakand View Post
    This trade made me find some awesome websites. I think you should read that, you're almost right xD

    What happens when a player resurrects me? Will I lose experience?
    No, but you will have resurrection sickness for a short time. All your stats and your overall combat ability will be reduced for a few minutes. (so every class, even priests would give rez sick)

    Also, someone said that you were losing exp when you were rezzing, well :

    You can talk to the spirit healer NPC (currently located at graveyards) to immediately resurrect yourself at the spirit healer's location for an experience loss. Experience-loss deaths will be rare; ideally, you won't have to use a spirit healer too often since you can be resurrected by a Paladin, Shaman, Priest, or Warlock player. It will also usually be easy enough to walk back to your corpse as a ghost. If you do decide to use a spirit healer, your experience loss will be meaningful but will never cost you your level.

    Sorry for the long replys, but I hope I confirmed a few things
    I got all my info from
    Keep in mind that when wow was released, losing exp on death and some kind of unavoidable ressurection sickness was standard in MMOs. Only losing exp when being rezzed by spirit healer would have been considered extremely lax. (

    And since people maybe don't realize this about wow, when it was released, it was considered the ezmode/kiddy MMO by the existing MMO community (the no death penalty thing was often cited as evidence). By contrast, that vanilla wow that was considered so ezmode is now considered "hardcore" by modern wow player standards.

    More about the old school perspective: paladins being primarily buffers, and other classes having roles outside of the tank healer damage trinity is actually not weird even by today's standards. Actually, not having support classes at all is weirder.
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    wow this stuff is really cool...and extremely weird lol like the house north of goldshire....:O

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    In Halls of Lightning, on the hallways to the first boss, if you look over the hallways, you can see lines of Iron Vrykul lined up below. Hard to imagine that I ran that place that many times not to notice it until now.
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    I remember i logged my Warrior when the TBC talents came out to check them out, and then I actually had the spell "seduce" in my spellbook.
    I had no mana so i couldn't use it

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    -A'dal in Shattrath hits for over 100,000 damage and becomes invulnerable at low health.
    It should be noted that this was not implemented until numerous people found out that a Fel Reaver could be kited into Shattrath to fight A'dal.

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    Loved this!! I'd forgotten about a lot of this stuff. Was great to read it and reminisce. I didn't see Dishonorable Kills mentioned though. Those were great times. World PvP at its finest.

    "-If you are playing on US servers, you can roll a human on server Moonguard, and walk to Goldshire Inn. Warning: What is seen cannot be unseen."

    I should have heeded the warning...
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    Should I ask about Goldshire on Moonguard server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutilator12 View Post
    Should I ask about Goldshire on Moonguard server?
    One does not be told what the Matrix.....erm Goldshire on Moon Guard, one has to experience it themselves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yaushee View Post
    That was indeed an april fool's joke. Their racial was "Detonate", when you would, well, explode, dealing shitty damage and burning like 20 mana, and die... PERMANENTLY. You would have to roll another character ^^ Pretty obvious joke.

    Btw thanks for sharing all this, I started the game with the Open beta, it was so... different from other MMOs that I bought the game right at the release!

    Oh and a little one... Wow was released in EU on February 11 2005, four months after US So even tough I've played the game since the beginning in EU, there are some things mentioned by the OP that I didn't experienced, probably due to being fixed in those four months. Still there were a lot of funny things indeed... Well funny retroactively because those were just TEDIOUS at the time, but nostalgia has quite an impact on the mind

    GOD THOSE SHAMANS ONE-SHOTTING ME WITH ONE WINDFURY (enh shamans were pretty rare in fact, but as a mage I avoided them like the PLAGUE in BGs indeed... Well when BGs were implemented at least, the first was Alterac (40vs40 at the time) and guess how long the queue was on a highly populated server... TWO HOURS. YEAH REALLY.)
    And there were 1h+ queue to actually ENTER a server in the EU (wouldn't know about US), and for like two months, until new servers were added. Good thing the game was and still is that awesome otherwise it would have been a flop with those queue times!
    GOD THOSE awesome crits with patch 2.0 as a mage, with the new talent trees xD Two arcane/fire mage could easily kill one big geared warrior tank holding the flag with two healer at his side, in mere seconds!

    Oh and another one... Frost/arcane was the only real raiding spec when you only raided MC (and back then you had to have 40 persons almost fully geared with MC loot to begin BWL, which was AWFULLY SLOW with 2-3 loots per boss), because a LOT of mobs were simply IMMUNE to fire... And some even to poison and bleeding like the rock elementals. And you HAD to spec 5 pts into imp. arcane explosion to make it instant and be able to AOE efficiently

    Good TEDIOUS times indeed Nostalgia is great, but if you don't realize that the game is 10 times better now, well you're just a guy blinded by that very nostalgia.

    (sorry for approximative English)
    Thats why i played through vanilla nearly everyday and I don't now in Wrath, just making a point.
    Hey everyone

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    I've been reading and keeping up with this thread for a while, so just to nip the Conspiracy Theorists in the butt. The Spirit Healer loop actually says, "It is not yet your time. I shall aid your journey back to the realm of the living... for a price." Not to mention, holy priests turn into the spirit healer form and the tooltip reads "You have become more powerful than anyone can possibly imagine. " If a spirit healer is that powerful, she need not have to talk to you about your money just to get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klaps_05 View Post
    or me and 2 guild-rogues overaggroing vael every single time everyone had a dmg meter, very few had an actual working threat meter tho
    I still remember when we were doing BWL there were rumours that some guild was making a working threat meter, which at the time was considered kind of impossible, because how could anybody really know how much threat you had in comparison to another player. In the end I think there was some addon floating around, but in reality it didn't really work and the estimates given by it were really rough and not even close to 100% reliable. The consensus seemed to be that if there was a working threat meter that would make the job of dps way too easy, because the hard part of their job was doing as much damage as possible while not overaggroing. Therefore knowing how much threat you had compared to the tank would make it completely easymode so really it would be like cheating. Boy, have things changed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palidan View Post
    -Trolls used to have a joke ( /silly emote) that said this "I kill two dwarves in da morning,I kill two dwarves at night,I kill two dwarves in the afternoon, and than I feel alrgiht.I kill two dwarves in time of peace and two in time of war,I kill two dwarves before I kill two dwarves, and then I kill two more." This was removed from the game, because it was a reference to smoking weed.
    Thats actually refered to the song of Bob Marley

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