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    Why do people want a Part 2? It's not like there's a neverending wealth of things that have been changed in WoW. Besides, any changes that will be in a Part 2 will most likely have taken place while you have actually been playing the game. (I.E., recent changes.) What's the fun in that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palidan View Post
    -You can also increase ambient/lower music settings in Raven Hill catacombs and Karazhan crypts. I won't reveal what you will hear
    what do you hear? i've tried this and i don't hear anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boldwyn View Post
    Actually they removed it due to reference to smoking weed:
    You mean't right?

    also, very fun read.
    Guilty of spending the last 45 mins watching videos\giggling quietly to my
    Do I smell a sticky? xD

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaeryn View Post
    I regret my curiosity of the inn on moonguard=( lol
    I did this too, bunch of naked people? lol
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    Ah thanks so much for this I had a great time reading. This one was hilarious

    -Not directly related to the game, but shortly after TBC was released, and caused massive shaman nerfs, the shaman community had a massive outcry on the forums. The CM called Tseric had a job to moderate the forums, and after going insane from all the whining, he started to ban ANYONE who posted on the shaman forums(no matter what you posted). He was fired from Blizzard shortly after that.

    I rofl'd
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    Longest corpse-run was probably if you died falling off from Bloodvenom Post in Felwood - your corpse would be inaccessible from Darkshore, so you either had to Spirit-Rez, or run all the way south to Ashenvale, the east to the entrance to Felwood (a long ways in itself) and then north to Bloodvenom Post and jump down the waterfall to get to your corpse, which actually wasn't too far away from the GY on the map, but a huge distance vertically.

    Brutallus the raid boss in the Sunwell raid instance also existed in the non-instanced world, but behind a bunch of obstacles that the developers had meant to be impassable. Some crafty warlocks figured out a way over the obstacles and managed to enslave an endgame raid boss and use it to wreak absolute havoc. This was fixed on the PTR before it made it to live servers. Video on

    It used to be possible to accidentally enter endgame battlegrounds like Alterac Valley at a much lower-than intended level. Back when AV was 60-only I was in a raid at level 40 that was queued for AV. 2-3 hours later I got a system invite to AV and took. I was massacred but it was a crazy amount of fun.

    The Karazhan Crypt is still accessible. See videos on WCM and youtube.

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    More stuff here:

    If you want to see all the dungeon and raid and open-world bosses that have ever been available in the game up until patch 3.0.9 - check out or - but only the Megaupload links still work, until I can find someone to host a 2.87 GB file.

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    Didn't battleground groups stay together after the battlegrounds was over so you could technically queue up together again and again? I remember once or twice sitting with a group... for hours... surprisingly enough, 15 random strangers stuck around for 2-3 hours of playing silly games waiting for the queue to pop.

    I don't have much else to say, read through the entire list and brought back memories. I'm extremely tired so I'll just comment on one thing: does anyone find it silly how the troll females look completely opposite of how they were in Alpha? They used to have a horrible slouch and sag, but now they have most up right posture in game out of any of the models. Don't get me wrong, I love my troll, but it took me ages to get used to the fact that she looked as stiff as a board when she ran.

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    Best thread I've seen in a while, and I have been lurking for 6 months.

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    Major props for such a great thread. Some of these I actually knew, and others I had no idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palidan View Post
    Well Elwynn Forest/Westfall were the first zones Blizzard created. Elwynn Forest quests aren't that bad, but imo Westfall questing is by far the worst in game. Not even Felwood comes close to it

    i absolutely loved old school westfall.

    Oh,the nostalgia...

    Did you know....?

    In vanilla ALL pets were different,each had unique attack speed,damage,hp,armor

    The Rake was a cat that owned an astouning atk. speed of 1.00(before buffs/frenzy) making it a PvP god.

    Also there was a tameable wolf named Lupos in Duskwood,that,once tamed,inflicted shadow damage on autoattacks instead of physical.Epic times.

    Also Stitches required a large number of people to beat(due to lack of gear/low lvls

    In TBC,all hunter pets were normalised:to this day,all pets have 2.00 atk speed and the same base damage before talents and buffs

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    This thing needs a sticky.
    Edit: If you fly up onto the cliffs of western Tirisfal Glades you'll find a lake. In the middle of this lake there's a fishing chair with a skeleton next to it and a sword through the rib cage, as well as many rats nearby. There is also a gnome fighter plane down in the lake, and a ring of mushrooms in the nearby forest.

    Not sure if anyone else has seen those; but I was trying to fly from Tirisfal to Northrend, and I ran across these.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhaelnas View Post
    Can someone post the Upside-Down Sinners room? Seriously, that actually gave me nightmares.
    Google it or WCM it or just hit the link in my sig if you want to sit through (or fast forward through) a 1h 33min movie to get to it.

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    The first real hardmode was introduced in AQ40 where you couldnt only make the encounter harder but also an item of superior itemlevel would drop. In order to do the hardmode you had to kill Lord Kri after killing Vem and Yauj.

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    three things you didnt said there:
    some years ago, on 04...
    ... priests mind blast was a instant cast with a very small cooldown. Dispite the fact they would go OOM really fast by using it while using other abilities, it just rocked completely
    ... power word: shield didn't gave a debuff, it just had a 5 sec cooldown. so basicly you could shield you and your party forever until you went OOM. This was incredibly good when doing world pvp with someone else. You just had the other person attacking and you two would HARDLY die. Yes, priests were THAT good at the very begining of wow
    ... mages frost nova effect, on the targets, wasn't that lil frozen icon, it was infact, close to the chains of ice first animation, but uglier, and with dark gray chains on it. Image
    ... booty bay guards would attack you, so you could freely do world pvp there. And it was incredibly awsome due to the existance of sooo many houses and paths that you could run/hide/play with.
    World PvP and how it stands/standed.
    World PvP isn't meant to be balanced, fair nor honorable. It's meant to be brutal, relentless, deadly.. and it's the survival of the fittest. It's a fight where everything goes and you use anything you can to survive and win. It's War.. a World of Warcraft where only the best survive!

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    Some really really kewl stuff in here!
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    I'm moderately certain I have a winner for "Most obscure wow history thing": The End of Dreams 1h mace

    Super obscure WoW history lesson: When Naxx first was released, the German clients saw this item as "Krafthammer von Grobbulus" ("Grobbulus' Power Hammer"). Since this was obviously not only completely different from the English name but also utterly unfitting with the model, German players actually raised a bit of a stink over this misplaced show of creative translation. Surprisingly enough, Blizzard actually listened to them and eventually changed the German name to "Das Ende aller Träume", the literal translation of the original name.

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    Thanks for this great thread.

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    66 Post, so I dont know if this is posted or not but:
    Back in vanilla ,when a rogue vanished, rogues could remove our stealth and still be in the vanish buff. Which means that we could sprint at max speed, run with our mounts etc while still beeing invisible. Rogues could also HS while in stealth.

    Excellent post btw, can't wait for Part 2 !

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    The thing about silithid creatures in Silithus having all been elites makes complete sense. Iunno how many of you have gone through that place with no BoAs in a long time, but I recall those Centipaar mobs hitting like trucks. Obviously they weren't quite tuned down enough.
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