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    Amazing thread indeed, I registered just for this one. The following pop up while reading druids facts :

    In vanilla, back before patch 1.X, the druid action bar didn't change when you were changing form (should have been the same for warrior and their stances I guess). You HAD to use a macro to shapeshift and bring the right action bar at the same time in one move.
    Sometimes it didn't work well and you just go like : - Yeah bear, armor, hp, rawr ! No no no, no insect swarm, where's the bear bash button d****t ! ><

    Also in vanilla, shaman's rockbite used to add additional threat to weapon for shamytanks, and they had a specific talent to boost shieldblock by +5% for tanking aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palidan View Post
    I swear I've never seen a demo lock in vanilla, it was more than useless.
    I have been demonology since the first day I played WoW, from Vanilla up to level 80, when I finally changed to Destruction. XD

    Other notable things about warlocks: we had to buy Grimories from trainers to teach our minions their abilities; Spellstone and Firestone were relic-like unique items to be equipped in the ranged slot. Firestone had a chance to inflict fire damage on hit. The felhunter used to have an ability called Paranoia which increased stealth detection. When humans had Perception as active racials, human warlocks were considerably dangerous to rogues in pvp. I myself have contributed to spot out many rogues who got beaten hard XD

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    Not sure if this was posted, but the search didn't turn up any results so:

    Ancient Bone Bow (the original one from scholo) was worn on the back like a 2h weapon. Only bow that had that feature in my knowledge.

    Screenshot: i.thottbot. com/ss/o/ 2992.jpg

    sorry for the crappy link, but i can't post any urls as for now.

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    nice thread
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    Subscribing to a hilarious and interesting thread!

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    I liked when rouges could ambush with swords by switching weapons right as they hit ambush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wed View Post
    Not sure if this was posted, but the search didn't turn up any results so:

    Ancient Bone Bow (the original one from scholo) was worn on the back like a 2h weapon. Only bow that had that feature in my knowledge.

    Screenshot: i.thottbot. com/ss/o/ 2992.jpg

    sorry for the crappy link, but i can't post any urls as for now. there ya go

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    i just read...all the pages. im halfway ashamed and halfway amazed at how much the game has changed in just a few years. im a bc baby so most of that i didnt know but it was great to remember the stuff i did. thank you for the awesome thread. is where good ideas come from. Practice is where good players come from.

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    idk if it's been mentioned but druids didn't have a regular rez for a long time....was a real pain in five mans when someone would die and battle-rez was already used

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    before tbc was released it was said pallys would get a mass rez spell in the xpac. i guess it'll finally happen with that one guild spell(but not limited to pallys)? i don't exactly remember.

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    I don't know if this was mentioned yet (have only read the first post) but among some other things I recall, I discovered early on in TBC that a druid with flight form can bypass the invisible walls set up around the continent to prevent you from flying off indefinitely into space. By releasing yourself from flight form (or dismounting) with some forward momentum, you can pass through the wall. Druids can revert back to flight form immediately after and continue moving.

    Using this, you could get ouside the borders and fly off for quite a while (a half an hour at one point). Eventually your location would change. I had a message that I was floating over the sea by stranglethorn vale (I forget the name now, but that one). When I finally either flew too far or just gave up and dropped, I was teleported to the draenae starting zone, as a ghost, with my corpse on another continent entirely. In "theory" you could use this to travel somewhere (I also had it drop me in other areas a few times) but you would pay one hell of a repair bill spirit rezzing after each drop.

    Havn't fully tested it right now, but it does appear to still be in the game. Frapsing it at the moment.

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    Just found this out a few days ago and this seems like a good place to post it.

    In sunken temple, if dreamscythe (a drake) uses his knockback and you fall into the hole in the center of the room he says: "GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!"

    I laughed real hard the other day when a party member died and I got to learn this.

    EDIT: just checked wowhead and it seems he has at least one other comment when he does this. "From way downtown!" is also possible.

    EDIT2: This got me thinking about what else he could say so I went and tested it. You don't have to be kicked into the hole just fall while in combat with him.

