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    I just found Cut-Throat Alley in Stormwind the other day... dno how i missed it all these years >.<

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    yeah same, from All Things Azeroth, lol

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    awesome thread i didnt know half this stuff.

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    It's abit sad I remember most of these things, played for way too long >_<

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    cool stuff to know

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    Before patch 2.3, you could lock down a Retribution paladin's combat system by spamming dispel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fartsight View Post
    Not sure if it has been told but rogues used to have vanish powder in order to perform this ability.
    I remember those days.. "Vanish! Wha... FUUUUUUU-"

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    now that is an interesting thread. you ahz earned 1000 internetz, btw, can I haz my huntard buckler plox?

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    At some point shamans could use magma totem then log out and it would damage anyone near it even if your the same faction. used to see people kill gold sellers with it.

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    Updated the post with more pictures!

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    I'll give it a try - please don't blame me if something was already mentioned.

    - paladin's judgement used to consume the seal. so you had to recast it.
    - paladin's seal used to be 2 minutes only.
    - there was only one judgement spell (IIRC) that did different things according to the seal which was used
    - single blessings lasted 5 minutes, greater blessings 10 (?) minutes.
    - even earlier, there weren't greater blessings, just single blessings.
    - rebuffing the complete raid (40 members!) during combat wasn't uncommon. That is also the reason why paladins were called "buff bots".
    - warrior tanks used to only spec 15 points into prot for 15% more threat in defensive stance. 31-5-15 was a very common spec. even though, if you really tanked everything everywhere and everytime, you went full prot, but it wasn't that very popular, only hardcore guild's MTs did that - IIRC :P
    - everone farmed his T0. even though there was no class restriction between those sets, everyone was blamed if he didn't use the "intended" set. priests with dreadweave (the "warlock" T0) were the most common.
    - T0 gloves were BoP
    - Dire Maul Tribute runs for Quelserrar. Oh how do I miss that.
    - Mages and Warlocks often swapped to wand damage to not over-aggro. because of that, wand specialization wasn't that very uncommon.
    - every caster had to have for that slime shit in AQ40, while every melee had to have on their weapon. casters who did not have that wand (sold/disenchanted/whatever) had to farm a fast dagger/sword and also enchant it with frost oil. that boss was a very nice spot to skill weapon skill for a caster as well.
    - will of the forsaken was used to be that: "Provides immunity to Charm, Fear and Sleep while active. May also be used while already afflicted by Charm, Fear or Sleep. Lasts $d." and if I remember correctly, the $d was 10 seconds? 5 seconds at least.
    - undead only had 2 epic mounts - green and purple. purple was the most common, green were very rare.
    - riding skill used to be cheap, while the mounts itself were the expensive part of riding.
    - mounts were actually race specific. IIRC, Taurens only had Kodos and wolves, mechanostriders could only be ridden by gnomes and dwarfes, for example.
    - hunters used to use arcane shot to pull the first giant in MC. if they were successful, they had to feign death, if they pulled anything else than these two giants, the whole raid ran out of the instance just to die outside because of the alliance/horde raid waiting to smash raiders.
    - "Loot the core hounds goddamnit" + tooltips didn't specifically say who is able to loot that very mob.
    - Garr Add arrangement without raid marks ... shadowpriest + targettarget. the add arrangement lasted 3 or 4 times of the actual boss fight.
    - well... 40 man raids. something like 4-5 tanks, 12 healers and 23 dps. and not more than 2 loots per boss ;-)
    - T2 sets used to have graphics that look like ... lvl 20 white items. take >>this link<< as a comparison for warlock tier 2 (it's only available on google cache or whatever that page is).

    well, I guess, that's it for now. Best. Thread. Ever. on that page. keep it going
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    goldshire on moonguard is so funny... hahaha


    Children of goldshire.. creepy

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    Good post, some very interesting ones here!
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    /4 the looking for group channel was a channel that EVERYONE, EVERYWERE automatically joined in vanilla. They removed it in TBC because it turned into more of a worldwide General channel. which was populated with spam.

    Aww how i miss /4

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    I thought of some very recent ones that made life so much easier. The staying mounted while running through water change is glorious.

    I miss how at the start of WotLK, certain mounts would prevent you from taking fall damage. It's why I bought the brown bear as soon as I got to Dal, lol.
    I once had a character named "Clamslam" but Blizzard deemed it inappropriate.
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    Many thanks for posting this thread.

    Need any help here on the forums? Just PM and I'll be more then glad to help you!

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    Bumping cause i think more people should read this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KrakenMyth View Post

    goldshire on moonguard is so funny... hahaha


    Children of goldshire.. creepy
    Pornshire lol

    Back when TBC hitted live alot of crazy warlocks (i was one of them) were enslaving every single demon in Outland there was , from time to time u could see in minor patch things like
    XXXXX demon is no longer enslavable
    XXXXX demon is no longer enslavable etc etc (enslave elite demon , turn war with some faction and wreak havoc)

    On PTR some warlock with help of sublety rogue (shadowstep) kited Brutallus and enslaved him then killed almost every single Shattered Sun NPC on Quel'Danas island ( i think he got 3 hour ban because he griefed some people who were trying to do dailies )
    Quote Originally Posted by Daralii View Post
    An orc named after Jesus firing a kamehameha at a tentacle dragon and making it explode into fairy dust before a group of dragons don't lament the loss of their once-friend or the now inevitable extinction of their species due to their newfound sterility and mortality but instead congratulate him on knocking up his wife was pretty fucking insane even by this series' standards.

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    In netherstrom there is a monument to the canceled game Starcraft Ghost. You used to be able to see the main character Nova but she was later removed.

    sorry if this is repost.

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    Just made a character on Moonguard and good lord. Never thought I'd see so many teenage guys roll Nelf women just to watch them dance.
    I once had a character named "Clamslam" but Blizzard deemed it inappropriate.
    Retired from WoW: February 19, 2011. It was fun Blizz.

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