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    Wow. I've only read a few pages of comments but I see almost no negativity in this thread. How unusual, but quaint!

    I really enjoyed the read. So many cool little facts scattered about in our merry little world of warcraft. Thanks!

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    CC effects didn't have reduced duration on PvP targets, so a Rogue or Mage could CC you up to 1 min (or more).
    Oh do I remember this shit.

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    This thread is legendary and should not die. Not sure what the penalties for necromancy are around here, but I'm taking a shot at it. In honour of Classic WoW coming around the corner, more people should know about this thread.

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    The Azshara thing makes sense that they went the route of that goblin racetrack through it.

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    This is the only place on the internet I have seen this referenced. Just encountered the "From way downtown!" text last night as our tank got bounced into the hole mid fight.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ulfhedinn View Post
    Just found this out a few days ago and this seems like a good place to post it.

    In sunken temple, if dreamscythe (a drake) uses his knockback and you fall into the hole in the center of the room he says: "GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!"

    I laughed real hard the other day when a party member died and I got to learn this.

    EDIT: just checked wowhead and it seems he has at least one other comment when he does this. "From way downtown!" is also possible.

    EDIT2: This got me thinking about what else he could say so I went and tested it. You don't have to be kicked into the hole just fall while in combat with him.

    "In the pipe, 5 by 5!"
    "He puts the rock in the hole!"
    "Its up and.... It's good!"

    is all I found before tiring of the run back up.

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    It's always a nice walk down memory lane when this list makes rounds again.
    Be seeing you guys on Bloodsail Buccaneers NA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SheepHunter View Post
    YOU forgot that you could build houses in vanilla, or atleast the beta/alpha, but blizzard removed it becuse thet builded to block ways...
    Houses couldn't be built in vanilla T.T

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also that horde and alliance players that managed to get the opposing faction mounts during the brief window before it was nerfed, were able to keep the mounts.

    *you can still see some alliance players in storm rage etc, with the original black worg mount that was bought on vendors during the start of vanilla*
    The hunter hoe with the least beloe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milerks View Post

    some old as hell gallery from alpha - beta tests
    damn not working now

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