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    Also until TBC, there were no different tier sets for each specc

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    i don't think this has been said before:
    during vanilla most high-end bosses used to give rare leathers and scales when skinned, that were used for rare raid recipes. the only way to skin these bosses was to enchant your gloves with +5skinning and be one of the few with the +10skinning weapon in your bag, as lvl 63+mobs required 315 skinning, but cap was 300.
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    Well didn't find it in your post but the manual that i got with my vanilla copy when it was as good as halve a year old says paladins had an healing aura

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    I tried to remember really hard how many things looked long time ago…
    If I am somewhere wrong please correct me.
    I hope you will enjoy it.

    - Now everyone is wearing purple stuff. It not used to be so.. there were no badge vendors, not much cool reputation stuff, no END dungeon bosses who dropped epics. Only solid way was to raid or pvp. So yes – blues and greens ruled the world.
    - Epic PVP gear was available from rank 12. But to get epic weapons you were forced to get to rank 14…. Which could have taken few weeks of constant playing ( 8 -10 hours per day )
    - Before they introduced honor and Battlegrounds large battles took place in Barrens, Ashenvale and in Hillsbrad Foothills
    - The hardest thing about Molten Core was getting at least 30 people back in the days. The raid was easy – you could have killed every boss with ¾ of raid up to two last bosses – Ragnaros and Mojordomo Executus.
    - Black Wing Lair used to kill guilds on the other hand. Especially the first two bosses… 2-3 weeks of wiping were nothing unusual
    - Back in the day Flaks WERE FLASKS. They improved the characters dramatically.
    - There was no rule – one Battle and one Def elixir ( or one flask ). People used to stack tons of buffs from scrolls, food, elixirs and other stuff that is not used this day.
    - A good guild means - and other items that were gathered in Felwood
    - Everyone used to have his own food for food buff.
    - Bandages were something normal to use.
    - Shamans not only used to wield 2h weapons but with some luck – all thanks to the windfury proc – they could have one/two shot people.
    - It was much harder to get money. It forced people to think more about their expenses. One of the better ways was to camp Black Lotus spawning points ( 1 hour timer ). Each was worth around 30g.
    - One of the hardest fights in Classic – The Four Horseman – required 8 tanks…. ( another good moment to guild disband )
    - Thunderfury and its proc was one of the most overpowering things in game before Blizz nerfed it.
    - Before hard kills people used to get buffs like: Spirit of Zandalar or from Head of Onyxia
    - One of the worst things that could have ever happen in the world was Hunter using this -
    - Now you can chain – connect flies to get from one part of continent to another and in the meantime go AFK for 15 minutes… But long time ago you could have only fly to the closest location and then you needed to manually point another location.
    - In classic the only tanks were warriors. And the only supreme cooldown – the Shield Wall was on 30 minutes. And best part – it shared its cooldown with Retaliation and Recklessness.
    - The Grind to Rank 12 was quite hard. Most people who wanted to PVP went to guilds that supported 40 man raids to get the gear needed, which they found was often much bether. Also as it was already mentioned there was no resilience.
    - Rogues used to be one of the top class choices, often over Paladins ( nearly 15% of server population ). It was due to the amount of ownage a good playing Rogue could have put. Now they are stuck at 8%...
    - The warriors Sweeping Strikes ability from Arms tree used to work quite strangely with Whirlwind. Not only it granted four extra attacks at max ( if four people were hit, three if three people were hit etc ). But the attacks often stacked on one poor guy. With some luck, one shoting Rank 14 warriors or paladins was very real.
    - Not only lvl 60 dungeons were hard, but often the middle ones were also challenging. It was nothing special to ask lvl 60 guy to help you kill the last boss in Uldaman… and still wipe 8 times.
    - Long time ago my mage friend used to spend 20 minutes making water for the raid ( overall he was often 30 minutes earlier than the rest in the dungeon )…
    - Elites and many other mobs at the total beginning used to be much harder to kill. Soloing an elite of your level or even few lvls lower was for many nearly impossible.
    - Before they fixed rage and some other stuff, warriors used to have problem in killing two mobs at the same time.
    - AQ – the whole gates event, gathering resources was one of the best things ever. Im sorry for most of you who missed it. And as it was stated on Blizzcon 2010 – I don’t think they will ever make a similar event again.
    - Alterac Valley was much different that it is now. Tons of mobs, hides gathering for cavalry, orbs for summoning bosses, and the final rewards were awarded after killing the big BAD troll in the middle.
    - Alterac Valley battles could have taken days…
    - You don’t require flint and tinder to make a fire. Any longer.
    - Bosses in classic dropped the gear directly. And yes you often disenchanted the Gloves of might for the seventh time…
    - Hakkar fight was much more boring… believe me.
    - You don’t have any more raids like this one
    - Zandalarian Hero Charm was one of the most wanted trinkets in the game…and some remember why.
    - In classic Shaman was only Horde, and Paladin only alliance. Not only there was tons of shouting how paladins or shamans were better, but also some content suffered from it. For example the optional boss in AQ 40 – Viscidus. Its AOE DOT poison attack was easily rid off by Shamans totems and also Shamans had frost shock which helped to defeat him ( For those who don’t know you needed to freeze him, numbers of attack mattered, not damage, so you could have spammed rank one frost shock )
    - The could one shot people . It still does actually…
    - Resitances were important. Molten Core was Fire based as was BWL ( but less ). AQ 40 on the other hand was nature based… many people went to Maraudon to get some resistance gear – for a 2.5 raid…( wrists and trinket if I remember correctly )
    - Not totally sure but before they introduced the CC rules in PVP, fear and other mechanics could have lasted on you for the full duration.
    - The only time Blizzard did it. In AQ 20 bosses dropped tomes for you to learn extra lvl in some of your abilities. For example you could have trained backstab rank +1 or heroic strike + 1 ( each class had 3 different abilities )
    - You used to get dismounted when you entered water on a mount.