    "In the pipe, 5 by 5!"
    "He puts the rock in the hole!"
    "Its up and.... It's good!"

    is all I found before tiring of the run back up.
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    Just confirmed, the TBC bug where you can fly through the invisible walls is still there. It is, however, a little different. Now eventually I ran into a giant shimmering blue force field that seemed to go up forever. I was able to fall for about 3 minutes after climbing as high as cared too in a corner of it. There may be ways around it or geometry problems with it, but I didn't test too much. Either way, when I fell it default ported me to barrens as a failsafe. The only uses I can think of for it are to get to some places that might be in the game files but off map, or if someone could figure out how to survive a fall using this method... you could maybe get an obscene falling record.

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    Oh my god, I just spent like 45 minutes reading that whole post.

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    Very nice nostalgia trip. Thank You

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    A few things I noticed missing that newer players may not have otherwise known about. They have no idea how easy they have it.

    Instances originally had no player limit. You could fill a 40 man raid and walk into any instance.

    Mounts were originally available once you reached level 40 and epic mount once you reached level 60. We did a lot of walking back then.

    Battlegrounds used to be server specific rather than set up in battlegroups. Waiting for a queue to fill up could take hours depending on the server population and the time of day.

    AV battles back in the day could last for hours. It wasn't unheard of for you to wake up in the morning, play AV for an hour, go to work, come home, shower, have dinner, take your GF to the movies and come home and rejoin the same AV still in progress.

    It was normal to have players come to a 40 man raid still wearing green items since blues and epics really were hard to obtain.

    Druids had many spells that did not function indoors such as Travel Form and Entangling Roots.

    You used to have to travel to an alchemy lab to craft flasks. In Vanilla the only alchemy labs existed in Scholomance and BWL. In TBC an alchemy lab was found in Shattrath.

    Hearthstone cooldown was originally 1 hour. (A somewhat recent change)

    Resilience, Haste, Armor Penetration and Expertise stats were all introduced during TBC.

    Boats and Zeppelins originally had no NPCs on them. They were complete ghost ships.

    Most raids once required each player to complete a series of "attunement" quests before you were allowed to even enter the instance portal. These quests typically involved the player defeating bosses on lower raid tiers to show "proof" that they were ready to proceed to the next tier of raids.

    I'm sure there's a LOT more. These are just a few things off the top of my head.
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    I thought ArP was introduced in AQ40. - SWTOR Guild US West Coast PvP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dion04 View Post

    I thought ArP was introduced in AQ40.
    There were items that "Reduces enemy armor by X" but those weren't actually ArP. They were static armor reductions. The concept of the ArP combat rating came into being around patch 2.1 with Black Temple. Even then, ArP gear was very rare until SWP. Some of the "Reduces armor by X" items were actually converted to ArP rating later on, though, so it would look like ArP actually existed back then when it really didn't.

    Same goes with Haste. It existed in abilities and spells such as Slice and Dice, but it wasn't an actual combat rating until about the same time as ArP.

    A point of reference can be found here: People are discussing the "new" stat of ArP on gear introduced in patch 2.3:

    And another:

    ---------- Post added 2010-11-27 at 06:55 PM ----------

    Just thought of a few more things.

    Mounts and Companion Pets used to be items that you had to have in your inventory in order to use. For this reason most people only had one mount and a limited number of vanity pets.

    Shaman used to have to carry 4 totem items in their backpacks in order to place their totems.

    Rogues used to have to carry lockpicking tools in their backpacks order to pick locks.

    Rogues also used to require the reagent "Blinding Powder" in order to cast blind. Blinding Powder was commonly found while pick pocketing but could also be created with Fadeleaf. Why it wasn't made with Blindweed is anybody's guess.

    Druids in feral form used to not be able to do anything that logically required "hands" such as using potions or trinkets. Doing so would force them into caster form. Weapon procs also used to never go off while in feral form.
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    ^^^ makes since. I remember AQ40 back in vanilla and some dagger or trinket dropping that had the stat. I was a holy pally and didnt really care. - SWTOR Guild US West Coast PvP

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    I regret my curiosity of the inn on moonguard=( lol

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    In stormwind there is a hole in a grate that when jumped into puts you inside/under stormwind. Doing this you can get to dun morough mountain or the northshire.

    In stone talons on two mountains were the words "help" and "pleh" (help backwords).

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