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    -Paladin buffs originally lasted for 5minutes and "greater blessings" didn't exist.effectively this meant paladins spent 90% of their raid time just buffing 40 guys.

    -There were no LFG system or even meeting stones, when you formed instance group everyone had to move there on foot, oh the joy of going to say, sunken temple.With people going afk and whatnot, it could sometimes take over an hour or even more to get to the instance even if you had 5 guys in group...funnily enough, most people still had the patience to see it trough back in the days.

    -Most effective lfg channel for lowbie instances used to be zone general in where the instance existed, this was largely due to IF being -teh idle town- in vanilla and travel times from there to say, zul'farrak or maraudon were...long.

    -Most of the bosses had next to no abilities besides stantard melee.By this I mean most 5man and early raid boss abilities were limited to mechanics such as rain of fire, random debuffs, blast wave or summon adds, other than that they were tank and spank.Read: extremely boring

    -most cc abilities had no diminishing returns or lowered effect against players.Hence yes you could be feared to the end of the world or sit still being sapped for 1min

    -Paladin talent reckoning used to stack from taking damage and stacks had no limit, causing some insane stuff to be done.I guess most know the infamous youtube vid where "reckoning bomb"-paladin soloes Lord kazzak.Lord kazzak was outdoor raid boss that was tuned for 40 player raid, residing in blasted lands.

    -The unstoppable force was notoriously OP in its original form where the proc was knockback.When rng was on your side with it, you could lock a caster from casting a single spell with cast time untill he died.

    -There were no teleporters or similiar in early raids if you wiped to the end boss, you had jolly good time corpse running trough the entire instance.AQ40 had the first teleport mechanic.

    -Most people didn't put much value to gathering professions or ah, most people used to make money by grinding elite mobs in Tyr's hand or Hearthglen(or similiar places) in hopes of getting world drop epic, such as krol blade.

    -Itemization bloopers, all t1 sets had spirit, even warrior or rogue sets.They all had resistances also(which were useful to some degree back in the day, tho.) Krol blade for one could compete with most "tier 1" raid weapons for rogue, even tho it was a lvl 51 req boe..

    -Most classes 'dps rotation' literally was 1 or 2 buttons.

    -Newly dinged characters didn't have any k00l stuff like badges or whatnot to fill in the gear gaps.Without so called 'social connections' you had to rely on good faith of some better guild to take you in despite only having blues.Pug raids were rare and most often people in them were picked from better guilds of the server, they didn't ask for trade newbies.

    -Some of the hardcore guilds back then had a list of consumables required to come to raid, otherwise you would be automagically benched.Back then consumables weren't limited to flasks, food buffs and mana/health potions, instead you had to have sizeable stack of every sort of potion that benefits your class ALONG with flasks, foods buufs, elixirs and felwood gathered herbs.I still have nightmares of time spent in gawd damn felwood.

    There since day 1 of eu release...yet so hard to remember

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    you should add a Part 2, if possible

    prolly one of the most interesting thread iv seen in a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donks View Post
    I dont know if these have been mentioned yet but:
    -you could duel opposite factions
    wait what?
    You mean you couldnt? If so, yes you could. You'd have to type /duel though.

    OT: Hunters in TBC could lay out snake traps and it would attack players with or without PvP on. If you attacked a snake, it would turn your PvP on.
    In TBC aswell (just read kovak's wall of text) warriors with thunder something and mace specialization would literally stun you every 5 second.
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    Nice! wtb more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carmakazie View Post
    you should add a Part 2, if possible

    prolly one of the most interesting thread iv seen in a while

    It's not as simple as it seems

    But I am actually gonna make a part 2 now that cataclysm is released (for people who started playing recently)

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    i remember playing my ally mage back in TBC and doing AV. while waiting in the starting cave for it to begin id make a big fuss about people helping to make a mage table at the front gate and then cast a portal to exodar/ (theramore, when it was made available) and watching half the raid disappear before yr eyes lol then getting the message "battleground will end due to not enough players" lol
    i cried a little when they stopped you from casting portals in the starting cave

    taking the *burn* from brutalus in SWP to IF via a mage portal and infecting the whole city and wiping it out was epic XD but they shortly hotfixed it so the debuff was removed as soon as you left the instance by any means

    cata people complaining about the new looks and changes made to druids tree of life form count yrselves more fortunate: atleast you cud actually heal in that form! in TBC tree form was a joke! most healing spells/abilities brought you out of it and you had a 30% or 50% (??) movement speed impairment while in tree form XD

    another thing i remember and miss is being able to use multiple health/mana pots and mana gems within one fight!

    and WTB Blessing of Salvation!!

    (sorry if any of these have been mentioned already ^^)
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    This thread is awesome While I wasn't around during alpha/beta, it was some awesome nostalgia to see some of the old school stuff I remember happening

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    best thread ever !

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    Knew some of it, but loads of interesting stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donks View Post
    -Blizzard would reimburse game time if servers were down in the early days.
    They still do sometimes.

    Edit: Might as well add this as a note, I'll get questions about it anyway.
    - Some Blizzard Employees gets a few codes (three, I think) to give away to family and friends. These codes will give you 25 years of free subscription (300 months) and they can be used an infinite amount of times - although it's logged so you can't pass the same code around to more people without Blizzard noticing.
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    Awesome reading!

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    In Vanilla getting items was much more slower than today. Today if you play a lot you can have epics in a week or few days more. Than what, play alts? No thanx. I don`t play alts.
    PvP today is like Stun fest - CC Fest - Slow fest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paopao View Post
    In Vanilla getting items was much more slower than today. Today if you play a lot you can have epics in a week or few days more. Than what, play alts? No thanx. I don`t play alts.
    PvP today is like Stun fest - CC Fest - Slow fest.
    I remember it taking FOREVER to get my dungeon 1.5 set back in Vanilla. I can't even think about Deathmist Raiments without cringing.

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    Can someone post the Upside-Down Sinners room? Seriously, that actually gave me nightmares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darxide View Post
    Rogues used to have to carry lockpicking tools in their backpacks order to pick locks.
    wait, you mean we don't need the lockpick tools anymore? I've had them in my bag for years lol

    Not sure if anybody mentioned this(I just read through the first post really) but if you equip the spectral essence trinket acquired from the ghost of caer darrow quest chain and wear it outside of Scholomance, there is a NPC there named Joseph Dirte that quotes the movie.

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    Just awesome thread!!!
    Make Part 2 Please

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